Thailand is a unique place as it's equally known for its fantastic beaches as for landmarks and pretty buildings. According to Fact Retriever, 94 percent of people living in Thailand are Buddhists.

Travelers with a sense of adventure and wanderlust are going to want to travel to Thailand, but before making any arrangements, check out what area to base yourself out of, what landmarks you can't miss, and the time of year that you'll spend the least amount of money when flying there.


Here is a travel guide to Thailand: 11 things to know while planning your trip.

Go To The Damnoen Saduak Floating Market And Doi Inthanon National Park

According to The Crazy Tourist, the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market is a great thing to do in Thailand. People sit in boats and sell food, which sounds so cool and like an experience that can't be missed.

Wanderlust suggests that tourists go to Doi Inthanon National Park. Someone commented on the page on Trip Advisor and shared that they took a tour through Inthanon Heaven Trail, so that seems like a good idea. You can go for a hike and also visit Hmong Market.

November And December Would Be Perfect Times To Visit

According to The Culture Trip, you want to go to Thailand in November or December. While many people travel there during the spring and summer since the weather is warm, you're not going to experience scorching heat in November and December.

December, in particular, would be good if you want to visit the beaches as there isn't typically a lot of rain.

Stay At iSanook Bangkok Or Eastin Grand Hotel Sathorn

iSanook Bangkok seems like a perfect hotel as it's close to the Bangkok airport, a shopping mall called River City Shopping Complex, and is centrally located. There's a really nice outdoor area and a pool, and people share a lot of good reviews on Trip Advisor saying that they love staying there.

Another good hotel choice would be Eastin Grand Hotel Sathorn. It's in the Sathorn business district and close to restaurants and two airports. You can also get to the BTS Sky Train system from the hotel which is a really cool feature.

Stay In Bangkok And It's Easy To Travel Around

Where you should stay during your trip to Thailand? Touropia suggests staying at a hotel in Bangkok and calls it "the most populated and developed city in Thailand."

The nice thing about staying in Bankok as you can take trips around the country. It's an hour-long flight to the island of Phuket and, according to The Crazy Tourist, you can also go to Pattaya which used to be a modest fishing village.

The Sixth And The Corner Restaurant Are Awesome Restaurant Experiences

When in Bangkok, go to The Sixth and you'll find delicious Thai food and a gorgeous atmosphere. There are many positive reviews on Trip Advisor and the menu works well if you or someone you're traveling with is gluten-free, vegan, or vegetarian.

Travel to Phuket and check out The Corner Restaurant. This place has a combination of German and Thai food, and it sounds like there is quite a large variety on the menu, from mushroom soup to calamari to curry.

It'll Be Cool To Take A Ferry In Thailand

Thailandee shares that traveling by train in Thailand is affordable but since they don't run on time, that's something to remember. You can also get on a bus.

The website also says that you can fly to Phuket and Koh Samui, but other places have to be reached by ferry. This would be really cool. You can also travel through Bangkok by subway, skytrain, or taxi.

The Grand Palace Is A Well-Known Landmark, Along With Wat Suthat

You'll want to go to The Grand Palace, which, according to The Crazy Tourist, really lives up to the name as it's 218,400 square meters. The website does note that there is a dress code so that's good to remember before checking it out. The Thailand government and the king and the king's court all resided here for a total of 150 years.

Another landmark is Wat Suthat, which is a Buddhist temple that has a long history in Bangkok. Planetware says that chances are high when you visit this temple that it won't have such huge crowds as others will, which will be nice.

Cash Is A Smart Idea, And Tip 10 Percent

World Travel Family says that the currency in Thailand is Thai Baht. You'll want to have some local money on you and use cash when buying food at a market or small stall. You'll also want to leave a tip that is 10 percent of your restaurant bill as that's considered good practice.

According to Trip Savvy, your credit cards can be used at restaurants or hotels. You'll also be able to exchange your own currency for Thai Baht at ATMs.

Find Affordable Flights The Months Between May And October

So you want to experience all that Thailand has to offer... but what times of year have the most affordable flights?

Skyscanner suggests booking a flight the months between May and October in order to pay the least money (but does mention the southwestern monsoon is there during the summer months).

The Best Beaches Are Hua Hin Beach And Patong

Many people want to go to Thailand for the beaches and Trip Savvy recommends Hua Hin Beach. As the publication explains, "The popularity is mostly thanks to the flat stretches of beach, plenty of things to do, and ease of travel from Bangkok."

Patong in Phuket is also a beach that people really enjoy going to. You can find a lot of restaurants and places to shop here or stay in nearby hotels, so you can spend a lot of time here during your vacation.

Take A Class To Cook The Local Cuisine And Learn To Speak Thai

According to Tripzilla, there are a few ways to really immerse yourself during your trip to Thailand, and they involve cooking the local cuisine and also learning some Thai before you go. The website suggests Amita Thai Cooking Class. You can also learn a few Thai words and sentences that will make your trip even better.