Vacations come in all shapes and sizes, and in today’s tech-driven world, many of them involve gadgets, as well. Whether the kids are being occupied in the vehicle with a movie, a parent is keeping up with emails throughout the trip, or pictures are being uploaded to social media, there are many ways to effectively utilize technological devices while on the road.

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Is this a good thing, though? Yes and no… because there are reasons (like the five that are listed out down below) to ditch tech during vacation, and there are reasons (like the five that are listed out down below) to stay plugged in during it, too.

10 Ditch It: To Enjoy The Experience Fully

The biggest reason to skip out on all the devices while traveling is to make sure that everyone experiences this time fully. Instead of staring down at a phone, look out the window. Rather than taking selfies, take in this new location. Trade out a movie for a walk, whether it be amidst skyscrapers or across a grassy field.

People take vacations for different reasons and to different places. And from rural spots that are nearby to mega-cities on the other side of the planet, all of them come with foods, buildings, people and cultures that are fascinating and beautiful.

9 Stay Plugged In: To Capture Memories

People may want to take some photos while experiencing these new foods, buildings, people and cultures, though, and that is a great reason to stay plugged in on a trip. Cell phones can take pictures, videos, Boomerangs and more, and there are gadgets like video cameras that many use in order to capture memories.

There is definitely a difference between being glued to a phone all day and using it now and then for family pics. Plus, friends will enjoy seeing all of this online, and future generations will enjoy seeing their family members on vacas from back in the day.

8 Ditch It: For Health Reasons

Everyone has read articles about the effects that technological devices can have on health, and many have also dealt with the outcomes, too. Necks can get damaged from looking down at an e-reader. Eyes can strain from staring at a computer. Fingers, hands, and wrists can develop carpal tunnel from being on a phone too often.

That being said, health is another smart reason to set the devices away for a bit. People can even take it further by getting in more physical fitness on vacation, which can replace time that was spent online.

7 Stay Plugged In: For Communication

One of the main benefits of technology is communication; it allows everyone to communicate in a faster and more effective way. While many trips are used as a way to get away from everything, there will still be conversations that need to happen during this time.

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So feel free to stay plugged in, in order to keep grandparents up to date on everything, check in with the neighbor who is feeding the pet, make sure no emergencies came up at work, and read the latest headlines (from local news to celebrity gossip).

6 Ditch It: For The Sake Of Relationships

Speaking of people who communicate, though… tech can get in the way of real-life relationships. Kids may not hear their parents when listening to music in the car. Parents may not pay attention to kiddos when checking emails on their phones. The list goes on, and this is so common.

A family vacay is the time to realize what is important and relinquish that grip on tech gadgets. There may need to be restrictions on what is used when, or there may be groups who decide to ditch all devices. Either way, be present, and enjoy people!

5 Stay Plugged In: To Pass The Time

If families do decide to bring technology along for the ride, it can be a life-saver. Road trips with crying kids can involve favorite Disney films. Airplane rides and waits in the lobby can be more bearable with Kindle, iPods, and Pinterest. Even when a group arrives at their destination, they may choose to have a movie night, which can be a great way to spend quality time together.

There are tons of pastimes out there, but it is nice that everyday gadgets can help pass the time in big and bright ways.

4 Ditch It: To Learn A New Hobby

On the topic of pastimes, however… Putting down devices can open doors to new hobbies! While on a trip, especially, people will be presented with adventures, and these can be experienced fully when the phone is actually set down or even turned off completely.

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It may be a once-in-a-lifetime thing, such as zip lining through a jungle or scuba diving in the ocean, or it could just be that someone doesn’t learn to love art or music or history until visiting a unique spot (and be present enough to appreciate it).

3 Stay Plugged In: To Learn More About Surroundings

As mentioned, technology can be amazing, and phones alone can help with communication, boredom, directions, research and beyond. And these things can come in handy while on the road!

Yes, another reason to stay plugged in is that devices can navigate traveling families, can provide information on destinations that are being visited, can translate when in an unfamiliar place… The list goes on, and sometimes, a group’s need for tech while out and about, is super vital, and other times, it is simply just desired.

2 Ditch It: Since There Is So Much More Out There

A final reminder on why it can be good for families to ditch devices while traveling is because there is so much out there to see. Yes, technology has benefits, and it will be needed, and it can be useful.

But look at the mountains, the deserts, and the forests. Smell the oceans, the rains, and even the street foods. Feel the sand in between your toes. Taste a dish that has never been tasted. Listen to a city that never sleeps or a sleepy town straight out of a storybook.

1 Stay Plugged In: Since It Comes So Naturally

Turning to technology is natural, isn’t it? For many, it is the first thing that is done in the morning and the last thing that is done before bed. The TV is on during meals, the radio is on in the car, and the cell phone is never more than a few inches away.

Is this 100 percent good? No. Is this all bad? No. As with most things, it is about balance and moderation, so when heading out on a vacation, feel free to bring along devices… but remember to enjoy the present moment together, as well.

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