South Africa is one of the most famous and beautiful countries in Africa and attracts thousands of tourists every year – thanks to its dazzling nature. For someone looking to head out, for a little while to find a unique destination full of greenery, South Africa is the way. Safaris, wine, and beaches are all that comes to mind whenever this rainbow nation is mentioned. Being the largest community comprising of both Indian and European inhabitants, with over 11 official languages, South Africa proves to be a multicultural and multiethnic country. The fact that the country is diverse and highlights a wide variety of plants and wildlife makes its cities something fascinating that every traveler should see. Planning to travel to South Africa? Visit these 10 most vibrant cities.

10 Cape Town

Also referred to as the "Mother City," Cape Town attracts over 2 million visitors every year. It is the second-largest city in terms of population, and its main attraction is Table Mountain, the seven Wonders of Nature. This spot (the Mountain) is a must-go for every traveler looking to have the best views of the Mother City. There are lots of enjoyable activities one can have, including visiting Kirstenbosch Garden for free concerts, mostly on Sundays. Clifton and Camps Bay Beaches are some of the most incredible safari spots in Cape Town.

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9 Johannesburg

Founded in 1886, Johannesburg is included among global cities and is among the world's 40 largest metropolitan areas. Its multi-cultural cosmopolitan vibe and liveliness is the most interesting part of the city. People are always in the part mood here. Located 25 kilometers to the northwest side of Johannesburg, is the Cradle of Humankind, attracting lots of foreigners, archaeologists, and paleontologists. The historic site is known for being rich in hominids.

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8 Durban

The “Miami of South Africa," Durban is the third-largest city in South Africa and features an incredible waterfront. The city is situated on Indian Ocean Coast and has a huge harbor, suitable for photographers! Every traveler deserves a good hotel vacation, full of blue skies, amazing sea breeze, and nature. Its ever-excellent temperature will make a visitor want to relocate. To the north of the city, is located some of the most spectacular wildlife reserves for spotting the Big Five. Durban should be on a bucket list of a traveler looking to enjoy the wild, beautiful landscape, and water.

7 Pretoria

For an unconventional safari experience, head to Pretoria, “the Jacaranda Coty." It got its nickname from the many jacarandas in the city’s streets, gardens, and parks. Fact that its main attraction sites are easily accessible and a safer place compared to other cities in South Africa, the city attracts so many tourists every year. One doesn't need to board a taxi. It is very safe to walk around on foot while touring this vibrant city. The Scientific and Industrial Research Council of South Africa is based in this city – no wonder students studying abroad like to stay here.

6 Port Elizabeth

Port Elizabeth, “the Friendly City” is a frequently visited city by thousands of travelers. The city was founded in 1820 by Cape Colony’s governor, Rufane Donklin. Visitors can now engage in some enjoyable excursions in now, the largest Port in South Africa. One of the most fascinating beaches in Africa is housed in this very city. One can spend many hours of entertainment in Boardwalk, a dazzling casino-filled area in the city. Travelers can then head to Nelson Mandela Bay, and learn the history of the Legend of Africa. Port Elizabeth has a lot more to offer than travelers can imagine.

5 Bloemfontein

“The City of Roses," Bloemfontein, features a variety of roses specimen of different colors. One of the city’s main attractions is the Anglo-Boer War Museum. For history lovers, visit Naval Hill Planetarium, Oliewenhuis Art Museum, and Sand du Plessis.

4 Nelspruit

Being the gateway of South Africa’s Largest National Park, Kruger, Nelspruit has many gems for tourists. The most ancient caves in the world are housed here. Also, the city’s remarkable botanical garden is a spot worth exploring.

3 East London

Located on the South East Coast of South Africa, 1000km from Cape Town in East London, “the Buffalo City." Lying between the Buffalo River to the South and Nahoon River to the north, the city is the only river port in the country. This is a perfect safari destination for visitors looking for a sub-tropical climate. One can also enjoy its shores’ warm waters coming from the Indian Ocean.

2 Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia is home to one of three protected parks in the country, Isimangaliso as well as hundreds of crocodiles and hippos. This vibrant city, declared by UNESCO, a World of Heritage site attracts many travelers because of its beautiful ecosystem full of dazzling beaches. Apart from being a home to different species of birds, rhinos, and leopards, among other animals, one can also interact with hippos on a tour. Who wouldn’t want to have a fantastic safari experience under a subtropical climate?

1 Stellenbosch

Located near Cape Town, this city is a great place to enjoy South Africa's wine as it is surrounded by vineyards. For a remarkable wine-tasting safari, Stellenbosch is the ideal destination. It is located at Garden Route's starting point and attracts visitors for its wide variety of wines. Be sure to drive back to your residence sober!

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