There are many different ways in which you can travel around the world, but one that seems to divide opinions more often than not is water transportation. Whether you're swimming, on a boat, or just messing around on something fun, it's a method that is both exciting and terrifying all at the same time.

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Today, we're going to take a look at some of the many pros and cons that can be associated with this sort of thing, as well as how we personally feel about it all. But I think we can all agree that a jellyfish sting is the worst experience ever.

10 BEST - Water Sports

Water sports can mean anything from surfing to jet skis and beyond, and it’s something we’ve spoken about quite a bit. If you just want to take some time to yourself and have a bit of fun away from the stress of traveling, then there’s really no better way to do it than by challenging yourself in a new and different format.

Everyone loves a good adrenaline rush, and we all know that’s what this kind of form of entertainment provides people with. It’s silly to some but great to others.

9 WORST - Movie Stereotypes

Films like Jaws and Sharknado are incredibly different in their depiction of how ‘water’ works and how the sea functions, but with Jaws especially, a lot of folks received some lasting damage with that when it came to being a little bit fearful.

Movie stereotypes come and go as we all well know, but they stick with some more so than others, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Unfortunately, the fact of the matter is that there is an awful lot of stuff down there which we just don’t understand or perhaps don’t even know exists.

8 BEST - Peaceful

There’s barely anything to listen to or take on board (pun not intended), and instead, there’s just this sense of serenity that you don’t really get from all too many other forms of travel. You are quite literally away from the majority of human beings that you may know and love and while we’ve said that in a fairly daunting way, the premise behind it isn’t actually all that concerning in our opinion.

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Being at peace with yourself and whatever it is you’re doing is now, and will forever be, a powerful emotion.

7 WORST - Nothing But Sea

In the same manner, as the last entry was positive for a similar reason, this one is also a little bit negative. When looking north, it’s just sea. When looking south, it’s just sea. When looking east and west – you kind of get the picture.

This idea that there’s no form of civilization within a certain radius is kind of terrifying, and it’s one of the best functions that come with using air travel as opposed to a boat in order to get around. It sounds a bit pathetic, but it’s the truth.

6 BEST - Glass Bottom Boat

You probably aren’t going to see sharks down there, so we wouldn’t hesitate to say that a glass-bottom boat will be absolutely fine in terms of safety.

One of the great parts about it is that it gives people a better view of the ocean and all of the wonders that lie beneath it. From the colorful fish to just generally seeing how day to day life works for the guys and girls down there, it’s a lot of fun to immerse yourself in this different world. You may never do it again, but even having a go as a one-off can be beneficial.

5 WORST - Storms

It doesn’t just happen in TV shows: storms are a very real threat at all times when out on the water and it’s about time that people start coming to terms with that. So many travelers at sea underestimate the power and function of these storms, to the point where they risk losing their lives more often than not.

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It’s all about being smart and not stepping over any boundaries because if you do, and orders aren’t followed, it can get a little bit sketchy and that’s the last thing you want.

4 BEST - Fishing

It doesn’t matter what the type of fish is, because fishing is an activity that goes back years upon years – and it never gets old. Whether it be with friends, on your own or perhaps even with some colleagues, there’s no better feeling than getting out there in the open waters and just going for it.

Some are better than others at fishing on a boat, and you could argue there would be no time for this during a travel expedition, but we’d suggest there is always time to stop and smell the roses (or, you know, catch some fish).

3 WORST - The Temperature

There are certain places you could visit where the water, in the shallow depths of the sea, is pretty warm, and that’s fair enough. Predominantly, though, you’ll find yourself in a situation whereby it’s going to be pretty cold most of the time, and that’s a burden we all have to deal with.

Falling or jumping into waters that cold can often send your body into a state of shock and if the person in question isn’t careful, it could lead to a series of lasting repercussions in the long run.

2 BEST - Building Relationships

Having spent time at sea ourselves, we can confirm that it’s one of the best places to build and nurture a relationship. That can be a literal relationship with your partner, or perhaps just a forming of a friendship that you previously didn’t even consider to be a possibility.

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The activities that people take part in when out at sea doesn’t really matter in this regard, because it can be whatever you want it to be. Open your mind up to new possibilities, and you may just be surprised by what you discover.

1 WORST - No Escape

It sounds scary and that isn’t our intention here, because we’re trying to take a more comedic approach with this last entry. When we say that there’s no escape, we mean that if you happen to be on a ferry or form of transport with folks you don’t like, it’s not like you can get off at the next step or go and hide away.

The odds are pretty strong that you’ll have to spend a significant amount of time with them, and it will quite literally feel like you’re trapped. Good luck with that!

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