If you have ever traveled on a plane, then you know just how helpful and necessary airline workers truly are! Whether it is the gate or flight attendants, pilots or even baggage handlers, every single person has an imperative role in making sure your journey goes off without a hitch. Considering most of your time is spent on the actual plane, you will interact with the flight attendants quite a bit, however, it's best you know the do's and don'ts when it comes to flying. Many people are under the impression that flight attendants are simply airline butlers, however, their job requires more than just serving peanuts.

Flight attendants have one of the biggest tasks when it comes to flying, ensuring your safety and well being, especially during an emergency, is their top priority. Believe it or not, their job is harder than it looks. The grueling hours, and seeing hundreds of passengers a day, it's a good idea to always be on your best behavior, because if there is someone's bad side you don't want to be on, it's your flight attendants! With that being said, here are the 25 things that travelers do, that flight attendants beg of you to stop.

25 Hogging Overhead Bins

Now airlines usually have a limit on how many carry-on baggages a passenger is eligible to bring on board, however, there are some travelers who still manage to bring more than others. Whether you went all our at duty-free, or just need 3 carry-on bags, nobody likes someone who hogs the overhead bins, especially the flight crew! According to NY Daily News, the average traveler brings two bags on board, one personal item usually stowed beneath the seat in front of you, and a bag stowed in the bin above. If you're that type of traveler, then good on you, if not, then pack lighter folks!

24 Wearing Headphones While Speaking To The Flight Attendant

There is nothing ruder than not taking off your headphones or earphones while speaking to any member of the flight crew, especially if they are inquiring about something they can do or get for you. According to FlyerTalk, passengers often leave their headphones in, and simply lower or mute the volume during meal or snack service, however, this is a major sign of disrespect and the flight attendant definitely realizes and takes note for future reference. If you want a good relationship with your flight attendant, even just temporarily, then even the littlest of things make a difference.

23 Not Saying "Hello" While Boarding

Traveling may not always be the easiest task. It goes without saying that airports and boarding can be quite nerve-racking, from security, long waits, finding your seat, and getting settled, it's definitely a long process, however, that is never an excuse to ignore your lovely flight crew greeting you upon boarding. Even if you don't want to say 'hello', a simple smile goes a long way too! According to Travel Facts, a simple form of acknowledge goes a long way when greeting the flight attendants, not only is it polite, but it's completely free, so why not do it!

22 Ignoring the Safety Announcement

According to Safety Risk, more and more travelers zone out during one of the most vital parts of your flight, the safety announcement. While some airlines require you to take off your headphone during the safety announcement, this still does not stop certain travelers from tuning it out. Not only are the flight attendants demonstrating how to save yourself during the worst case scenario, but they do so in ways that often minimize the stress and nervousness that comes with flying, however, no one notices the work they put into these demonstrations, as most aren't even paying attention. So, if you're interested in knowing how to save your or other people's lives during a flight emergency, then it's best to pay attention to the 2-minute safety announcement.

21 Going Barefoot

The constraints of your seat can definitely make things somewhat uncomfortable at times, especially if you are on a long haul flight. Although flight attendants encourage passengers to be as comfortable as possible, whether it be with pillows, blankets, reclining the seat or wearing an eye mask, one thing that you should never do is go barefoot. According to Smarter Travel, going barefoot is one of the most unhygienic things a traveler can do on a plane. Additionally, not only is it unsanitary, but it is just plain wrong. No one on the flight, including the flight attendants, should ever have to deal with feet being propped up on seats, plane walls, or walking through the aisles.

20 Exceeding the Carry-On Size

According to Travel Made Simple, each and every airline has a carry on policy in regards to its dimensions and number of bags allowed in the cabin. Most travelers will have a personal item, and a bag to stow in the overhead bin, however, there are always travelers who try their best to fight the system. Certain travelers will attempt to pack just about everything they can in a carry on, in an attempt to avoid paying for any checked baggage fees, however, in this case, if your carry-on doesn't fit in those mock bins at the check-in counter, chances are, it won't fit on the plane. Not only does this make it difficult for the flight attendant to find space for your bag, but it also holds up the line during boarding.

19 Handing them Trash While Meals Are Being Served

There is no time during a flight that is busier than the meal service, so, it's best to let the flight attendants hand out food before you start handing them trash mid-service. Although it is annoying having to hold on to trash for the duration of your flight, there are many options you can do before resorting to handing it to the flight crew when all they are trying to do is get everyone a meal in an orderly and fast time. According to BusinessInsider, this 'don't' landed in the top five of things flight attendants wish passengers would stop doing, so take notes, and refrain from handing trash back during meal service.

18 Putting Your Legs Up On Walls or Seats

Sure you've paid for your seat and should be allowed to get as comfortable as possible during the flight, however, there is still a time and place! Flight attendants do everything they can to make sure passengers are comfortable, from handing out blankets, and pillows, and adjusting the cabin lighting accordingly. However, if you are still not comfortable, and resort to putting your feet or knees up on the seat in front of you, then not only does it make it uncomfortable for those around you, but according to Travel Facts, flight crew have to deal with the countless complaints they receive from other passengers, causing them to have to confront you on some seating etiquette, which is never fun.

17 Giving Baggage To The Flight Attendant

According to The Points Guy, countless travelers are under the impression that the flight crew are butlers, however, that is not the case whatsoever. At no point should you ever treat the flight attendants like airline servants, considering that is not their main priority during a flight. So, if you ever feel the urge to simply lunge your bag at a flight attendant and tell them to stow it for you, please think again. Unless you are elderly, injured or in need of assistance, it's never okay to simply expect the flight attendant to stow your baggage for you, never. If you do need help, asking politely usually does the trick, considering they are always there to assist you if need be.

16 Not Specifying How You Take Your Coffee

Although this may seem like a trivial thing, it makes all the difference for a flight attendant. According to CBC, one of the many things that annoy your flight attendants is not specifying how you take your coffee. Flight crew don't have all the time in the world when there are hundreds of people on a flight, so when it's your turn, let them know what you'd like in its entirety, so they won't have to ask you endless follow-up questions. If you take your coffee black, say it right away, or if you prefer your coffee with some milk and sugar, let them know on the first go, it will not only save them time, but they'll definitely remember you for the best from then on.

15 Using Lavatory During Takeoff & Descent

Nothing is worse than someone trying to use the washroom during a time when you are specifically told not to. If you are having an emergency, then that's a different story, but failing to give yourself adequate time in the airport to use the toilet is no reason to defy the airline rules and use the lavatory during takeoff or descent times. According to Business Insider, the pilot is legally not allowed to takeoff or start the descent of the plane with someone in the lavatory, so next time you're ready to board a plane, make sure you've gone to the washroom beforehand, otherwise you'll be holding up an entire flight.

14 Trying To Sneak Into First Class

If Kristen Wiig's character in 'Bridesmaids' couldn't get away with it, then surely no one can. If you've ever walked by the first class area on a flight, then you've definitely thought about what it would be like if that was you, however, some travelers goes as far as trying to make that happen. According to Travel + Leisure, more passengers attempt to sneak into first class than you would think, however, flight attendants know exactly who is meant to be where. Although sneaking it may not work, it never hurts to ask, considering passengers have often times been bumped to first class by simply inquiring!

13 Ringing The Call Button Unnecessarily

The call button is available to you during the duration of your flight, however, it's best that you use it only when it's truly necessary. When you are servicing a flight with hundreds of passengers, those 'dings' can definitely get annoying really quickly. According to Lonely Planet, the only times you should really be ringing that button is in case of an emergency, whether you or a fellow passenger is ill, an overhead bin has opened during takeoff or landing, or in some more mild cases, it's the middle of the night and you need some assistance without waking up the passengers beside you. Flight attendants are always more than happy to help, however, if all you want is another bag of chips, or want to inquire about how much time is left of the flight, then simply wait for a member of the flight crew to pass by.

12 Snapping Your Fingers To Get the Flight Attendants' Attention

This is a big no-no. Whether you are at a restaurant, in-line somewhere or embarking on your 3-week trip to Europe, there is never a moment that is right for you to snap, poke or touch the flight attendant to get their attention. According to BestLifeOnline, one thing flight attendants cannot stand is being poked or snapped at as if they are your personal assistants. You are not the only person on your flight, so if the urge to ever snap your fingers at your flight attendant comes on, suppress it with all your being, and simply wait until they get to your aisle.

11 Using The Lavatory When The Seatbelt Sign Is On

The seatbelt sign is a requirement that every single airline has, and implements on their flights. Not only does it ensure your safety, but it allows you to know when the best times are to use the lavatory, stretch for a minute, grab something from the overhead bin, or simply sit a little more comfortable without the constraints of your belt. However, if the sign is on, the best thing to do is to abide. According to View From The Wing, using the lavatory when the seat belt sign is on is a sure way to find yourself in a tight space, during a turbulent time! The sign is there for a reason, it's always a good idea to follow the indication.

10 Overreacting When A Meal Choice Is Unavailable

It is no secret that airplane food is not the best. If you find yourself on a long haul flight, knowing that you aren't the biggest fan of airplane food, it's best to maybe pack some of your own snacks for the duration of your flight. In addition, airlines do their very best to accommodate all sorts of dietary restrictions, however, if a meal choice of yours is unavailable, it certainly is not your flight attendant's fault, so it's best to not take it out on them. According to BusinessInsider, the flight attendants have absolutely no control over what is served on the planes, and if a restriction is listed prior to the flight, they only know about it when they arrive for their scheduled departure time.

9 Leaving Trash In Seat Pocket

There are some travelers who will hold on to their trash until a flight attendant comes around to collect it, while others will stash it in the front seat pocket temporarily and discard it at a later time, while certain travelers just leave it. It's best to never be that last traveler who deposits their trash in the pocket for good. According to Screen Crush, leaving your trash in the front pocket only makes it more difficult for the cleaning crew to prep the plane for its next departure, and do so in a timely manner. Certain passengers have even gone as far as leaving dirty diapers, and vomit bags in the seat pockets for the flight crew to find claims the source.

8 Asking The Flight Attendant For Their Pen

If you have ever traveled internationally, chances are you have been required to fill out a customs card. In this case, a pen is obviously needed, which some travelers don't always bring with them. You might find yourself seated beside someone who carries a pen with them and ask them to borrow it if not, there are areas in the airport that always offer pens for you to fill out your forms. Although it would be easy to simply ask your flight attendant for a pen, it's best to leave them alone when it comes to that. According to Stack Exchange, flight attendants don't carry extra pens on them, and in addition, they have a million and one things to do, and getting pens for the 65 passengers who forgot one, is not one of them.

7 Blocking The Aisles

It goes without saying that a trip to the airport requires a lot of standing around and waiting, from checking in, the long security lines and waiting to board, the last thing you'd want to do is be waiting in the plane as well! According to One Mile At A Time, the aisles in a plane can become quite congested during boarding, the flight itself, or disembarking, only making things more difficult for the flight crew. To make things easier, it's best to not take up too much room if stretching your legs during the flight, or stand up immediately the seat belt sign turns off upon landing!

6 Overdoing It With The Snacks

There is nothing more exciting than seeing the snack cart take a trip down the aisle during a flight! According to Trip Savvy, there is actually no limit on snacks a passenger is allowed to have on most airlines, meaning it is, in fact, an all you can eat experience. In this case, it's never okay to be that traveler who hogs all the soda and pretzels as it's not only greedy but never all that fun for the flight attendant running back and forth to grab you your eighth bag of Munchies. As the saying goes, everything in moderation, and the same applies even if you are 30,000 feet in the air.