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Travelers looking for their next relaxing retreat won’t want to sleep on one of the hottest new vacay trends: sleep-focused stays and getaways. And, no, this doesn’t mean snoozing through your entire vacation—rather, these coZZZy destinations are packed with packages meant to restore, refresh, and relax vacationers, all with the goal of promoting a more restful sleep cycle.

From stunning settings devoted to wellness experiences for calming and relaxing the mind and body; to niche treatments and luxe, lavish rituals to soothe the spirit, the following experiences are some of the best spots for maxing and relaxing—a cavalcade of circadian rhythm boosting getaways that are all about the ZZZs.


Catch Some ZZZs At This Urban Oasis

While sleep may be the last thing on travelers’ minds during a trip to Los Angeles, an escape from the city’s hustle and bustle may be just what the doctor ordered when it comes to planning a wellness-centered vacay. And with the Hotel Figueroa Rest & Recovery Package, vacationers can flip the script with a getaway that’s more akin to a staycation—but instead of the humdrum of home, here, guests enjoy all the perks of a boutique hotel that called LA home for almost a century; maxing and relaxing in a decked out “Zen den” designed to optimize wellness, recovery, and most importantly, restful sleep.

  • Where It’s At: 939 S. Figueroa Street, Los Angeles, California
  • Hotel Perks: Onsite restaurants and bars; outdoor pool and terrace; revamped, posh rooms; Pilates, yoga, and synchronized swimming(!) classes
  • Rates: For rates and other booking inquiries about this package, email contact the hotel: sales@hotelfigueroa.com
  • Sleep On It: Personalized Pluto pillow; fully customizable Eight Sleep Mattress; in-room FORME strength fitness mirror; Beam health supplements; Hyperice post-workout recovery tools

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Indulge Your (Six) Senses, Ibiza-Style

A sustainable wellness resort that creates an itinerary to tackle individual guests’ approach to transformation and overall good (and sleepy!) vibes, Six Senses Ibiza’s Sleep Programs are a gift that keeps on giving. Offering personalized Sleep Itineraries that are available in multi-night increments, the luxe resort is devoted to helping vacationers live their best life through personalized techniques and a relaxing, wellness-focused, and spiritual schedule of events.

  • Where It’s At: Camí de Sa Torre, 71 07810 Sant Joan de Labritja, Illes Belears, Ibiza, Spain
  • Hotel Perks: Onsite spa; a plethora of available wellness treatments; RoseBar longevity lounge; steam room; fitness area; juice bar
  • Rates: Approximately $500/person; $817/couple (including taxes)
  • Sleep On It: Sleep tracking, analysis, and personal consultation with Sleep Doctor; Yoga Nidra (Yogic Sleep) or Pranayama; dreamcatcher massage; cryotherapy session; luxe sleep amenities; private activity (yoga, personal training, Pilates); program wrap-up. Packages are available in three, five, or seven-night stays.

Mountain Melatonin In British Columbia

An awesome alpine escape deep in the Canadian wilderness awaits travelers at the all-inclusive and super-restorative Mountain Trek Fitness Retreat & Health Spa. Situated amid stunning scenery and a majestic mountain backdrop, this award-winning British Columbia resort takes wellness to the next level with exhilarating daily hikes by day, and a cozy, relaxing lodge stay by night—complete with a plethora of perks designed to detox your body and mind while melting away built up stress (and improving sleep function, of course!)

  • Where It’s At: 3800 North Street, Ainsworth Hot Springs, British Columbia, Canada
  • Hotel Perks: Lush mountain scenery with a nearby lake; locally sourced, organic menu prepared daily by professional chefs; health lectures; fitness classes; spa, hot tub, and sauna
  • Rates: The program is all-inclusive and is available for one or two weeks. One week stay $6,100 all-inclusive (including tax); two weeks stay $5,795/week all-inclusive (including tax)
  • Sleep On It: Nordic fitness trekking and nightly fitness classes; eliminating caffeine, alcohol, inflammatory, and processed foods; powering off Wi-Fi from 10 AM-6 PM; “forest bathing” and therapeutic yoga; in-room amenities to encourage better sleep (think sound machines and blackout curtains)

A Sleep-Centric Getaway Fit For Royalty

Luxe pampering and wow-worthy wine country surroundings are just some of the amazing perks offered by the Sleep Experience package at the Royal Champagne Hotel & Spa. Restore, relax, and refresh are this spectacular spot’s mantra: and its dreamy vineyard views are just the tip of the iceberg for guests looking to soak up the stunning scenery—and some serious ZZZs.

  • Where It’s At: 9 rue de la république, 51160 Champillon, France
  • Hotel Perks: Two swimming pools; steam room, sauna, and jacuzzis; yoga studio and fitness room; beauty bar; treatment cabins; onsite restaurant
  • Rates: About $1560 and up/night
  • Sleep On It: Experience includes a stay in one of the hotel’s junior suites with all the perks: soundproofed room surrounded by nature; luxe linens; French beauty brand AIME’s Sleep & Glow kit complete with sleep mist and melatonin drops; screen-free Morphée meditation device; one-hour candle massage; dinner at Le Bellevue (and “Sleeping Beauty” mocktail); nightly bedtime routine for sweet dreams

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The (Circadian) Rhythm Of The Night

Sometimes all you need is a good spa day—the stunning Arizona Biltmore Waldorf Astoria Resort has all the keys to restful ZZZs tucked away in their Terra Luna Spa. Soak up the Sonoran Desert vibes on the super glam, recently refurbished Frank Lloyd Wright-influenced property—followed by a relaxing reset filled with luxe treatments designed to promote a restful (and blissful) night’s sleep.

  • Where It’s At:
  • Hotel Perks: Spa and salon complete with hot tub, steam room, and nearby Sol Garden; fitness center and classes; hiking, biking, pickleball, and tennis; seven(!) dazzling pools; onsite restaurants; spectacular views
  • Rates: The resort has a myriad of lodging options. Resort rooms start at $292 and up/night; visit the website for additional room rates and information.
  • Sleep On It: Start with the spa’s Celestial Circadian Ritual, which includes a warm magnesium scrub followed by a relaxing soak in fragranced magnesium saltwater. After, enjoy a full-body, essential oil massage with an emphasis on acupuncture points that promote restful sleep. Throw in a relaxing CBD Pedi or mani for the ultimate relaxation. Celestial Circadian Ritual is $375 for 100 minute treatment; CBD Pedi $95/mani $85

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