With such fierce competition and a market that expects perfection, only the best restaurants survive the London food scene. And only the best of the best prosper. Check out these super trendy new joints that Londoners have fallen head-over-heels for.

Enjoy Authentic Algarvian Cuisine At Casa Do Frango

It’s All About Elegance At Davies And Brook

Visit Daffodil Mulligan For Irish Fare

Sample High-End Italian At Manteca

There’s certainly no shortage of Italian restaurants in London. Manteca has a lot of competition in the way of high-end Mediterranean establishments, but it manages to stand out from the crowd with fresh, authentic dishes that add a sense of refinement to the traditional Italian dining experience.


Half of the Great Marlborough Street restaurant is held for walk-ins, giving an idea of just how popular it is. Manteca’s specialty is mortadella so fresh that it melts and, of course, pasta. The flavors of the ox cheek ragù and crab cacio e pepe sauces will convert even carb-phobics.

Pork chops served with fennel and Tokyo turnips, and beef ribs are also on offer for carnivores, as are a range of delicious yet simple starters: think focaccia with rosemary and marinated olives.

Vegans Are Welcome At Bubala

It’s easy to see why Bubala is making such waves in the London food scene. The Israeli restaurant recognizes both modern tastes and culinary traditions, fusing the two together to create a menu that features classic dishes enhanced with innovative flavors and techniques.Inspired by the cafes of Tel Aviv, Bubala features a vegetarian menu that also offers plenty of vegan options. Some of the statement dishes include the labneh served with confit garlic and za’atar, shitake and oyster mushroom skewers, halloumi with black seed honey, and the Middle Eastern classic ful medames, served with lovage pesto, yogurt, and homemade malawach.Plenty on the menu is gluten-free, including the delectable salted caramel truffles and tahini, date, and tangerine ice cream. It comes as no surprise that the name Bubala is a Yiddish word that roughly translates to “darling”.NEXT: 10 Best Chinese Restaurants In The US