If you like to travel, but you love your dog more, this Airbnb location, shaped like a beagle dog, is probably barking right up your tree.

Traveling with dogs has become increasingly popular. More and more pet owners are looking for places to stay that are not only pet-friendly, but cater to each respective owners furry little friends. Now, you can not only go to a Airbnb that is attractive for dogs, but one that is shaped like one.

The Dog Bark Park Inn B&B is literally a giant dog house in Idaho. The building is designed and shaped to look like a beagle and includes two bedrooms with dog decor throughout. But, the location doesn't just offer features that might appeal to a pet owner. Your stay includes homemade breakfast, expansive views of the prairie grain fields in Cottonwood, Idaho, and many of the same benefits a typical Airbnb offers.


Not to be forgotten, the venue includes a giant red fire hydrant and second building which is also shaped like a dog.

What the Owners Have to Say

Hosts Frances and Dennis not only created a unique Airbnb experience, but they're marketing it in an interesting way. Saying this is the type of place where “responsible dogs who arrive with their well-behaved humans are welcome to stay”, they've caught the attention of vacationers who love to treat their dogs as well, if not better than they treat themselves.

Guests are calling the house quirky, whimsical and the building is like a vacation spot all to itself. There's almost no need to go elsewhere, even if there is a deep river gorge nearby and another Airbnb shaped like a giant potato.

If you want to stay at this magical place, the stay is also affordable at only $132 per night.

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