The Oregon Coast expands for more than 500 kilometers in a stretch of scenic road, natural wonders, historic sites, sporting areas, and stunning seaside views are among the unmissable attractions in what is arguably one of the most eclectic and fun places to visit in the whole country.

Any of these fun stops can elevate any road trip; some of these could take a whole day to fully enjoy and immerse travelers in the best that Oregon has to offer - so here’s a few ideas to get any adventurers excited for the next trip.

10 Three Capes Scenic Loop

Three Capes Scenic Look is the type of drive to take it easy and enjoy the amazing views. Perfect drive to take on a road trip, with lookout points offering a beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean down below the cliffside and miles of evergreen forests in any of its eponymous three capes, Cape Meares, Cape Lookout, and Cape Kiwanda. In Cape Meares, travelers can visit one of Oregon’s many historic lighthouses.

9 Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area

One particularly fascinating aspect of Oregon Coast’s varied geography is its many beachside sand dunes - a natural wonder that was one of the inspirations behind best-seller and newly minted movie, 1965 sci-fi epic, Dune. At the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area, the largest expanse of sand dunes in all of North America, visitors can spend a whole day enjoying the sandy mountains in many sand play and beach activities such as fishing, OHV riding, boating, hiking, paddling, and more.

8 Oregon Coast Aquarium

The Oregon Coast not only offers travelers unending views of the beautiful Pacific Ocean, but it also gives them an even more immersive experience of the wonders of sea life in the Oregon Coast Aquarium. In Newport, the Oregon Aquarium connects travelers with the natural spectacle of the Oregon state, in search to educate people on marine life, entertain and inspire ocean conservation.

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7 Hobbit Beach Trail

There’s no need to go all the way to New Zealand to feel like a hobbit - Oregon gives its visitors the experience in arguably the most magical of its many amazing hiking trails. Walking through the lush and twisting seaside forests of Florence Oregon, hikers can find the magical journey in nature that leads to a secluded beach: an adventure worthy of a book.

6 Fort Stevens State Park

Formerly a military site, a fort that lasted from the Civil War to World War II, Fort Stevens has now become the Fort Stevens State Park, expanding for over four thousand acres. Beyond the historical site of Fort Stevens, the park has the remains of an ancient shipwreck on its long beach, lakes, trails, and woods perfect for camping, exploring, hiking, and wildlife viewing.

5 Astoria Column

In Oregon’s oldest town, Astoria, visitors can find many incredible attractions. A centerpiece of the Astoria experience is the Astoria Column, a 1920s tower covered in murals that depict Oregon’s history. The column rises up to nearly 40 meters overlooking the city and the Columbia River. A looking post on the top grants viewers a most spectacular view of the Oregon Coast.

4 Devil's Punchbowl

A geological marvel, the Devil's Punchbowl has this name due to a unique hollow rock formation in its sands, which fills with seawater during storms, swirling around with the aggression of the stormy sea. The entire Devil’s Punchbowl Natural Area is dotted with interesting geological formations and funny-looking rocks across its beach and is a favored place for whale-watching and surfing.

3 Seaside Inverted Museum

At the city of Seaside, visitors can view the world in a whole new way: that is, upside down! Just a short walk from the must-see Seasides’ seaside broadway turnaround, the Seaside Inverted Museum is a museum unlike most others, hit among adults and children, where visitors can take pictures that will surely be unlike any other in all of Oregon.

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2 Shore Acres State Park

Transformed from a luxurious clifftop estate into a diverse state park, Shore Acres is a place where the wild beauty of nature and the sea come together with the planned craftwork of man-made flower gardens and trails. Wildlife viewing, beachcombing, picnicking, and hiking are a few of the favored activities at Shore Acres State Park.

1 Tillamook Bay Heritage Route

Bringing together five different oceanside communities in the Oregon Coast, the Tillamook Bay Heritage Route takes travelers on a ride through the views, historical monuments, heritage sites, and charming seaside communities. It’s the perfect combination of outdoor adventure and cultural experiences - and of course, there’s much cheese to be had!]

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