If you're about to endeavor a traveling expedition for a longer amount of time than the norm, laundry should be a thought on the brain. Sure, plane tickets and where you're sleeping should be on the forefront, but there's nothing more satisfying than wearing a fresh set of clothes for a day of traveling.

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Now, many travel sites will say the best way to do laundry while traveling is to avoid packing too much or to only pack clothes that travel well, but who wants to travel in bland outfits!? If you're a fashion lover who is bound to buy even more clothes while traveling around, as long as you're strong enough to carry it all, live by these 10 tips to do laundry while on-the-go.

10 Let Mother Nature Help

If you're backpacking through the US's National Parks or perhaps going on an extended hiking trip, you can definitely still do laundry with Mother Nature's help.

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Find a creek, a river, or a lake, and get ready to scrub. There are people all over the world who still wash their clothes in nature's freshwater, so why can't you? Independent Travel Cats reminds hikers to find soap that's environmentally friendly that won't disrupt or hurt the wildlife. Use your hands, a brush, or a combination of both and get scrubbin'.

9 Bathtubs Are Your Friend

If your sink is too small or too shallow and you have a tub nearby — what are you waiting for! Tubs are excellent because there's more space for more laundry (or thicker, bulkier items of clothing). Now, considering you're traveling and have no idea who's been in the tub before you, it would be nice to clean the tub before washing your clothes in it.

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Find some cleaner or disinfectant and scrub the tub clean, rinsing it afterward, and then filling it up with warm water. Pump some soap of detergent in the water and throw your dirty clothes in to let soak. Take your time and hand wash each item before using the showerhead to get out the extra bubbles.

8 You Won't Need A Dryer

In North America, most hotels, homes, and BnBs will have a dryer. Typically, washers and dryers go hand-in-hand. But abroad, dryers are a luxury item because they use a ton of energy. If you are traveling without a dryer handy, no worries! You can buy a clothesline and pins from just about anywhere. A thick-coated wire, all you need to do is tie the line to two trees, pillars, or in the bathroom of your hotel (where the floor isn't carpet). Throw your clothes over the line or use the pins and let your clothes dry.

The best option is to hang your clothes outside so the breeze and the sun can do a quicker job.

7 Hotels Have The Hook Up

This may seem obvious but it's definitely not utilized enough. No matter where you're staying, many hotels have laundry services. They can even dry clean your goods if you have something special coming up while traveling.

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If your hotel doesn't have a laundry service or machines to use, you can always ask the front desk or host where to get your laundry done on-the-fly. They'll be happy to help and you can look at it as another adventure to set foot on.

6 Have A Sink? Get Scrubbing!

Washing your clothes in the sink is one of the easiest things to do — especially if you only need to wash delicates or small fabrics. What you can do is, fill your sink up with warm water and pump some soap into it until it's nice and soapy. (If you have a bar of soap, you can rub it around in the sink's water until the suds come off.) Once the sink is warm and soapy, use your hands and wash some items of clothing. Scrub off the dirt and grime and then rinse off the soap by draining the sink and using the tap. Twist out the excess water and your clothes should be good as new!

5 Laundromats Are Quick And Easy

In case your hotel or Air BnB doesn't have a laundry service, ask around for the nearest laundromat! Most laundromats are open early and close late, and they're not too expensive, making it a great spot for travelers.

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What's better is travelers can also take advantage of having their clothes dried from a dryer which is a luxury depending on what country you are. They can also use this chance to take a seat and catch their breath or roam around nearby.

4 Laundry Bags Come In Handy

It's important to be organized when traveling — especially when it comes to laundry. Sometimes you're so busy and have been gone for too long that you forget what you've actually worn or how dirty it actually is. This is why bringing laundry bags with you is underrated!

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You can buy adorable laundry bags from Amazon; one that's for dirty clothes, wet clothes, and intimates. These bags can also be used to wash your clothes in (getting to that below!) while traveling.

3 There Are Mini Traveling Detergents These Days

Who says you you need handsoap to do laundry while traveling? There are enough jet-setters in the world for there to finally be mini packets of detergent. This way, they travel safely and don't take up too much room either.

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You can find these small packets in the travel sections of Target, Walmart, and even some grocery stores. If you have a specific detergent that you love to use, try seeing if they have a powdered version — you can easily put a few scoops into a baggie to bring with you.

2 The Aloksak Bag

The Aloksak Bag is a method inspired by indigenous tribes. Considering they're lightweight, can hold a lot, and are waterproof from the outside — they're perfect for travel. All you gotta do is fill it up with hot water, pour some detergent in, and then dump your dirty laundry inside. Mix it around first before letting your dirty clothes soak for a few minutes.

To rinse it all, dump out the soapy water and replace with clean water or you can use the showerhead or faucet to rinse clean!

1 Turn That Shower On!

If your hotel or BNB doesn't have a tub or a deep sink, no worries! You can totally use the shower to get clean clothes. Now, this method may take a bit of time but if you do a few clothes every time you shower, it can be done efficiently.

Using a bar of soap, scrub your clothes just as you would your body. Bringing in a few articles of clothing at a time will definitely make this process go quicker. When you're done. Rinse the soap out from the showerhead and roll the articles of clothing in a towel. From there, you can hang your wet clothes on the shower curtain or outside!

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