It might be a small world, but some of its many countries are a lot harder to gain entry to than others.

Most of us will have a bucket list of countries, cities, and destinations we want to visit during our lifetimes. Chances are a lot of them will look pretty similar. Big cities like London, New York, and Rome, or countries such as Japan, Australia, and Thailand. The more adventurous, and insane, travelers among us will have a bucket list that includes every single country on the planet.


If you are someone who dreams of paying a visit to every country in the world, the list is currently 195 destinations long. Henrik Jeppesen has achieved that dream, but it wasn't easy. Some countries were notoriously difficult to gain entry to, and Jeppesen shared with indy100 which of the 195 were the hardest to visit.

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Countries in which there were pretty serious wars going on when Jeppesen gained access were at the top of the list. Syria and Yemen, to be specific. In fact, at the final hurdle when crossing the Syrian border, Jeppesen describes how the immigration officer didn't believe that he was there as a tourist. That goes to show how few people are paying Syria a visit for pleasure in the present day. Unsurprising considering what's happening there currently.

Other countries that made the list such as Saudi Arabia, Turkmenistan, and Sudan were hard to gain access to due to visa issues. Most required a lot of research in order to find the best way to attempt to gain a valid visa. In Sudan's case, Jeppesen had to get a visa in Egypt, finding it to be easier and far cheaper than doing so from his home in Europe.

Other countries were a combination of all the above, plus were downright difficult to get to. The island nation of Nauru, for example. Basically, unless you're trying to tick off every single country, there's probably not much point trying to pay any of these countries a visit. It's a shame, as Jeppesen said that Turkmenistan, in particular, is a beautiful country with a lot to offer. If only its officials would make it easier for people to visit.

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