Las Vegas is exciting, vibrant, colorful, and full of activities to do during your vacation. From shopping to seeing the magnificent buildings lit up at night, from checking out a musical performance to seeing a casino firsthand, there are countless activities to do and experiences to be had.

There are some must-see sights in Vegas and some places to find delicious American food as well. And before booking a flight and hotel, it's good to hear about some tips.


Here is a travel guide to Las Vegas: 10 things to know while planning your trip.

See A Cirque de Soliel Show And Walk Down Fremont Street

According to US Travel News, a Cirque de Soliel show is a great thing to do during your vacation in Las Vegas.

Another fun activity is walking down Fremont Street, which has places to purchase food and souvenirs. Most exciting of all, though, this area has something called the Viva Vision light show. There is a sound system with 550,000 watts and 12.5 million LED lamps. How fun is that experience?! It won't cost tourists a thing and happens at 6 p.m., 7 p.m. and so on and the final one is at one a.m.

Travel To Las Vegas In April Or May

Trip Savvy says that April and May are really good times to check out Las Vegas. Specifically, the publication recommends "the last week of April through the second week of May." This is because there won't be as many people as there are during March/spring break and it's not summer yet.

April and May definitely sound like perfect times of year to travel since you've just survived the winter and it's time to get out and see some cool sights.

Stay At Caesars Palace Or Bellagio Las Vegas

You'll want to find some hotel options on The Strip. One good choice is Caesars Palace, which everyone has heard of. The hotel's Colosseum has been home to super famous musicians like Elton John and Celine Dion, and Trip Advisor says that the hotel has 3,974 rooms.

Another hotel is Bellagio Las Vegas. Pick the Resort King Room and you'll have a nice king bed and 510 square feet. A highlight of this hotel is Picasso, a restaurant that has works by the famous artist. The food features French and Spanish cuisine, including some delicious fish.

Staying On The Strip Will Be Perfect

According to Santorini Dave, The Las Vegas Strip is a good area to base yourself out of. It's basically the place to be during your vacation since you can find restaurants, bars, and more, and this is pure Las Vegas. You'll be exactly where you want to be, especially if you're only going for a few days. You'll definitely get the most out of your trip.

As the website explains, "The Strip is all about spectacle, with bright neon marquees and flashy environments."

Have Breakfast At Eat And Eureka! Discover American Craft

There are all kinds of food available in Las Vegas, but since you won't be able to try every single restaurant, there are a few places that really stand out.

Check out a restaurant called Eat in downtown Las Vegas for breakfast and you'll love the huge variety of dishes on the menu. You can get cinnamon biscuits with warm strawberry compote, corned beef hash, a truffled egg sandwich, and that's just a few offerings.

Another Vegas restaurant is Eureka! Discover American Craft. This is the place for delicious American food. The menu has really creative options such as Lollipop Corn Dogs and the Fresno Fig Burger which has goat cheese and fig marmalade. Brunch on the weekend includes avocado toast with chimichurri sauce. The restaurant has locations in many U.S. cities such as Boulder and Austin.

Taking Lyft Or Uber Is The Best Way To Get Around Las Vegas

It's definitely true that Las Vegas can feel pretty big, intimidating, and a bit chaotic if it's your first time there (or even if you've been there several times). To get around the city in the simplest way, it seems that taking Lyft or Uber will be your best bet.

Visit Las Vegas notes that when you stay at a hotel in Las Vegas, there will be certain places where the hotel wants you to wait for your car, so that's something to be aware of. The website also says that you can take cabs, which many people do, but just know that you can't actually flag one down so you'll have to be standing in front of a building.

Visit The Fountains of Bellagio And Paris Las Vegas

You've probably seen photos of the Foundations of Bellagio, which are definitely an iconic landmark in Las Vegas. Trip Advisor describes this landmark perfectly: "These 200-foot-tall fountains at the Bellagio Hotel are choreographed to music for performances."

You'll already be staying on The Strip, so you'll see the most famous area of this city. Planetware recommends checking out Paris Las Vegas, a hotel that also has an Eiffel Towel in front of it. It has the Eiffel Tower Restaurant along with 46 floors. This is a cool thing to do whether you have been to Paris or not, so definitely put this on your Las Vegas list.

What To Know About Tips At Casinos And Restaurants

Since the currency used here is American dollars, plan for that as you would while going to any U.S. city and a mix of cash and credit seems like a good idea.

When traveling to a major city, a 15-20 percent tip is generally recommended. The same thing is true of dining at restaurants in Las Vegas as Trip Savvy explains. The website recommends giving casino servers and dealers tips: $1-2 and $1-5, respectively.

A January Vegas Trip Will Save You Some Cash

It's recommended to go to Las Vegas in April or May, which does sound like a nice time of year for a trip. But that might not be the cheapest time of year to book some plane tickets.

According to, January is a good month to plan a Vegas vacation as it's going to be less expensive. August is the priciest month of the year to book a flight there.

Go To Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area And Try Greek Food At The Great Greek

According to USA Today, people who live in Las Vegas like going to The Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. You can get there by car and you'll be driving for 13 miles which will be beautiful as there are gorgeous rocks everywhere.

Reddit post recommends a restaurant in Henderson, Nevada (which is super close to Las Vegas) called The Great Greek where residents of Las Vegas like going. The food looks delicious.