If you want sweeping views of the water and rooftops of old buildings, delicious seafood, great weather and a ton of charm, then Croatia is going to be a perfect vacation destination. According to Lonely Planet, 18.5 million people took a trip here in 2017 and the country has been part of the EU since 2013.

This place has it all, from beautiful beaches to historical areas, and it's a good idea to plan where to stay, what activities you're going to do, and what time of year you want to book your travel plans for.


Here is a travel guide to Croatia: 11 things to know while planning your trip.

Go To Marjan Forest Park And Explore Diocletian’s Palace

Marjan Forest Park is located in Split, Croatia and it allows you to see islands and the more urban areas, according to Lonely Planet. There is quite a large area to walk around, so this will appeal to travelers who love to hike and those who enjoy nature.

Diocletian’s Palace is actually an area in Split: as Lonely Planet explains, "Don’t expect a palace, though, nor a museum – this is the city's living heart, its labyrinthine streets packed with people, bars, shops and restaurants." This sounds incredible and will keep tourists busy for quite a while as there's a lot to do.

Plan An October, September, June, Or May Trip

Like many other destinations, the most appealing time of year to go to Croatia does depend upon the weather.

Go Way recommends October, September, June, and May because of the temperatures. The website also says that there are snowy, freezing winters, so it does seem like going in the spring and fall is a much better idea.

Stay At Villa Split Heritage Hotel Or Radisson Blu Resort & Spa Split

Villa Split Heritage Hotel has a convenient location and, according to Trip Advisor, there are many cafes that are a brief stroll away. The hotel is also close to an area called Old Split where travelers can take walking and bus tours to see the beautiful buildings. There is also a patio where guests can sit and relax.

You could also stay at Radisson Blu Resort & Spa Split which offers views of the Dalmatian Islands and the Adriatic Sea and is close to the beach. The hotel has three restaurants and guests can also walk to some other places to eat, which is convenient. You can even order food and enjoy it while sitting on the beach, and it really doesn't get any better than that.

Base Yourself Out Of Split

When someone asked what area of Croatia is the best to base themselves out of on Trip Advisor, the advice was to stay in Split. This is a popular location and also allows tourists to go on day trips.

People say that Split is very safe and there are also a lot of things to do, so it'll be totally ideal. Some possible day trips include Solta Island, The Blue Lagoon, and Hvar Island, according to The Crazy Tourist.

Enjoy Seafood At Kapetanova Kuca Or Bokeria Kitchen & wine bar

The local seafood is incredible in Croatia, so going to restaurants that feature that will be lovely.

Kapetanova kuca is operated by a family and Trip Advisor reviews praise the oysters, mussels, soup, risotto, and pasta. One comment even says that this place is great for those with gluten allergies. The restaurant is in a beautiful location on the water and the environment is charming.

Another restaurant pick is Bokeria kitchen & wine bar. You'll find delicious meat, fish, and desserts, plus a wonderful ambiance with wooden floors and live music. You can also find more casual food here such as burgers.

The Bus Is Your Best Bet In Croatia

How will you get around during your vacation in Croatia? Lonely Planet says that the bus system is reliable, and the system works well in Split and Dubrovnik plus some other cities.

You can definitely take a train, but they aren't going to run as often as the buses do so it's not the best form of transportation to take.

Visit Plitvice Lakes National Park And Dubrovnik

Welcome To Croatia says that tourists will enjoy going to Plitvice Lakes National Park. The park is just about 300 square kilometers and the lakes are bigger than eight kilometers, and it's a UNESCO World Heritage Site, too. There are a total of eight parks in Croatia, so it will be wonderful to experience this one.

The website also recommends spending some time in Dubrovnik, which offers the perfect opportunity to take in some history. The HBO drama Game Of Thrones has shot some scenes here, which fans will definitely love seeing. The views are incredible and there are also historic walls around the area.

The Currency In Croatia Is The Kuna, And Tip 10-15 Percent

According to Visit Croatia, the currency used here is the Kuna, although some think that it's the Euro. While travelers can definitely exchange money before going there, it's helpful to hear that there are ATMs where money can be exchanged. It's possible that you'll be able to use Euros, but it seems best to have the local currency on you.

Who To Tip suggests tipping 10-15 percent of the bill that you receive at restaurants. The website does note that a "cheap bar" won't require a tip as people who live there most likely aren't going to leave one.

Get A Great Flight Deal In September

September is going to be your lucky month when you want a flight deal to Croatia, according to Cheap Flights.

A Tuesday night plane ticket is also something to keep in mind. And finding your plane tickets two months before your trip is also some good advice.

These Are The Best Beaches In Croatia

Time Out recommends a beach called Zlatni Rat, Brac and says it's "probably Croatia's most famous beach."

The website also mentions Gornja Vala, Gradac which is on the Adriatic coast. It's really big: according to adriagate.com, it's 5 km. You'll find beautiful trees here, such as olive and pine trees, and as we can see from these pictures, it would be amazing to spend the afternoon at both of these beaches.

Go To Sibenik For A Local Experience

According to World Nomads, spending part of your trip in Sibenik is going to be an amazing time. There are more than 150 islands here, along with museums. The publication explains that this is "one of Croatia’s oldest traditional oceanfront towns, full of medieval architecture, culture, friendly locals, town squares, and beaches." This sounds wonderful and will be something that you'll always remember.