When the cold-weather season comes around, it means a few things: cozy sweaters, hot chocolate, pumpkin everything, family-filled holidays and lots of colorful decorations.

Unfortunately, cold weather season also means bone-chilling days/nights and the dreadful white stuff that falls from the sky, snow…

While the first half is exciting, the second half can get pretty tiresome very quickly.

Which is why many people choose to get away for a bit during the cold season. They pack their bags and head somewhere warm. Somewhere that involves sunny blue skies instead of cloudy grey ones, shorts, tanks and bathing suits instead of piles of sweaters, long socks, and heavy coats, and finally, somewhere with lots of sand instead of wet snow.

Here are 20 vacation spots that are perfect for anyone tired of the cold and who wants to escape to someplace warm.

20 The Island Of Yasawas In Fiji Is A Great Spot To Stretch One's Toes In The Sand & Take A Break From Technology

Unlike Fiji’s other overpopulated areas, Yasawas is more remote and far off the tourist path. In fact, tourists weren’t even allowed there until 1987.

Technology won’t be missed there thanks to the many natural adventures it offers, such as the Sawa-I-Lau Caves and the surrounding turquoise seas, which visitors can kayak in and possibly see some resident manta rays.

19 The Viceroy Riviera Maya In Mexico Is An Adult Only Resort That Makes It So Guests Don't Have To Lift A Finger While There

Admit it, when we take vacations, our one goal is to relax, unwind, and not have to lift a finger.

Well, according to jetsetter.com, for anyone looking for just that, the Viceroy Riviera Maya, an adult-only resort in Mexico, is the ideal location to vacation at. An all-inclusive package includes a whole lot of pampering, tasty food, and amazing lodgings that will make anyone want to stay forever.

18 Phu Quoc Island In Vietnam Has Five Star Resorts At Three Star Prices

When it comes to Vietnam, it doesn’t get as much attention as Thailand does, but that just means fewer crowds.

The best thing about Vietnam is the prices. Guests can stay in five-star resorts for three-star prices out on Phu Quoc Island. There is even a private beach that guests can lounge on, a bustling night market, crystal clear waters, yummy drinks, and even beachside massages.

17 Bora Bora In French Polynesia Is Expensive But So Worth It For Those Who Want A Luxury Vacation

Bora Bora is known to be a bit expensive, but the money is well worth it due to the luxury accommodations that guests will never forget.

According to jetsetter.com, Le Meridien is the place to stay. Between the overwater bungalows, the amazing meals, the 18-mile island beach with a lush tropical landscape and an amazingly soft seafloor and the beachside bars, it’s truly the ideal vacation spot.

16 Thailand Still Has A Few Off-The-Radar Beaches That Offer Just As Much Enjoyment As The Crowded Ones

Many of Thailand’s beaches are now overrun with tourists, but luckily, there are still a few off-the-radar beaches that guests can find such as Koh Samui, Koh Lanta, and Koh Lipe.

According to jetsetter.com, along with the tranquil beaches, there is a yoga sky deck, bicycle exploring, an infinity pool, snorkeling, and sea views out of every guest room.

15 Bali In Indonesia Offers Two Kinds Of Vacation Experiences, Calm & Tranquil Or Party City

Bali has a nickname, “Land of the Gods,” and boy is it fitting what with its terraced rice fields, ancient temples, and perfect beaches.

According to jetsetter.com, guests can partake in some relaxing yoga classes, visit historical museums, or ask the personal butlers over at Mandapa, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve, to help schedule some amazing nature hikes and so much more.

14 Moorea In French Polynesia Is One Of The Few Off-The-Grid Islands That Is All About Nature

Moorea is known as one of the most beautiful off-the-radar islands in French Polynesia.

According to jetsetter.com, the beach known as Temae has turquoise clear waters and is one of the most beautiful beaches on Moorea. There is also hiking, paddling on a glass-bottomed kayak, yummy food truck meals, Zen-like spas and overwater bungalows.

13 The Canary Islands In Spain Offer Both Peace & Quiet & Lively Experiences To Tourists

While the Canary Islands in Spain are a big vacation spot for Brits trying to escape the cold weather, there is still plenty of space and peace and quiet for us Americans as well.

According to jetsetter.com, the Canary Islands are great for anyone who wants to just lounge on the beach or partake in water sports. Just head over to the western island called Tenerife.

12 The Hawaiian Islands In Hawaii Is A Great Escape For Those Who Would Like To Stay In The US

Want to get away from the cold but don’t want to leave the United States?

The Hawaiian Islands are the ideal island vacation spot. There is Kauai, which has some of the bluest waters, the town of Hanalei, which offers secluded beaches, Anini Beach, which has some excellent snorkeling spots and St. Regis, which is a great place for families and couples to crash.

11 Curacao Is A Caribbean Paradise That Offers So Many Different Experiences To Guests

Curacao is almost like stepping into a whole new world thanks to its year-round tropical climate.

According to jetsetter.com, the capital of Willemstad has some brightly painted townhouses that are an amazing sight to see, a Floating Market where vendors from Venezuela sail to so they can sell merchandise, and some amazing Dutch-style cafes. There is even a shipwreck off the main pier for anyone who wants an adventure.

10 Cabo San Lucas In Mexico Is A Favorite For Celebrities Looking To Get Away From Hollywood

Cabo San Lucas in Mexico is another warm vacation spot that doesn’t require a very long flight.

There are a couple of luxury hotels between the 20-mile stretch of Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo that have housed A-listers such as Jennifer Lopez, Cameron Diaz, George Clooney, and Jennifer Aniston. Besides the beaches and luxury hotels, there is also Wild Canyon ATVing, hiking, and authentic Mexican food.

9 Key West In Florida Is One Of The Best Winter Vacation Destinations For Americans

Key West in Florida is the best warm-weather vacation spot for those who can’t afford to travel out of the country.

According to jetsetter.com, Key West has both the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico along its coastlines. The best spot to shack up is the Ocean Key Resort & Spa, which is right near Old Town, Mallory Square, and Key West Harbor.

8 Havana In Cuba Offers Great Food, Amazing Drinks & So Much More

Havana in Cuba is one lovely island that even President Jimmy Carter himself vacationed at.

According to jetsetter.com, one thing most people like to do as soon as they arrive in Havana, Cuba, is head to the Floridita bar and have themselves an amazing daiquiri or head to La Cocina de Lilliam to grab a delicious Cuban meal.

7 The French Caribbean Isle Of Martinique Is A Perfect Mix Of French Flair & Caribbean Beauties

Want a vacation on an island that has some of the greatest white sand beaches a person will probably ever walk barefoot on? Then Martinique is where to go.

According to jetsetter.com, this enchanting island is the perfect mix between Caribbean and French food, customs, and flair. In fact, it’s so enchanting that its capital, Fort-de-France, is a city straight out of a postcard.

6 Palm Springs In California Is A Desert Oasis That Offers More Than Just Amazing Weather

Palm Springs in California is a big vacation spot for Los Angeles locals who are looking to get away for a weekend enjoy some much-needed R&R.

According to jetsetter.com, this desert oasis offers more than just some weekend fun for locals. Not only does it have nice weather, but also some stunning scenery, amazing architecture, some of the best food in the state, and even better hotels.

5 Negril In Jamaica Has Beaches Straight Out Of A Post Card

Want to go on a vacation to a place that is postcard-worthy and easy to travel to? Well, head to Negril, Jamaica then.

According to jetsetter.com, Negril has some of the most perfect sandy beaches, a soulful vibe, and yummy open-fire jerk chicken and lobster. Try staying at The Caves or Rockhouse Hotel, guests won’t be disappointed. Also, make sure to check out the turquoise waters over at Seven Mile Beach.

4 Hamilton In Bermuda Offers Low Prices To Guests Who Stay During Their Fall & Winter Seasons

Bermuda is the ideal place to vacation for anyone wanting to stay where there are pink-sand beaches, colorful colonial towns, and crystal caves.

According to jetsetter.com, the average temperatures for fall and winter is around the 70s, prices drop during the colder months and it’s only a two-hour flight from the East Coast, three perks that make it an ideal spot to vacation at.

3 Cartagena In Columbia Is A Rare Gem In South America

There are quite a few memorable places that tourists can visit while in South America.

According to jetsetter.com though, Cartagena in Colombia is one of the prized few. Cartagena has quite a few luxuries that make it an ideal vacation spot. There is the amazing ceviche, the eye-popping architecture, and some pretty awesome art galleries. We could go on, but we would be here all day if we did.

2 Andros In The Bahamas Offers Activities For Both Parents & Children

When it comes to Andros in the Bahamas, its coastline is something out of a movie.

From the white sand, the palm trees lining the beaches and the amazing weather and blue skies, it almost seems unreal. It doesn’t stop there though. It's not only relaxing to those that need some much-needed R&R, but there are also tons of water sports and adventures for both adults and kids.

1 Grenada Was Listed As One Of Travel + Leisure's 50 Best Vacation Spots Back In 2018

Back in 2018, Grenada actually made the list for Travel + Leisure’s 50 Best Places to Travel to, and for good reason.

According to travelandleisure.com, Grenada is known for its bright turquoise waters, coral reefs and warm local atmosphere. There is no wrong time to book a vacation there, but for those wanting to experience one of their biggest celebrations of the year, book a vacation in February, which is when they celebrate their Independence Day.