There are hundreds, if not thousands, of travel hacks available on the internet. In fact,  some can argue that there are too many. It may seem next to impossible to keep up with these airline tips and guidelines because they all seem to mold together. And most of these tips aren't really anything out of the ordinary; like packing dirty shoes in a shower cap or rolling your clothes for extra room in your suitcase.

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What travelers need are travel tips that think outside of the box. Tips that involve delicate research that can save passengers, time and money while still making their travel experience hassle-free. So, here are ten unconventional travel trips that everyone needs to know.

10 Premium Economy Seats

The everyday traveler is going to automatically book economy seats. Sure, we all dream about taking first or business class one day, but with those prices, that kind of travel still remains a luxury. But did you know there's a happy medium?

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Premium economy seats are available on most international flights. Even some U.S. airlines are looking more into premium economy for domestic travel. These seats offer more legroom, a private bathroom, and enhanced food and drink options that will make you question whether you will ever want to travel in economy ever again.

9 Travel During Shoulder Seasons

The time of year that is best for travel is known as the "shoulder season." This is the perfect blend of agreeable weather, lower prices, and less crowded destinations. The shoulder season falls directly in between peak travel times, and more than likely will get you better service and cheaper hotel rooms. This is the time of year when free upgrades are handed out like candy.

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For most places, the shoulder season is from March to May and again from September to November. These little snippets of time fall in between holidays and school breaks, giving you better access to your destinations popular attractions.

8 Turn Off The Cookies

Everyone is aware that the internet can track your phone or computer's "cookies." These are essentially bread crumbs of your internet browsing history that enable websites to track where you've been and what you've been researching.

It doesn't handle too much of your personal information, but it's able to see when you've been looking up rates for hotels and flights. This makes it possible for airlines to raise prices based on your search to give you results on par with their competition. To avoid this sneaky glitch, simply set your settings to private when you're searching for flight or hotel prices.

7 Make A Packing List

Not everyone is a fan of being strictly organized, but to save you the hassle of your repacking chaos, this is a great method to indulge in. Make two copies of what you plan to pack. Use one to check off the items as you put them into your suitcase, and pack the other along with your other items. That way, when it's time to repack to go home, you'll know if you've forgotten anything.

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Once you make it a routine, you'll never go back to packing without your list. There's nothing worse than realizing you forgot to pack your phone charger after you've already arrived at the airport.

6 Pack Dryer Sheets

This is a simpler hack that you will appreciate, especially for long-winded travels. A dryer sheet is an easy way to keep your outfits smelling fresh and laundered. Just stick a couple in between your layers of packed clothes and let the aroma seep in.

You might also want to pack a couple extra for your shoes and dirty laundry so that the smell doesn't affect your clean clothes while you travel.

5 Charge Your Phone Using The TV

Have you ever packed your charger cable only to realize you forgot to bring the box port or an adapter? The last thing you want to spend your money on while you're on vacation is another charger when you have plenty back at home. Instead of dishing out money for a new one, you can just use your hotel room's television to charge your phone.

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You can always charge your phone with your laptop's USB port if you forgot yours. But if you didn't bring your computer on this particular trip, there's always a USB outlet on the back on your TV that can easily charge your phone!

4 TSA Pre-Check

TSA Pre-Check is not a new concept. You probably notice these signs every time you go to the airport. Most people choose not to use this feature simply because they don't want to spend the extra money or because they don't really know what it's all about.

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It's true that TSA Pre-Check costs money, but it's only about $85 and covers you for five years. You can even get Global Entry for $100. This means no more taking off your shoes, taking out your laptop, or surrendering your half-drank water bottle at security.

3 Carry A Fake Wallet

If you are traveling abroad, your chances of getting pick-pocketed are actually pretty likely. It's a common con art in European countries as well as in larger U.S. cities.

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To diminish the chance of having your entire vacation fund taken from you, try carrying around a fake wallet. You can keep in things like an inactive credit card, a few dollars, and even a library card to fool the perpetrator. Chances are, they won't check the wallet until they are far enough away from the scene. And by then, it'll be too late for them to notice that they've been tricked.

2 Pack Wine In Your Shoes

If you are thinking about buying a souvenir bottle of wine from somewhere like Italy, you may hesitate to make the purchase once you consider how to pack it. Packing glass items that are full of liquid that can stain your clothes seems pretty risky.

The best way to pack wine into your suits is in your shoes. Boots work the best, but all you need to do is stick the bottom end into one shoe and close up the rest with your other shoe. Just make sure the footwear is relatively clean before doing this!

1 Share Your Suitcase

You never expect to be the one to have your suitcase stolen or go missing,  but it can happen. That's why it's best practice to disperse your items between multiple suitcases. If you're traveling with your family or with a significant other, make sure to pack an outfit or two in their suitcase and vice versa. That way, if anyone's suitcase gets lost or delayed, you'll still have a few items at your disposal until your suitcase arrives.

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