Nowadays, people seem more inclined to spend their extra earnings on traveling rather than materialistic items. According to the United Nations World Tourism Organization, 1.34 billion people traveled in 2018 alone, compared to the mere 84 million who did the year before. People travel for multiple reasons, the least of which is the need for a simple getaway.

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Traveling not only offers the ability to see a variety of cultures, but it can also help people with health ailments. Travel has become almost a cardinal standpoint for some, while others just have an overwhelming travel bug that they can't seem to get rid of. Whatever your reasons to explore the Earth may be, take the following into consideration for your next venture. Here are 10 travel trends you need to add you your bucket list (and how to do them well)!

10 10. Medical Tourism

The United States health care system is, to put it blatantly, in a crisis. People can barely afford routine medical procedures, much less anything that will actually require surgery. The modern solution for such crises is the medical tourism industry.

Medical tourism is a new travel trend that affords travelers the leisure of an affordable medical procedure under the guise of a getaway. For instance, you can get a crown in Costa Rica for $328, while in the U.S. you would pay $700-$1,500. Why not use those extra hundred dollars for a plane ticket so you can heal in a tropical destination?

9 9. Solo Travel

Traveling by yourself may seem like a daunting concept, but the benefits vastly outweigh those concerns. Those who decided to travel solo have found the experience to be refreshing and inspired. There is no better way to "find yourself" than by taking the leap to plant your own footsteps around the world.

You'll learn how the rest of the world lives in relation to your own expectations, and possibly find inspiration where you never thought possible. says that 59 percent of females who travel by themselves would definitely book more trips by themselves in the following year.

8 8. Musical Destinations

It isn't just the allure of European cities or the image of a tropical destination that prompts people to book flights anymore. Something as simple as a weekend concert in another state is enough to get those wanderlust urges flowing. EDC (Electric Daisy Carnival) is an annual electronic music festival that takes place in unique cities around the U.S. that people feel no qualms spending money to attend.

Coachella is another prime example of music-based vacations that people will book as a means to their travels. Not to mention, the U.S.'s largest cities host weekend rock concerts that bring together some of rock and roll's most exclusive artists.

7 7. Mystery Travel

Mystery Travels are perfect for those who want to travel without having to think twice about it. If you have a hard time making decisions, mystery travel agencies do that bit of work for you. All you have to do is fill out a survey with your travel preferences, budget, and time frame, and the rest is a mystery!

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Your travel agency will send you clues and a packing list leading up to your vacation, but you won't know the destination until its time to board the plane!

6 6. Eco-Friendly Travel

Eco-friendly or "green travels" are those that are planned in efforts to put less of a strain on the environment. It could be something as simple as bringing a BPA-free water bottle to refill your hydration stock, to something like booking a non-stop flight to negate the need for airlines to use more gas.

Eco-friendly travels take a bit more work in the planning aspect, but the payoff is worth it for these types of travelers. It's a way to spread the message for an eco-friendly environment while you perhaps, cross oceans to engage in the world's natural wonders.

5 5. Minimalist Travel

Minimalist travel means more than packing lightly for your next vacation. In addition to a light backpack. minimalist travelers typically book their stays at hotels that offer the least amount of amenities. That means, little to no television, Wi-Fi, or excursions like theme parks.

Instead, this kind of travel promotes the idea to enjoy a few days away from technological habits and enjoy the great outdoors. Minimalist travelers will spend their time away at places like the beach, the mountains, or even a combination of both!

4 4. Experimental Travel

This type of free-spirited travel offers intrepid opportunities to those willing to live on the edge. Experimental travel allows you to act on a whim and go wherever your "experiment" takes you. Maybe it's your goal to  visit every graffiti wall in New York City, or maybe you want to pick up the best tequila in Mexico. The possibilities are endless and people have come up with some wild ideas. The key is to stay away from the habitual "tourist traps" and experience something new. These travels usually have a theme so you can have a guide for where to go next.

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This travel trend can also inspire one-of-a-kind content should your business relate to travel, hospitality, or even if you're an influencer. Showing people that you aren't afraid to open your eyes to the rest of the world is a great social media strategy.

3 3. Voluntourism

Voluntourism is great since it combines travel with a good cause. Students, in particular, have been giving up their spring break and summer vacations in order to travel abroad to help fix up decaying towns.

Whether they are piecing together the fragments on a new school in Peru or serving warm food to villages in Africa, voluntourism is good for the soul. This travel trend will open your eyes to the diversity and poverty of other cultures and give you a cause to care about.

2 2. Staycations

For people who don't have the luxury of traveling abroad or even indulging in a quick getaway, the ultimate solution is a stay-cation. A staycation is simply taking the initiative to book a hotel room in your hometown for a small home away from home.

It gets you away from your routine lifestyle, while also saving you money on a long and expensive trip. Stay-cations are becoming vastly more popular and some people find that they can take "stay-cations" more frequently in lieu of an annual trip.

1 1. Peaceful Getaways

Today's psychological climate seems to be burden with anxiety and depression. But instead of trying to find comfort in external sources like medicine, people are changing up their travel habits to find a peaceful destination.

These luxurious trips don't have to mean booking facials and massages to ease your tensions, as a quiet beach vacation or a yoga-inspired getaway could be just what you need in order to put your mind at balance.

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