There are so many stunning places in the world to travel to. You could spend your entire life moving from one place to the next, and you would likely still miss a couple.

When vacationing, nothing beats a little sun and surf. The tropics are some of the most popular hot spots in all the world, offering sparkling waters, warm temperatures, and lush jungles to visitors.

Not all tropical destinations are created equally, however. Some are going to be riskier than others. Many tropical locations have equal amounts of beauty and peril, but often the hazard outweighs the scenery.

Crime, poverty, and several other factors deem these tropical destinations anything but relaxing places for family fun.

19 Brazil Is Beautiful, But The Zika Makes It Dicey

Brazil is a beautiful country full of jungles, beaches, and bustling activity. It is also a hot spot for the dreaded Zika Virus. Zika is nothing to mess with if you are expecting or even considering expecting in the near future. Mothers can pass the virus onto their unborn babies, causing serious birth defects.

18 Haiti Is An Island Under Construction

There was a time where travel to the island of Haiti was absolutely forbidden. Those bans have been lifted, but most vacationers will likely want to continue leaving vacationing here off of their bucket list. Following the massive earthquake of 2010, the country is still rebuilding. Much of it is still a mess.

17 Parts of Mexico, Like Acapulco, Have Travel Warnings

A trip down to sunny, warm Mexico sounds like something most of us need right around this time of year. While parts of the country are paradise, other parts, like Acapulco, should be avoided. Areas in the country have travel warnings in place, and a few of them are a dreaded Level 4!

16 El Salvador Is Full Of Beauty And Full Of Crime

El Salvador is majestic with its sandy beaches and tropical foliage, but behind the beauty lies danger. The area, known for political unrest, could land travelers in hot water. Furthermore, those beautiful, clear waters claim surfers and swimmers each year because of the treacherous undertow and currents.

15 Venezuela Might Be Magical, But Also Might Be Too Dangerous

Venezuela seems to have all that travelers crave. The beaches and mountains are unreal. The opportunities for adventure seem endless, and the cost of travel is low. If it sounds too good to be true, that's because it is. Crime runs rampant here, and tourists are often the target.

14 Honduras Has Wonder, Put Also High Rates Of Crime and Poverty

The small country of Honduras is another Central American jungle paradise that checks off all the beauty boxes but leaves other areas wanting. Traveling here is considered to be dangerous, thanks to high rates of crime and extreme poverty. It is probably best to get your beach fix somewhere safer.

13 Borneo Is Too Unstable To Enjoy

People considering traveling to Borneo should consider some safety factors. The country's recent political climate has made many travelers very wary of stepping onto this country's soil. For those who do take the chance, other dangers lurk in the deep jungle and the surrounding waters. Some of the most popular dive spots here are also the most dangerous.

12 Madagascar Is Not Somewhere You Want To Leave Your Purse Lying Around

In terms of safe places in Africa to visit, Madagascar isn't at the bottom of the list, but it isn't exactly the safest place to be either. Political unrest has caused a spike in unemployment here, which in turn has driven crime to increase. Aside from a higher probability of getting mugged, this was the scene of the plague just a few years ago.

11 The Southern Part Of The Philippines Is Too Unsafe To Relax In

The vast majority of the Philippines is considered to be relatively safe, with the exception of the southern portion of the tropical nation. Here, the beaches especially are popular places for kidnappings and other illegal activities. If this is an absolute travel-must for you, stick to safer parts of the country or spring for a hotel with good security.

10 Belize Boasts High Rate Of Violent Crime

Belize is small and packed with wonder and beauty. Because of this, adventure-seekers continue to vacation here, even though it is not a safe place for foreigners to be. Crime is at an extremely high rate in Belize, and over the last couple of years, tourists have become the target for harmful attacks.

9 West Coast Barbados Won't Give You Gentle Waves To Swim In

Barbados is a popular spot for tropical vacations, but not all parts of the island are created equally, especially when it comes to the surf. The western and southern parts of the island are pretty tame, but the eastern coast contains dangerous waves. It is recommended that tourists avoid these turbulent waters.

8 Nassau, Bahamas Isn't A Place For Single Females In Search Of A Tropical Getaway

Crime in the Bahamas is not as high as it is in some of the other tropical destinations on this list, but it still exists here. Tourists have been warned to take caution when engaging in water sports activities. Several women have become targets of crime during these excursions. Visitors to the island are also told to avoid "over the hill" areas in Nassau after the sunsets.

7 Thinking Of Saba Island? Prepare For Turbulent Weather

Saba Island is one unlucky little island. This island has been struck by more severe hurricanes over the past century and a half than any other island in the region. Among those storms were seven category five storms and fifteen category three storms. We think we will pass on this island.

6 Mexico's Island Of The Dolls? That's An Island Of No For Us!

Mexico's Island of the Dolls was never meant to be a tourist destination, but people still cannot stay away from the island full of broken doll parts. No outward danger sits on the little island, but it is said to be haunted, making it an automatic no-way for us. We want to leave vacation with a tan, not evil spirits in our suitcases.

5 Nicaragua Has Evacuated Non-Essential Government Personnel

Travel to the jungles of Nicaragua is not encouraged. Crime runs rampant here, and it has become so dire that all foreigners who are not considered to be essential government personnel have been asked to leave the problem-laden country.

4 Snake Island, Off The Coast Of Brazil, Is Forbidden For Explorers

Off of the coast of Brazil lies an island that is overrun with snakes. It's the stuff that nightmares are made of, and we have no idea why a sane person would consider this a great vacation spot, but people are crazy. The place is so dangerous, and the chances of getting bit by a deadly snake are so high that the government has forbidden people to set foot on the island.

3 Niihau Island Won't Be On Anyone's Hawaiian Vacation List

Nihau island is home to about one hundred and sixty people. While other islands near Hawaii are keen on tourism, Nihua is not one of them. This little tropical paradise is off-limits to those who don't call it home. Unless you are a relative of an inhabitant or affiliated with the U.S. Navy, you won't be stepping foot on this island.

2 North Sentinal Island Isn't Keen On Outsiders

A warm welcome you will not get if North Sentinal Island is where you are headed. The Sentinelese tribe who live here are known to get a little rowdy with newcomers to their haven. The island is protected by the government and is forbidden to all visitors. It's all yours, Sentinelese. Just put your arrows down.

1 Runit Island Might Cost You Your Health

Runit Island is one of forty islands that make up the Marshall Islands. Located in the Pacific Ocean, this little space is anything but a tropical paradise. It is home to a giant dome that encases radioactive waste. Obviously, because of this, no tourists are going to be lounging around on these shores.