Those who have been traveling since 2010 and before have likely seen the rise of many new trends, much of which has replaced travel as we once knew it. One decade ago, traveling looked vastly different compared to what it is today (pandemic aside). Upon closer inspection of what was once so popular, the realization dawns on you that many things that were once acceptable and fully anticipated are now far from what we expect prior to and during a vacation today. In fact, travel is different in nearly every single aspect.


The rise of social media as well as the ease of booking has helped to pave the way for the evolution of travel. We now live in a digital age where most things are self-explanatory and far simpler, as opposed to ten years ago when all of this was just a notion or just starting out. There are some major things that have altered the world of travel, though, making it unrecognizable to what it was ten years ago.

Checking Off Tourist Attractions Vs. Seeing Destinations Like A Local

Ten years ago, travel was relatively simple. Everyone seemed to be heading to the same destinations and seeking out the same attractions which are part of what contributed to overtourism. In an effort to explore the world, many equated exploring with seeing the same iconic locations that millions, and possibly billions, of people, have also seen. It was commonplace to take photos of and post about the most popular sights.

Now, many have a 'road less traveled' philosophy when it comes to the trips they take. There are many avenues by which to see a city, town, or country, and not everyone chooses the same route. Some people choose to see mountains by climbing them while others enjoy taking in the views from a popular restaurant. Some go to Italy on a food tour and see the same sights that others do while on a trip with an ancient civilization tour group. In short, there are options, and no one landmark or destination is the 'best' one.

Instagram As An Influence Vs. Instagram As A Positive Platform

At one point in time, social media had an influence on everything and that's not to say it still doesn't. However, that is to say, that many people are left up to their own devices to determine how to process all that they see on social media. IG, in particular, was once used to showcase specific landmarks and the destination.

Now, with all of the upgrades each platform has received, people are showing off the journey rather than the destination. It inspires people to take their own vacations and plan their own journeys as a means of soul-searching, rather than just seeing photos of a place and being influenced to do the exact same thing. Social media has created a community of creative travelers rather than a checklist of must-see places.

Every Last Detail Sorted Vs. Spontaneity Around Every Corner

Some people might remember the days when every detail, down to the last item on the itinerary, had to be planned long before a vacation. It used to be the case that without modern technology and the use of cell phones as lifelines, travel needed to be planned with every circumstance accounted for.

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Now, travel is far more casual and a bit more spontaneous. It's no longer a surprise to plan a trip a month or even a few weeks in advance. Most of it can be done right from one's own cell phone, including airport check-in and even rental and hotel check-in.

Pup Sitters Vs. Pup-Friendly

The time when pets were left at home for the sake of vacations is no longer the case. At one point, it was just easier and more efficient to leave our pets in the responsible hands of a pet sitter or pet daycare, because there weren't nearly as many pet-friendly options available ten years ago as there are today.

Now, the rise of pet-friendly travel is well underway and in many places, it's actually encouraged. Many hotels and rentals pride themselves on being as pet-friendly as possible with some even going the extra mile to cater to our furbabies.

Age As A Factor Vs. Ageless Travel

It's beyond anyone nowadays why age-themed travel was ever something that existed. Ten years ago, it wasn't uncommon to choose a destination based on an age bracket or what was thought to be appropriate for a certain stage in one's life. To call this absurd would be an understatement.

Now, ageless travel is a beautiful thing that has been well-accepted by the industry as a whole. Over the age of 40 and still want to visit Ibiza? Have a great time! Under the age of 30 and want to visit Palm Springs? Fantastic, enjoy the weather!

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