We follow celebrities, politicians, and other influential people on Instagram, which is why our feed should also include pictures from our favorite travel influencers. The men and women travel the world for a living and post beautiful images that convince us we need to go there. They also supply us with plenty of useful information related to traveling so we can make every vacation perfect.

We have compiled a list of the top travel influencers who post on Instagram. They each have their own personality and way of doing things, but all of it inspires us to want to travel. Keep reading to learn about ten travel influencers you should follow on Instagram!

8 10. @emilyventures

Emily Hart is an inspiration to anyone who thinks they can't travel and work a full-time job. She works as a math teacher for a full-time job, and her hobby is traveling by herself. Emily has currently visited 51 of the 60 national parks in the United States which is quite an impressive feat.

Her patch-covered backpack will inspire you to create one of your own with things from your adventures, and her pictures are beautiful. This influencer is also an artist, so on top of everything she also finds the time to create breathtaking oil paintings for the world to see.

7 9. @davidmrule

This influencer is a certified travel photographer and one look at his photos will leave you in awe of his talent. It is run by David Rule, who also claims to be an avocado enthusiast, and you can see everything from camera photos to aerial footage taken by a drone.

He originally graduated college with the intent to enter the medical field, but later realized his passion was for creating media that people would enjoy. We have to say he made the right choice as he continues to give the world epic pictures that are like nothing we have ever seen.

6 8. @nomadicfare

Wendy Hu runs this Instagram page, as well as a blog by the same name which offers recipes, pictures, and tips that cover some of her favorite trips. She has been all over the world and her pictures speak of elegance and class like nothing any other travel influencer is creating.

She finds places that showcase the beauty of the natural world and turn them into pieces of art with a simple outfit and a smile. This is one travel influencer whose inspirational posts should be in everyone's feed.

5 7. @briancason

This man is an artist when it comes to photography and capturing the subtle moments of life. He snaps beautiful pictures of everything from dogs, the ocean, to plates on his dinner table. He manages to create art from things we take for granted and views we thought were less than average.

It gives us a different take on life as we learn to interpret the world around us in new and exciting ways that we might not expect. His photos have been featured by several major brands like American Express, SanDisk, and Macy's.

Kristin Addis runs this Instagram page and her travels take her all over the world. She releases a lot of content on how to capture a great picture, and more importantly, a perfect selfie. This influencer even runs events from time to time where she invites her followers to sign up for her trips, like the women's Galapagos adventure, where she leads groups on adventures of a lifetime.

She also runs a personal blog and has been featured in key magazines such as Vogue, Cosmopolitan, and so many more. This is one influencer who understands what it means to travel and is killing it by uncovering the natural wonders of the world through photography.

4 5. @mikerizzi

The thing that sets Mike Rizzi apart from any other travel influencer is that he is always smiling for the camera. He doesn't try to pose or portray a stoic image of himself in the majority of his photos, because that isn't who he is as a person.

Mike understands that travel is supposed to bring a smile to your face, and he wants his fans to understand that is what vacation is all about. He has his own YouTube channel as well and his content at a whole is fun for everyone.

3 4. @noel_russ

Noël Russell runs this page and it showcases her life on the road with her husband and two dogs. She does this part-time when they travel the country in their campervan and it really showcases the beauty of small living and travel.

They know how to make travel look fun and easy at the same time while making memories the two of them will never forget. She is an inspiration for anyone who thinks that life means you can't go on the road and helps travelers understand that there is always a way to make room for your pets.

This page is run by Brock and Chris, who are a couple that travels the world together and manages a YouTube channel at the same time. They show what it means to have fun as a couple on vacation as they experience everything each place has to offer.

These two take amazing pictures together that are usually filled with happy smiles, and allow you to experience what traveling is like vicariously through them. They will inspire you to buy your plane ticket to somewhere new and learn what it means to live for the first time in forever.

2 2. @girlborntotravel

This influencer was originally born in France and now spends her time traveling the world. Photography is her passion and it is evident after one look at her Instagram page. She also runs a website with guides for several different countries to help you have the best vacation possible.

Her focus is on incorporating the feelings people have when they are on vacation and she captures them flawlessly with her superior skills as a photographer. This is one influencer you whose page you will be constantly checking as you uncover what it means to live in the moment.

1 1. @iamgalla

Adam Gallagher is an Instagram influencer who will inspire you to begin traveling the world. He is always dressed to impress and his photos are equally as intriguing as his wardrobe. This influencer understands how to make travel look good, as he turns any location into a place filled with thoughts of class and luxury.

His pictures almost seem to transport us back in time as he brings different eras of style back into fashion on different continents. His pictures will help you see the light and decide to take the plunge and go on the trip you have always wanted to take.