It’s a new year and you’re ready to take that trip you have always wanted to take. And as normal, people are making resolutions to keep throughout 2019, including dropping some extra pounds, spending more time reading and travelling more. So there are some resolutions everyone should make in order to ensure they get that trip they want, or they should be making resolutions for the type of trip they want to have. It’s not all just about saving money, but the types of experiences you want to have when you get on a plane and set off abroad.

Of course, resolutions tend to fail, and before you get too far into 2019, make sure you haven’t broken these resolutions already, as some people just can’t keep the promises they make and have broken their resolutions already. There is still plenty of time to think of what the future holds for travel, so keep the resolutions on track, set goals and keep to them. And try your best in 2019 to keep the resolutions that you make for yourself in order to have the best travel year yet. Just in case, here are 11 travel resolutions everyone should be making this year, and some that you have already broken before, or are going to break this year.

25 Resolution To Make: Plan a big trip

Since 2019 is all about making new adventures or planning something big, why not take one of your new year resolutions and plan the biggest trip that you will never do again. The first thing that you have to do when you plan the biggest trip of your life is figuring out a budget that you can afford and that it is not going to rob your life savings. According to Earthtrekkers, you will need approximately $20,000-$30,000 per person if you want to travel around the world for a year. If you got some time, then start planning two years in advance.

24 Resolution To Make: Visit A New Continent

If you only have been in places in North America, then it's time to visit a new continent in 2019. Out of all the places in the world, it's all about chosen the right continent to visit. Visiting Asia, Europe or even South America is the right choices for you if you are looking for a lot of cultures. If you are looking to explore nature and animals, then Africa is the one for you. The next thing that you have to think of is the budget and how long you want to go for and that alone can take a lot of time planning, but don’t let that stop you.

23 Resolution To Make: Stop putting off plans

We say this every year, that we will start planning for that adventurous trip that we want to take and then every year it just never happens. Why not in 2019, make planning a trip your number one resolution to follow through this year. Planning a trip is very important to make sure where you want to go and whether you have a budget for it. Get a planning book to go through the weeks and months that best suits you but be sure to do your research ahead of time. You want to make sure when planning a trip to find out when are the best times to go and what exactly that the place you want to go has to offer. So be sure that this year you plan your trip in mind.

22 Resolution To Make: Go Somewhere New

When you have families that are at the opposite end of the country or even the world, it’s hard to plan that vacation and go somewhere new. In 2019, this travel resolution should be at the top of your list. Take a moment and figure out where the number one place is that you want to go to. Once you have chosen that destination, make a budget and figure out how long you want to take in the moments. According to Wander Media, travelling somewhere new can actually boost your self-confidence and how you look at the world around you.

21 Resolution To Make: Plan More Activities

When you go to your usual destinations, you often just do the exact same things every year. This year, take the time and research what other things that your destinations have to offer. According to My Domaine, when you take the time and plan what other things that the city or country that you are visiting has to offer always see what you are able to learn from it. Sometimes, you are able to find the secret spots that normal tourist will not go too. When you plan more activities, you are able to meet new people or even locals, hear about their stories, and see how they live.

20 Resolution To Make: Take A Train Trip

Surprisingly not too many people have taken advantage of how much taking a train through mountains and coastlines would be so much fun. In 2019, why not take that adventure and hope on the next train to any destination? According to the Huffington Post, travelling by train can be incredibly scenic. Train travel is just an all around better, more relaxing experience. Not only will it get you from point A to point B, it is also cost effective and it will not hurt your wallet.

19 Resolution To Make: Actually Book Flight Deals

When it comes time to book your flight, don’t just book the first one you see. Look for the best deals available. It’s important to look well in advance of your vacation to find the best flight deals available. With plenty of cheap flight websites and travel agents available, you can cut down on travelling expenses by booking discount flights. Look for overnight flights or don’t mind connecting flights, as according to Travel + Leisure, they are generally cheaper than direct flights.

18 Resolution To Make: Stop Leaving So Late For The Airport

We have often done this where we think that we have a lot of time to get to the airport but we are often very late for check-in and security check and before you know it, you may have missed your flight. In 2019, why not make it your new year's resolution and get to the airport at a decent hour so you are not feeling rushed and you can relax once you are all checked in. According to USA Today, getting to the airport early gets you early bag check-in time and you can skip the line to get through security and still have time to enjoy that nice cup of coffee before hopping on the plane.

17 Resolution To Make: Stop Over-Planning

We tend to do this all the time and that is to over plan your vacation. Make this your new year's resolution and you will have peace of mind. According to Dave Ramsey, the whole point of planning a vacation is to enjoy the planning process, but when you over-plan, you tend to overthink your whole vacation. This also makes you not enjoy the planning process and not look forward to going on vacation period. So take the time, stop over planning, and just plan what feels right.

16 Resolution To Make: Take A Road Trip

Some of the best trips that people also love taking are road trips. In 2019, make this one of your travelling resolutions and take a road trip to a place you have never been to. According to Smarter Travelers, it is suggested that to get most of your road trip experience, consider taking the back highways and country roads to get the most scenic views. Another way to get the most experience out of your road trip is driving through little communities to discover little shops and restaurants.

15 Resolution To Make: Visit A Place on the bucket list that keeps getting put off

If you ever have a place that you have been meaning to get around to then this is the year to get there. The best action to take is by making a list and go through it. Pick the destination and try not to feel bad or guilty when planning your adventure. When planning your adventure please be sure that you snag some travelling insurance because you never know if something serious were to happen and you don't have coverage. Think about what you want to do and how are you going to get around as this will help you plan your trip that you`ve been meaning to get around to.

14 Broken already: Eating Like A Local

When on vacation, each country has their own unique food and flavours. It’s definitely something not to miss when travelling. And often we plan to eat just as the locals do, but one resolution broken often on vacation is eating local food and instead, sticking to what we know. It’s too easy to go find a McDonald’s or a hamburger spot, but if you are in a country known for bold food and flavours, don’t cave into buying food you can get at home and stick to eating just as the locals would.

13 Broken already: Start A Travel Blog

A lot of people want to document their travels so they think about starting a travel blog. How hard can it be, just set up a blog, go to amazing places, write some words and post photos and wait for people to read and comment about how great your trip is. The problem is, there are already a lot of travel blogs out there and if you aren’t a writer or good with photos, you won’t get the reactions you want. According to Pro Blogger, there are over 1.2 million hits on google when you type ‘Travel Blog’ so there is a lot of competition.

12 Broken already: Go Off Grid

You and your friend have this amazing trip planned, with this idea that you’re just going to see where things take you and not make a bunch of plans. You’re not going to go to the tourist traps but find the small local places that don’t get much attention. But then when you get there, you find yourself smack in the middle of long lines for the Eiffel Tower when in Paris, or at the Colosseum in Rome. The familiar, even when travelling, makes us feel safe, but you can miss a lot of great experiences not going off the grid and taking turns down small streets to see what you can find.

11 Broken already: Make New Friends

When on vacation in a new country, the locals are the best guides. They know the stops to make, the places to go and the best deals and food around. Most locals aren’t bad people, and will gladly point out to you where to go. But too often, that resolution to make travelling friends gets broken, especially when travelling with another friend, because you get nervous about speaking to a stranger, or striking up a conversation with someone you don’t know.

10 Broken already: Take Solo Trip

Solo trips can be some of the most freeing and eye-opening trips anyone can take. They can be great for self-discovery, and teach you plenty of things about yourself that you didn’t know. But far too often, we break the resolution to go solo because we talk so much about the trip to friends that they can’t help but come as well. And travelling with a friend sounds so much better than going it alone, especially in a country that you have never been to before. It’s a safety net for many.

9 Broken already: Take A Staycation - people always prefer to go far and not enjoy things at home

If you can’t afford to go far away, another option is to have a staycation and do the things around your own area that you have never done before. Check out the local theatre, the nature trails, the attractions that tourists would see, but you never have. But too often the idea of a big trip somewhere else keeps us from enjoying what is around home, so people don’t take time off to stay home, and instead just stay working until they have enough to go away. That, according to Travel + Leisure, can lead to stress at work and home, leading to burn-out.

8 Broken already: Start A Vacation Fund from the beginning of the year

We always say that we are going to start a vacation fund but often we tend to start the savings jar and we dip into halfway throughout the year to buy that purse you saw on sale or even buy those fancy pair of shoes that you have been meaning to get. According to Economic Times, most people often plan a vacation that they really can't afford to take and often it makes it harder to start a vacation fund

7 Broken already: Keep Off Social Media while traveling

Social media is addictive, and when travelling, there is always that resolution to not post every selfie you take and instead, live in the moment. But too often, the lure of social media gets us, and we find ourselves editing photos or at attractions looking for that perfect angle to take a shot, rather than just enjoying the experience and take in the view for ourselves and remembering it. It’s almost like if you don’t get the perfect vacations selfie, did you actually go on vacation?

6 Broken already: See Your Own Country

Everyone always says they want to see their own country. Most people haven’t, because it’s not as cool to say they travelled to another place within their own borders as it is to say they went to France, Brazil or Bali. The resolution to travel more in your own country is often broken because the lure to other places draws us in. The people are different, the food is different and the lifestyle is nothing like home, so we often break our resolution to stay and see our own country, even if it is beautiful, to go abroad.