From the famous markets of Istanbul to quieter villages, Turkey has so much to explore and it's a gorgeous place to visit. The Culture Trip says that you'll see a lot of dogs and cats when walking around, people love drinking tea, and you'll see a lot of plant-based menu items when dining out.

Want to know about a restaurant to go to in Turkey, a cool place to try Turkish coffee, and what to do during your time there? Here is a travel guide to Turkey and the 11 things that tourists should plan their trip around.


Check Out The Markets In Istanbul And The Grand Bazaar

Tourists heading to Istanbul will definitely want to check out the flea markets that it is known for. Kadikoy Carsisi is worth visiting as it has tons of food, and another good one is Ferikoy Antika Pazari. The former is all about antiques and this Trip Advisor review paints a good picture: "It's open every Sunday (except for religious holidays) and is a vivid place... There are stalls everywhere, people selling antique objects (but not very expensive ones), jewelry, table clothes, shoes, lamps, longplays, radios, etc."

You also want to check out the Grand Bazaar. It has been around since 1461, according to The Guide Istanbul, and there are 4,000 stores and 60 streets across 30,700 square meters. Also located in Istanbul, you'll find rugs, antiques, and jewelry.

Pick October, September, May Or April For Your Trip

Holidfy suggests October, September, May, or April for your trip to Turkey. Many places are going to be really, really hot during the summer months, and while that's always going to be a time of year when families want to go on vacation, it might not be the best thing for walking around the villages and cities of Turkey.

You're going to see a lot of tulips if you come to Turkey in May or April, which is lovely, and there is also the Istanbul Film Festival in April. The website also says that the weather will start to cool down after the second half of September.

Stay At Villa Lukka Or Kimera Hotel

Located close to the beach, Villa Lukka has bungalows for guests to stay in, and there's lots of natural beauty at this hotel. In just a few minutes, you can walk over to Dione Beach Bar and Ceylan Restaurant & Bar, and a Trip Advisor review says that you can even enjoy breakfast while sitting on the beach, which sounds heavenly.

You could also book a week at Kimera Hotel. There are 54 rooms so it's considered a boutique hotel, and there are fruit trees here, which contributes to the lovely atmosphere. A Trip Advisor review says, "The location is great for walking, shopping and cycling all on foot."

Base Yourself Out Of Charming Cirali

Thanks to this Trip Advisor post, we know that Cirali is the place to stay while in Turkey. This place was recommended because it's not going to feel like a tourist trap. Instead, this village is very calm with lots of restaurants and stores. The Telegraph calls Cirali "secret seaside" and mentions that there are many resorts on the water here.

You could divide your time in Turkey between Cirali and Istanbul, and then you'd be covered in terms of seeing a village and a larger city.

Book A Reservation At Lemon Restaurant And Try Turkish Coffee

According to Trip 101, tourists in Turkey should try Kestane şekeri ("sugared candy"), Döner (which is a wrap with garlic yogurt and meat), and pide (which is a flatbread with meat on it).

One restaurant to check out in Cirali, Turkey is called Lemon Restaurant. Bread is made in a wood-fired oven and customers can order stuffed peppers, kebabs, casseroles made with prawns or beef, and more.

Tourists will also want to try Turkish coffee. Give Recipe explains that this coffee is made by adding sugar and water to coffee grounds and then heating it in an "ibrik" or "cezve." During your time in Istanbul, go to Coffetopia. People love the cheesecake, other food, and Turkish coffee. Someone on Trip Advisor mentioned that you can find non-dairy milk here and that they had trouble locating those options in Istanbul.

Get Around Turkey By Bus And Plane

According to Smarter Travel, you might want to take buses when you're in Turkey. You can take a bus (also called a coach) if you're going somewhere a few hours away. The website mentions that you could even have Wi-Fi and you'll be given a water bottle, sandwich, or piece of cake and won't have to pay anything for it. There are also "small mini-buses" called Dolmus.

You can also take some plane rides if going from city to village in Turkey. Turkish Airlines is the company you will most likely book with, and this is said to be a reliable, quick way to travel.

The Currency Is Turkish Lira And You Can Leave A 10 Percent Tip

Go Turkey Tourism says that the currency is the Turkish Lira. Like traveling to many other places, tourists can use credit cards and also cash and look out for ATMs. The website mentions that this money has a picture of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, who was the inaugural President who started the Turkish Republic.

What should you know about tipping in Turkey? While some people posting on Reddit say that there's no need to tip, others say that a 10 percent tip on a restaurant bill is the right thing to do.

Book A Cheap Flight In February

According to Cheap Flights, travelers with their sights on Turkey can find a deal in February. Try to find a plane that takes off in the a.m. hours and if it could be on a Wednesday, that's even better.

Cirali Beach And Cleopatra's Beach Are Turkey's Best Beaches

Travel Away recommends going to Cleopatra's Beach. You can swim here, which is great, and you'll find restaurants and coffee shops. The sand is also white, and the beach is 2.5 km long. You'll also want to go to Cirali Beach, where you'll even see adorable sea turtles.

Tips For Traveling To Turkey

istanbul turkey According to  World Nomads , you'll see toilets that require you to squat in order to use them. The website also mentions that keeping some toilet paper on you will be helpful, and public bathrooms will often charge you to use them. The website also notes that women will want to be aware of what clothing they're wearing and they should "dress modestly" when traveling. Tourists also should get a visa before coming here.Next:  A Travel Guide To Peru: 11 Things To Know While Planning Your Trip