Nashville is famous for its country music, a gorgeous location on the water, and delicious Southern food. No matter how long you spend in this cool place, it's going to be a memorable trip.

There are so many cool things to experience about this city, and before making your travel arrangements, find out the best time of the year to travel here, along with some restaurant and activity recommendations.

Here is a travel guide to Nashville: 10 things to know while planning your trip.

Go To The Bluebird Cafe And Walk On The John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge

If you've watched any movie or TV show set in Nashville, including the TV drama of the same name starring Connie Britton, you're familiar with the Bluebird Cafe. It's one of the best places to see live music in the city. You can make reservations to get tickets ahead of time for the performances, and while it's quite the process and might take some patience, it'll definitely be worth it. This iconic place will offer a memorable evening.


People love walking across the John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge as you're able to see the city really well. Some Trip Advisor reviews suggest parking in the nearby lot and then exploring on foot. Nashville Downtown says the bridge has been around since 1907 and since 1998, only walking is allowed on the bridge, not driving.

Book A Trip Between April And October

Travel US News recommends tourists plan trips to Nashville in the months between April and October.

According to the website, these months will bring great weather: "High average temperatures start in the low 70s, creep all the way up to the 90s in July and settle back in the low 70s by October."

Stay At Thompson Nashville

Of all the possible Nashville hotels that you could choose from, Thompson Nashville is going to be awesome. It's in The Gulch area and there are some great food and drink options available in the hotel itself. You can get sandwiches and coffee at Killebrew or have any of your meals at Marsh House, which offers Southern food with many fish dishes, according to

This is an incredibly great location as it's steps away from all of the major Nashville landmarks that you'll want to see. There is also a great rooftop bar.

Stay In The Gulch, Which Is A Convenient Location

Time Out suggests staying in an area of Nashville called The Gulch. It's got places to shop and eat, and it's a convenient location since it's near downtown. It's always more interesting to stay in an actual neighborhood instead of just downtown, so this feels like the best of both worlds. explains there is a "geographic gulch that arcs through the south side of downtown."

Eat Local Southern Food At Husk And Definitely Try Some Hot Chicken

Eat at Husk to enjoy some delicious local Southern food. As the restaurant's website explains, "At Husk, there are some rules about what can go on the plate. If it doesn’t come from the South, it’s not coming through the door." Some menu items are "Cast Iron Pancake, Preserved Southland Farm Blueberry, Chantilly Cream" and a brunch dish called "A Plate Of Southern Vegetables." Diners can enjoy Sweet Potato Pie for dessert. Husk also has locations in Charleston, Savannah, and Greenville.

Nashville is known for a dish called Hot Chicken which is really spicy fried chicken. Eater recommends Bolton's Spicy Chicken & Fish and also mentions that this place was on the Netflix series Ugly Delicious. Order a Chicken Plate with sides such as Slaw, Mashed Potatoes, Fries, and Mac and Cheese.

Take Cabs, The Music City Star Train, And The Bus

According to Trip Savvy, there are a lot of convenient ways to get from here to there in Nashville. There are cabs, like in other big cities, and there's also the Music City Star Train. Tourists will pay $5.25 for tickets and it's easy to get on since there are a total of seven stations.

There are also buses in Nashville called WeGo Public Transit. There are over 50 bus routes and this is an easy way to see downtown, especially all of the famous musical landmarks.

Tour The Grand Ole Opry And Go To The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum

Since Nashville is known for its music culture, one of the city's most famous landmarks is The Grand Ole Opry. You can take a tour of this venue which has featured so many talented musicians. The website suggests getting tickets before your trip since it's so popular, and they will set you back $34.

The Culture Trip recommends visitors go to the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. You can see outfits that country singers once donned, along with actual guitars and other instruments that musicians have used, and it'll be really fun to experience this piece of music history. Another cool part? You can visit the Taylor Swift Education Center, which has art that kids have done along with a lab for videoconferences and classrooms.

Tipping In Nashville Is 15-20 Percent Like Other Cities

When you take a trip to Nashville, it's good to be aware of what is expected for tipping. Frommers says that if visitors take a taxi, 15 percent is an expected tip. And when you get a bill at a bar or restaurant, 15-20 percent is a smart tip to leave.

Budget Your Trip says that visiting Nashville could cost a person $138 each day. That would include a $158 hotel room, $17 for some way of getting around, and $33 for food. While of course, you could spend more or less than that, it's good to have an idea.

January Will Get You The Best Flight Deal To Nashville

Cheap Flights suggests that travelers looking for a deal will want to fly to Nashville in January. Saturday afternoon is also considered a cheap time of day. notes that May and April will cost the month when flying to this city.

The History Of Music City

According to Choose Move On, Nashville has been the capital of Tennesse since 1843 and drew people because of its "accessibility as a river port." Nashville is called "Music City, USA" because it has always been a hub for that industry.

Since 1982, Nashville has had a landmark called the Ryman Auditorium, according to Visit Music City. It has been called the "Carnegie Hall of the South" and is a well-known place for music performances.