Kio Ora! And Welcome to New Zealand - Aotearoa or the "Land of the Long White Cloud." New Zealand is now poised, ready to reopen its doors to international tourism for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic. And New Zealand has plenty of things to see and do, Auckland - the largest city in the country has been voted by Lonely Planet as the top city to visit in 2022.

New Zealand is the land of the grand outdoors. It is one of the best countries in the world for hikers, and its Great Walks are truly taking them to new heights. The scenery and environment can change dramatically just by driving an hour up the road - especially in the South Island more than the North Island.


Why Explore New Zealand With a Campervan

New Zealand is an incredibly stunning country to see and explore. Like the United States and Australia, it is best explored by road - unlike other places like Europe where there are plenty of trains, flights, and the cities are the continent's main attraction.

  • By Road: New Zealand Must Be Explored By Road
  • Accommodation: Can Be Expensive In New Zealand

New Zealand is also a very expensive country to visit and accommodation can be pricey. Add that with the reason why most people visit New Zealand is for the outdoors, camping and campervans (motorhomes) are the most popular order of the day. There are many accommodation options stunningly set, but to really experience the beauty of New Zealand one needs to get out into it and stay in it.

Having a campervan enables visitors to enjoy a New Zealand holiday at their own pace. Campervans offer flexibility and mobility while enabling people to see the best of New Zealand and often saving money as well.

  • Name: In New Zealand, They Are Called "Campervans" Rarely "Motorhomes" and Never "RVs"

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Maui - The Largest Campervan Rental Company

One of the largest campervan rental companies in New Zealand is Maui Campervans. This company specializes in designing and building campervans. Their aim is to bring people closer to nature by maximizing windows and indoor-outdoor flow.

This company only offers the best campervans and all vehicles in their fleet are guaranteed to be under 2.5 years. They are all outfitted with modern furnishings and a fully equipped kitchen, each vehicle is designed with comfortability in mind.

  • Maui Elite: Their Newest - Under One Year On The Road
  • Seating: Between 2 and 6 People
  • Locations: Auckland, Christchurch, Queenstown, But not The Capital Wellington
  • Transmission: All Maui Campervans Are Automatic

Maui's campervans seat between 2 and 6 people and so cater for couples, family, or groups who don't mind being close and personal with each other.

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Things To Know About New Zealand

One can hire campervans at the places with international airports of Auckland, Christchurch, Queenstown, and Wellington - although Maui does not operate out of Wellington the nation's capital.

New Zealand is a very diverse country with breathtaking landscapes.

In just a couple of hours driving in the South Island, one can see lush rainforests, arid alpine landscapes, glaciers descending into the forests, snow-capped peaks, alpine lakes, lush meadows with grazing sheep. While in the North Island one can see geothermal wonderlands, ancient forests, volcanic landscapes, and the iconic movie set - Hobbiton in the North Island.

With a campervan one can just pull over at a special location that one happened on - this is an important part of touring New Zealand.

  • Tip: There Are Very Strict $200 NZD ($140 USD) Camping Infringement Fines
  • Freedom Camping: Camping For Free

That being said, one should be very careful with "freedom camping." Freedom camping is camping for free in an undesignated camping location. New Zealand is a very clean country and the country strives to keep it that way. There have been many unhygienic and disrespectful freedom campers in New Zealand who have left piles of toilet paper, trash, and worse behind.

  • Cheap Camping Options: The Department of Conservation has Many Cheap, Basic, And Beautiful Camping Sites Around the Country
  • Self-Contained: Needs Fresh Water, A Toilet, And Waste Storage Tanks

This means that New Zealand is very strict about freedom camping. There are many places where it is permitted to camp for free but only if one has a certified self-contained vehicle (i.e. with an onboard toilet). That means there are scores of places where tents and decked-out vans are off-limits, but self-contained campervans and caravans (i.e. trailers) are permitted.

To be certified as self-contained it needs to have fresh water, a toilet, and waste tanks. Once one has this, one will have a lot more options of places to stay in New Zealand