Just going abroad is a little bit frightening, especially if you've never done it before. However, if you want to take it up a notch, going for a stroll on your own—even though it sounds completely ridiculous—can also be a scary prospect.

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Most people who take the leap and get on that plane (or train, or alternative form of transport) are more than capable of looking after themselves. However, that still doesn't prevent a seed of doubt from entering your mind regarding a million and one different scenarios that could go down. Such is the nature of traveling.

10 Bad Translation

You’re walking along trying to get to a certain hotel or destination, and you stop in order to see whether or not anyone speaks English (or whatever your native language is). Upon realizing that isn’t the case, an awkward back and forth ensues in which it’s easy for translations to get confused.

This can sometimes be more comedic than anything else, but it’s also a little bit dangerous. Getting your wires crossed in your own country isn’t that big of a deal, but abroad, there’s a chance that it could be misconstrued.

9 Protecting Your Belongings

Ensuring that your belongings are safe at all times is obviously a primary priority, but it isn’t until you’re left on your own that it becomes clear: it’s all down to you. No matter what the situation is or how dodgy it may be, there’s only one person that can get out of whatever situation has presented itself.

Pickpockets are pretty frequent around the world so it’s always smart to keep your hands in, on or around your pockets to ensure that there’s no funny business. There’s no guarantee of trouble, but it’s a possibility.

8 Insane Temperatures

This one can swing both ways, in the sense that it can be unbelievably hot or unbelievably cold depending on where you are (clearly we used to work on the weather channel). Dealing with different climates isn’t always easy, and that’s especially the case if you find yourself walking for miles and miles on end without any kind of hope that you’ll be stopping anytime soon.

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Just try and be as prepared as possible, because while it may seem silly, this sort of thing can greatly alter someone’s comfort levels.

7 Not Knowing Your Way Around

One road is going in one direction and the other seems to be heading the complete opposite way. It’s an endless battle that we’ve all had to endure, and if you only have a vague idea of where it is you’re trying to get to, this portion of your trip could get a little bit sketchy.

Taking a second to breathe and evaluate the situation is the best play, as you can probably imagine. Whatever hints, signs or reminders that you can recognize will come in handy as your adventure continues.

6 Miles To Kilometers

Speaking of signs, road signs can be a bit odd – and they can cause some confusion if your form of measurement varies from where you actually are. It’s a pain if you’re heading out on a run or jog and the aim is to measure your time and distance, but beyond that, it’s just another reminder that there aren’t all too many familiar surroundings to speak of.

Whatever the case may be, the obvious solution is making sure that ‘panicking’ isn’t on the agenda, or else you could massively misread the speed limit (or something along those lines).

5 Lots Of Reps

We’ve always wondered why the idea of pestering people abroad 24 hours a day, seven days a week is considered to be a viable career path for some people. Alas, with that being said, we can understand that sometimes, the need to make money is greater than the need to maintain your dignity.

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Not all reps are like this, obviously, but we’ve been in one too many scenarios where they’re quite literally swarming you with the hope that they can get some sales. Money talks, after all, and these folks are almost certainly on some kind of commission.

4 Poor Street Lights

Obviously this next entry predominantly applies in the evening but even so, it’s incredibly important. We’ve all seen those bad horror movies that just make us want to stick our fingers in our eyes and pray that we never have to watch anything this cringe-worthy again.

One thing we’ve all come to learn about those movies, though, is that bad street lighting, whether they’re off or just flickering, is super stressful and worrying regardless of how tough you may be or how immune to fear you consider yourself to be.

3 Traffic Chaos

There are two standard definitions when it comes to what we mean by traffic chaos. One: there’s a massive gridlock in the area which could cause great congestion, frustrations to rise and, rarely, conflict.

Alternatively, the traffic on the road may just be used to going way too fast down the roads that you happen to be walking down. Cars are great and being able to drive gives us all a sense of freedom, but it doesn’t mean that people should be allowed to abuse the system and put others in danger.

2 Different Laws

The law could be about pigeons, dolphins or littering – it doesn’t really matter. The bottom line is that doing anything considered to be even remotely out of order can lead to many, many issues, to the point where you could be detained.

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Perhaps you’re on your own because the bartender made one drink too many, or maybe you’re completely sober. Nevertheless, knowing and respecting the laws that are in place is absolutely vital, because if you don’t, there’s a slim chance you’ll end up on the news. Let’s hope they pick a good Facebook picture!

1 Stranger Danger

If you see a stranger that you do not know approaching you, then obviously the best course of action is to get out of that proximity as quickly as possible.

In any respect, this is an important entry. Stranger danger is still a very real threat that millions of people around the globe have to deal with, and if you’re all on your own overseas in a different country, the risk factor grows. It’s all about being smart and keeping your wits about you, and if that happens, all will be okay.

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