Travelers Can Save Money At Disney World With These 20 Hacks

Disney World is considered one of the hottest tourist attractions in the world. Many children dream of their families taking a trip to Orlando specifically to indulge in the various fun activities in Disney World. Even adults dream of making the trip to witness the parks, characters and overall fun that comes with it. Disney truly knows how to touch the hearts of everyone from older couples looking for a romantic getaway to young adults finding fun to children wanting to witness their version of paradise. However, there is one drawback to visiting Disney World, and that is the expensive price that comes with it.

Many aspects of Disney World can be highly expensive. There are theme parks, water parks and a large variety of other fun things to take part in, but everything costs money. Most people travel into Orlando for the fun which also means having to worry about stay, transportation and food during their time on this trip. We will attempt to provide some tips that can help anyone going to Disney World have alternatives to saving money on the overall trip. Find out how to get the most bang for your buck with twenty hacks travelers can use to save money at Disney World.

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20 Find airline with packages

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The airline you pick to fly out to Disney World with could provide a lot of savings for other aspects of the trip. Certain airlines have deals in place where you can bundle other things like hotel or rental cars together for a lower overall fee.

American Airlines has been known for offering sweet deals of flights, hotel and car service together all in one purchase. Park activities are offered with Southwest Airlines along with the other important things. Research the airlines with bundles that fit your needs before booking a flight on its own. This is designed specifically to save money for situations of folks needing hotel and car service during their trip.

19 Don't stay at Disney property


Unless you find a great deal with your flight, it is usually best to stay in a hotel or accommodation away from the Disney property. The other options are often cheaper with hotels offering great deals to steal customers away from the Disney property.

Not only will the overall hotel price end up cheaper, but you’ll be more prone to find restaurants or fun things to do outside of Disney World during the trip. Some of the hotels even offer free shuttle bus services that will take you to Disney World without a fee. Companies like Uber and Lyft will make it easier to stay in a hotel outside of the Disney location.

18 Use Undercover Tourist for a discount


One of the most beloved options for travelers going to Disney World is the Undercover Tourist ticket broker. Huge Disney World fans that make multiple trips per year vouch for this service being a helpful asset to find the cheapest prices.

Undercover Tourist frequently lists sales for discounted Disney World tickets. Other fun things to do in the area will also be shown on the site if you’re looking to add variety to your trip. It is worth checking out before planning a trip to score out which deals are out there for you. Undercover Tourist has been helping travelers for years and should be remembered.

17 Kids under 3 get free admission


Families are the biggest source of travelers that make their way to Disney World. It is considered a dream vacation for parents to take their children for a memorable time. Children of all ages will enjoy Disney World given the variety of fun activities there.

One clutch rule that helps families save money is free admission to any child under the age of 3-years-old. As long as your child has yet to reach their third birthday, they will be allowed free entrance into Disney World. This is ideal for families with multiple children as one kid getting free access is a lot of money saved.

16 Go during one of the least busy months


Most people go to Disney World during the summer months because of the convenience. Kids get the summer off from school, and it is typically easier for many adults to get time off for a family vacation. However, it could save money to go during one of the least busy months.

January, September and October are considered the most ideal times to visit. The crowds will be smaller, certain items will be cheaper, and the weather will be cooler. Finding a free weekend in one of the three ideal months could lead to a better overall time for anyone going to Disney World. If you live in Florida, there’s no excuse to not go during these months.

15 Consider Airbnb over hotel


A huge shift in the traveling landscape has seen Airbnb offer a great alternative to staying in hotels. The hotel industry has taken advantage of travelers going to a popular destination like Disney World with overpriced fees.

Airbnb allows the traveler to find a more affordable option with fewer fees. A private apartment would give you more freedom to do other money-saving acts like cooking your own meals. It also feels more like staying at home to make children more comfortable. Airbnb is cheaper and has enough little positives to make it worth your money value compared to hotels.

14 Rental cars are typically cheaper than general Disney transportation


Transportation is another thing worth saving money on when it comes to the overall planning of a Disney World trip. Many people rely on the convenience of the Disney transportation, but rental cars will save you more money in the long run.

It is significantly faster to use the rental car to get around the locations you want to during a trip. If you are using Airbnb or a hotel away from the Disney property, a rental car is clearly the best bet. Research each option available to find the best overall deal to get around Orlando for your big vacation.

13 Download Disney apps


Technology has made it easier for travelers to save money and have a better time on trips. Disney World has a couple of apps that will provide huge benefits. My Disney Experience – Disney World, Magic Guide for Disney World and Shop Parks are the three important apps.

Each app will help with things like the line wait times for rides, relevant information regarding deals and a price check for certain merchandise items before you head into the shop. The apps are essentially cheat sheets for anyone looking to save time and save money during a Disney World experience.

12 Bring your own stroller


Parents taking their families to Disney World usually must spend the most money on the vacation. It costs a lot of money to travel in a large group when it comes to booking the right hotel and feeding all the kids each day with prices usually marked up in locations near Disney World.

One little thing that parents can do to save money with very young children is bringing a stroller. Disney World charges $15 per day to rent a stroller, and most young kids get tired out from such a long day of walking around the park. Bringing your own stroller would save $15+ depending on how many days you are visiting the parks.

11 Find out if your credit card has any rewards


Most travelers would recommend using a credit card for one’s trip to Disney World. Even if you do save a lot of money on the trip, it will still be an expensive few days given the nature of the trip and the activities involved.

Credit cards provide various perks for many things involved with the Disney World trip. Travel credit cards could give you airline miles points to use for future rewards. Many common credit cards are eligible for bonus points at restaurants or other necessary items. This is a small way to get some perks back for the money you will be spending during a Disney World vacation.

10 Plan out day if using Fast Pass

Fast Pass is an interesting service that may help your trip. Many would suggest against using it due to the cost adding to the trip. If you’re set on using it, Fast Pass can add to the overall convenience of the trip and save some money.

It requires a lot of planning to make Fast Pass worth the money. You must scout the rides you want to visit and map out the ideal schedule for your day. Fast Pass will only be worth the money if you ensure you get the most bang for your buck by picking out the things you want to use it for ahead of time.

9 Find discounted Disney gift cards and use them


Gift cards are a tremendous way to save money. Disney gift cards work as currency in Disney World, and you can find them at a discount in various ways. Retail stores will see the gift cards at a cheaper rate during certain sale periods.

The best bet is to find them online. Second market resellers on sites like Ebay will typically list gift cards at a cheaper price. Take advantage of the situation of someone wanting to get rid of their gift card at a discounted price and use it at Disney World to save money. It will help out greatly at the end of the trip.

8 Dress comfortably


This sounds more like a general tip than a Disney World lifehack but dressing comfortably certainly can help out at the end of the day. Studies have shown that people tend to spend more money on trips when they are not comfortable.

Children will especially want refreshments or a new outfit if they feel uncomfortable. Disney World is especially humid during the summer months. Make sure everyone is wearing something weather appropriate that will keep them comfortable throughout the entire day. It doesn’t save money on the surface, but it could prevent issues from making you spend more money during the trip.

7 Find affordable restaurants before and after


Eating is the easiest way to save money during a Disney World trip. Many travelers get suckered into eating at the fun restaurants associated with Disney. While fun, these places are significantly overpriced and will destroy your wallet if going for the expensive options.

The best bet for anyone going to Disney World looking to not spend too much would be eating before and after the day at the park. Try to have large enough meals in between the park visit to ensure you can avoid overpaying for food at Disney World. Use websites like Yelp to find the best affordable restaurants in the area.

6 Pack your own light lunches and snacks


One lesser-known fact about Disney World is that you are allowed to bring in your own food. Light foods that don’t require heating are permitted into the parks. This allows you the option to easily save money when it comes a quick bite in the day.

Bring a sandwich and snacks instead of paying for the overpriced food at the restaurants in Disney World. Families have a huge advantage here. Carrot sticks, cookies and sandwiches are among the most popular items taken to Disney World as it is just enough to cure your hunger and prevent the trap of buying food there.

5 Avoid buying souvenirs


Souvenirs are one of the most common things that will lead to people spending more than they want to. From smaller things like sporting events to bigger things like theme parks, souvenirs are designed to get the attention of the average person into purchasing something they weren’t planning to.

Disney World is a souvenir trip as younger members of a family will specifically want to get an item to remember the trip. The problem is most items are extremely overpriced. A better way to save money would be shopping in other local stores that have similar items at a cheaper price.

4 Ask cast members for free pictures


Disney World makes a lot of money by having their own photographers snap pictures of travelers wanting a photo at the park. From the photo op area to the cast members in costume, families will want pictures at some point during the trip.

The best way to save money is to ask cast members if they are fine with you taking a picture. Parents can use their smart phones to snap the image of their children with Goofy or Ariel. Most of the cast members are fine with taking pictures with kids. It’s the official photographers that will ask you to pay for the images.

3 Use the free water options


Saving money on food was mentioned already, but there is still the issue of staying hydrated. Anyone walking around all day and taking part in such activities will require a cold beverage at least a few times throughout the journey.

Disney World offers a free cup of water at any of the quick-service food locations. Everyone in your party will be able to get the refreshing drink. Avoid spending on soda or any of the soft drinks at a high price as water is not only free but a healthier and more refreshing drink. The best plan is to drink nothing but the free water during your Disney World trip.

2 Think about an annual pass


An annual pass sounds like a terrible idea on the surface, but it could pay huge results. Many families like to visit Disney World at least once each year for the ideal family vacation. This could be a great money saver if you plan two trips within the same calendar year.

The annual pass is designed to reward travelers that want to visit Disney World multiple times per year. If you live in the Florida area, this is especially a massive money saver. Avoid it if you only want to visit once, but it would be a great money saver at the end of the day for multiple trips.

1 Do other things in Orlando


The best way to enjoy Disney World and save money is to not make it your entire trip. Orlando is a fascinating place to visit with cheap and free fun activities outside of Disney World. During your trip, it would be best to dedicate one day to doing something else.

There are a few great beaches in Orlando to enjoy the beautiful weather. The museum and zoo in the area are very affordable and fun for travelers of all ages. An ideal Disney World trip would see one of the days with free fun outside of the Disney parks. It would also add more importance into squeezing Disney World into the other remaining days.

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