Traveling has drastically changed over the last few years and with recent developments in the world of health and safety, travel is getting a new facelift. From changes in mass transportation to increased distancing on airplanes, even something as simple as a road trip requires extra measures to ensure safety.

There are some small things travelers can do in order to maintain the safety of themselves and others. Protecting the health of the general population is the biggest challenge in travel today, and with these items in their arsenal, this will be an easier goal for everyone to maintain. Companies are even coming up with innovative new inventions to make it easy to travel with as low a risk as possible, and any one of these things could potentially save a life.


Disposable Gloves

It seems like a simple thing until you need to use a touch screen, handle money, or even touch a door handle. In the event that a bathroom or soap and water are out of reach, gloves can be the next best thing when it comes to preventing germ-to-hand contact. They can also provide peace of mind, especially while walking through an airport, getting on a plane, or taking public transportation. Just make sure to dispose of them the proper way - or keep a DIY garbage can in your car, found with these other cool road trip hacks.

A Portable Charger

The idea of touching or using outlets that at least 50 people have touched prior isn't a very glamourous thought these days. Furthermore, in the event that you do need to use the phone and don't have access to an outlet, a portable charger can be a life-saver, especially on a road trip. It also prevents the need to ask someone else to use theirs, thus contributing to the spread of germs.

A Phone Sanitizer

Yes, this exists! It's a bit pricey ($99) but that also depends on the price a traveler is willing to pay for safety and peace of mind. This neat device works by simply laying your phone in the UV-C light bath (for a total of six minutes) and voila - 99.99% of germs and bacteria are eliminated.

The awesome added benefit of this PhoneSoap is that it will also charge phones - thus making the price even more worth it.

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Antimicrobial Hoodie Sleeper Travel Pillow

This neat invention comes from the Global Travel Clothing Company and functions as a two-in-one. Not only is this hoodie super comfortable and ready to keep travelers warm and cozy on their trips, but it also features an ergonomic memory foam pillow in the hood - meaning when travelers lead their heads back, they can flip up their hood, rest easy, and get some shuteye. The best part? You know you're not sharing a pillow or blanket, and no part of the pillow is touching a public surface... It's a win-win.

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Obviously, A Face Mask And Hand Sanitizer

In today's world, at least for the time being, these two things are the most important things for anyone to pack in their bag. A hand sanitizer with an alcohol percentage of at least 70% along with a face mask can prevent the spread of germs and halt its transmission significantly more than without it.

It's a good idea to keep two face masks on hand - alternating is a great way to prevent germs from spreading, and while one is being cleaned, you'll always have a backup.

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