Your need to travel is kind of like an itch that you can never satiate to the point of no return. It seems to grow worse every time one adventure ends and you're waiting for another to begin. One way to rid yourself of this itch is to watch some movies based on traveling where the characters experience new things for the first time.

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These movies will help you over the hump and allow you to continue on in your daily life as you impatiently wait to leave home yet again. They will inspire you to start planning years worth of travel fun as your favorite characters take the world by storm. Keep reading to learn about 10 travel movies to get you excited for your next adventure!

10 10. Up

This is a feel-good story that follows the journey of an old man who lost his wife, a boy scout, and a talking dog. The man follows his dream of lifting the house with balloons all the way to South America, but the boy scout was inside when it happened.

They end up foiling evil plots and discovering the meaning of true friendship as they work together to stay alive. It may be animated, but it will excite you in ways you never could have imagined as you dream of your upcoming adventure.

9 9. Lost in Translation

This movie stars Scarlett Johansson and Bill Murray, who are both amazing when it comes to acting roles in movies. It focuses on two individuals staying in Tokyo and how they feel lost in their current lives. It delves into their struggle to understand despite the language barrier, as well as the culture as a whole.

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They become friends, despite some bumps in the road, and the bond they form together is one that cannot be broken. You will be encouraged to make your own friends in your upcoming adventure, despite not knowing the area or the culture, and maybe it too will stick like the friendship in the movie.

8 8. Wild

Reese Witherspoon stars in this role which covers the events of one woman's true story. The woman has just lost her mother and her husband in a divorce, so to cope with her problems she decides to take a hike. There was no planning involved, and her two most useful skills are her determination and ambition.

She ends up hiking more than 1,000 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail by herself as she finds healing in nature. You can follow her on the journey of a lifetime as she encounters thrills as well as terror, which is perfect for anyone about to take a long backpacking trip in the deep wilderness.

7 7. Eat Pray Love

The main character in this film is Julia Roberts, and she finds herself lost after achieving her life goals of marriage, a house, and a career. She goes through a divorce and decides the best option for her to find her way is to go on an adventure.

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It becomes a learning experience as she eats her way through Italy, learns the power of prayer in India, and discovers her one true love in Bali. It is a story of self-discovery that anyone who is taking a trip in order to find themselves should watch for inspiration.

6 6. Out of Africa

This movie follows the journey of a woman who marries a man for his title, then moves to Africa with him to start a coffee plantation. He cheats on her and is rarely home, so she is stuck putting in the work to keep everything afloat.

She eventually falls for a hunter and adventurer who takes her on a safari trip, and she gradually realizes what a huge mistake she made. She wants out of her marriage and to marry this man instead, and as she continues to live here her understanding of African culture grows with every day.

5 5. Into The Wild

This is another movie that is based on a true story and describes the escape of a recent college graduate into the Alaskan wilderness. He runs away from his rich family in order to start over away from their money and influence.

There are new friends to be made along the way and they shape him into a new man. He learns new skills and follows his dreams, which is exactly what many of us hope to accomplish on our own traveling adventures.

4 4. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Ben Stiller stars in the role of Walter Mitty, a man who works for Life Magazine. He is the only one in contact with Sean O'Connel, the best independent wilderness photographer they are in contact with. The photographer recommends they use number 25 from his negatives, but it is missing.

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Walter decides to go on the adventure of a lifetime to save his job, but along the way, he learns the importance of travel and chasing your dreams. You can use it as inspiration on your own journey to learn something new about yourself that impacts your life in a positive way.

3 3. Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Steve Martin knocks this movie out of the park by acing his role as the main character in this movie. He plays a man who wants to find his way home for Thanksgiving, but after his flight is canceled he is forced to resort to alternative measures.

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He makes an unwanted friend along the way as together they take trains and a variety of cars to make it home in time for Thanksgiving. He ends up inviting his new friend to come home with him and eat with his family, which goes to show that even the worst person you could imagine on your travels could actually end up as your friend.

2 2. National Lampoon's Vacation

This is an old movie from 1983, but it is one of the best ones out there. It covers a family road trip from Chicago to Walley World, which is all the way on the west coast. They end up facing one disaster after another, despite the dad's careful planning.

It all crashes and burns when they arrive only to find it has been closed down for maintenance. The journey they made and the growth of their relationships is what mattered and should inspire you to take your own family vacation this year.

1 1. We're The Millers

This movie is a comedy and focuses on a drug dealer who creates a fake family in order to transport drugs back from Mexico. It has fantastic acting from Jason Sudeikis, Jennifer Anniston, and Emma Roberts as they all work together to create a movie that will leave you in tears.

It might not seem like your most conventional travel movie, but you can watch as they outsmart border patrol, and spend time with a DEA agent despite their RV being full of illegal drugs.

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