Whether someone is going out of town for one night or heading off on a long adventure, packing is key. The items we wear, the gadgets we use while waiting and the accessories that help make our time away even better all need to be stored in an easy way. But, what if we forget something? How do we make all of our stuff fit in one bag? What do we really need? What if we break a TSA rule?

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In order to have a stress-free packing session - which will help lead to an even more amazing trip - these are the 10 hacks to know.

10 Plan Ahead

When putting clothing items and accessories into our suitcases, we should think about the order in which we will wear these outfits. For instance, after landing, we may head to our hotel and go to sleep, so our pajamas should be on top.

We may know that the vacation will wrap up with a fancy dinner, so our nice clothes can go at the bottom. We may want to wear a different swimsuit each day, so line these up in the top zipper area. Be sure to pack undergarments, jewelry, and other necessary products with these wardrobe options, as well.

9 Bring Laundry Bags

After we wear our clothes and get done with different outfits, we don’t want them touching our unworn items - especially if they are wet swimsuits, muddy hiking pants or clothes drenched in sweat from walking around and seeing the sights. Towards that end, bring some laundry bags or even some extra grocery or trash bags along, to use for discarding.

Then, when the trip is over, just dump the contents of these bags into the washing machine, in order to get started on the laundry/unpacking phase! This will keep everything separated, organized, clean, and easier to find.

8 Eye-Catching Luggage

One familiar process while traveling is the part where everyone stands around and waits for their luggage to arrive after a flight. When the conveyor belt finally starts moving, tons of pieces pass by in seconds. We think we see our bag but realize it is not ours.

Will it ever come? Will we be able to get it off this thing without embarrassing ourselves? To cut down on the stress of this part of travel, make luggage stand out by buying suitcases with bright and bold prints. Alternatively, vivid luggage tags or even a ribbon can act as identifiers.

7 Prevent Spills

Makeup, shampoo, hair products, soap, contact solution, fingernail polish remover, sunscreen…

These are just a few of the liquids and gels that can end up spilling over everything else in our suitcases. Prevent any spills or leaks by double packing; store all of these items in a toiletry kit and be extra safe by putting spray cans in Ziploc baggies or by placing a layer of plastic wrap over the top of bottles. Anything can happen, so this will help take out a possible risk, as people are just trying to enjoy some time away.

6 Read Airline Rules

Airlines have so many rules and regulations, so the best way to make sure our packing jobs are done in the right way would be to read over all of this information. It can be found online, and we will probably receive an email full of details, after booking our flights.

We may have to buy a new clear carry-on, some zipper bags or some tiny toiletry bottles, but we don’t want to run into any issues… and we surely are okay with having to do some more shopping! Oh, and don’t forget to weigh that bag before taking it to the airport, as well.

5 Go Green

This is a good tip for anyone to think about at any time in life - especially when traveling: Go green with a reusable water bottle. Instead of having to buy one at every stop, one will already be owned. Rather than having to order a drink at each place, one can just be refilled. Instead of having to throw away a drink when entering a no-beverage zone, just empty out the contents, and then be ready to fill it up again the next time a water fountain is seen. This is a super smart hack to remember.

4 Think About Layers

Whether someone is heading to the beach or the mountains, consider layers; this will cut down on the items that have to be shoved into suitcases and can lead to more versatile outfits. For instance, in warmer weather, go for a tank top with a kimono or light jacket over it.

In a cooler climate, wear a tight shirt underneath a sweater, then bring along coats, scarves, gloves, and hats that can be taken away or added. Also, wear some of these layers on the first day of traveling to free up some of the space in that suitcase!

3 Roll Clothes

Another idea to remember when packing is to roll clothing items. This will, first of all, lead to more space in a suitcase - something that everyone is always needing and wanting. This will also keep items from getting wrinkled, which is a problem that can happen while traveling.

Many people have various methods when it comes to efficiently fit everything in, but rolling really does seem to lead to the most benefits. That being said, try it out next time an adventure is being planned and a bag is being packed.

2 Use Zippered Bags For Odds & Ends

Okay, clothes and accessories have been covered; however, travelers also bring along books, electronic devices, medications, writing supplies, snacks, and many other items. When it comes to packing all of these things, use different zippered bags.

Many people have bags like these that have been acquired over time (like those meant for jewelry or those created for pencils that we used in school). Honestly, even Ziplocs or recycled grocery bags should work. The point is to keep similar items in separate compartments, which can be thrown in a carry-on bag, taken out when needed and stored away again.

1 Too Much Is Better Than Not Enough

Last but not least, remember that packing too much is better than not packing enough. Make a list before starting. Think about everything that could be needed, wanted or used. Use the already mentioned tips to put each item into its place.

Throw some extra items into the bag. Double-check the list before heading out for the trip. With this particular hack, one could come home with several outfits that were never worn and with a couple of books that were never even touched - but it is better to be safe than to be sorry!

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