Traveling to Barcelona, Spain is a dream for many as this city has unique and fascinating architecture. Instead of urban sprawl with crowds of people on every street and tall buildings that don't look like much, Barcelona is so visually interesting that travelers won't be able to put down their cameras. It's truly a special place.

In order to have the most memorable and magical trip, check out these recommendations for activities, hotels, restaurants, and some helpful advice on tipping and when to find the most affordable plane tickets.


Here is a travel guide to Barcelona: 11 things to know while planning your trip.

Visit Park Güell And The Maremagnum Mall

The Crazy Tourist recommends that you go to Park Güell when you're in Barcelona, which would be an incredible experience. This is a piece of history: according to Arch Daily, Count Eusebi Güell wanted Antoni Gaudi to create this area with aristocrats in mind. This is quite a sight to behold as there are trees, tiles, sculptures, and mosaics, as Barcelona Tourist guide explains.

Another recommendation is the Maremagnum Mall. This is no ordinary shopping mall, however, as part of the experience will be walking over Rambla De Mar to get there, which will be beautiful. You'll recognizable brands like Dunkin' Donuts (called Dunkin' Coffee here) and Adidas along with countless stores and other places to eat.

Springtime And Autumn Are The Perfect Times To Go To Barcelona

According to Trip Savvy, "Spring and fall are as lovely as it gets, with plenty of sunshine and warm temperatures lasting throughout the majority of both seasons." As is often the case with popular and beautiful destinations, summer will have a lot of people and you would most likely pay the most for hotels.

Because Autumn and springtime are considered "the low season" that's a good time to book your trip. The website also mentions that while there will be a bit of rain in April, it's your final chance to book an affordable trip before the busy summer months begin, and then the fall will have good prices once again.

Stay At H10 Marina Barcelona Hotel Or Novotel Barcelona City

H10 Marina Barcelona Hotel is in an area called Villa Olimpica and it's perfect as you can get to the beach super easily and it's also close to the city center. This hotel has a 100 out of 100 rating on Trip Advisor for how walkable it is and there are almost 100 places to grab some food nearby.

You will also love Novotel Barcelona City as it has a terrace with a pool where you can see so much of the city. This hotel got the same walkable score as the above hotel, and people shared on Trip Advisor that they love the breakfast.

Find Some Amazing Tapas At Bodega Biarritz And Eat Paella At Bodega Joan

Barcelona is famous for its delicious tapas, and Bodega Biarritz is said to be a destination for this local fare. People have praised this establishment on Trip Advisor and shared that the cheese and meat boards are amazing, along with really interesting vegetable dishes.

Barcelona Hacks recommends Bodega Joan for paella, the "mixed paella" in particular, which will have seafood and other proteins.

There Are So Many Types Of Transporation To Choose From shares that there are many different forms of transportation in Barcelona. You can rent a bike, take a bus (there are more than 1,000), or take the Tram or Metro.

You can also take cabs, and if the top of the taxi has a green light, you will know that it's free for you to hop in.

Spend Some Time In El Born, Along With Barcelona Cathedral In Ciutat Vella

Trip Advisor says the neighborhood of El Born is definitely worth visiting as you can enjoy some tapas, go see some art, and walk around.

No trip to Barcelona will be totally complete if you don't visit Barcelona Cathedral in an area called Ciutat Vella. Time Out recommends this landmark and notes that it was named a National Historic Monument in 1929. This Gothic-style cathedral is definitely breathtaking. You can also do a walking tour in the neighborhood, according to Trip Advisor.

Bring Euros, Be Careful, And Leave Tips If You'd Like

Barcelona Tourist Guide says, "We advise bringing travellers cheques, credit cards and about 2 days worth of Euros." The website recommends that you keep these "in separate locations on your person" and make sure you only have as much cash on you as you're going to spend. The website says that there is, unfortunately, a "petty theft problem" in Barcelona so that's definitely something to keep in mind.

Barcelona Yellow shares that while people living in Barcelona aren't typically going to leave tips on restaurant bills, you can leave 5 percent in order to show that you really appreciated the experience.

November Is Your Best Bet For A Flight Deal

According to Cheap Flights, flying to Barcelona in November will cost the least amount of money. 55 days prior to your desired trip is the recommended time to buy plane tickets.

There are often days of the week that are much more affordable than others and most of the time, weekends will cost you the most. Barcelona fits into this advice and Monday is said to be a good day to fly.

Las Ramblas Is A Touristy Street

Many people discussed on Reddit that one of the streets in Barcelona, Las Ramblas, is pretty touristy and it's best not to go to any of the restaurants or spend too much time there. Someone posted, "Worst meal of the whole trip, and one of the most expensive ones as well. It honestly feels like each dish was just microwaved before being served."

A post on Trip Advisor calls this street "a giant tourist trap." Thankfully, there are so many amazing other streets in Barcelona, and some free attractions as well.

Check Out These Beaches

Barcelona may be a gorgeous and cool city but there are many beaches to check out, too.

Reddit user suggests Montgat Nord as it won't have quite as many people as some of the other beaches. A Trip Advisor review says how clean the beach is, which is nice to hear. You can also go to Arenys de Mar which has many restaurants, making it a perfect destination to eat delicious food and relax.

Tips To Feel Just Like A Barcelona Local

Lonely Planet recommends going to areas like Pedralbes and Sarrià that are away from more popular places that attract tourists. The website also says that there is incredible pizza in the city so it's a good idea to try some of it.

Pando Trip says that Parc de la Ciutadella is an awesome way to spend some time, especially if you want to have a picnic. You won't encounter so many people and there is even a lake plus a zoo.