There's no greater feeling than arriving at your destination after a super long flight, and Australia is one of those places that will always be worth the trip. Sydney is a huge city and on many people's lists as it's tough not to want to go immediately after seeing images of the beautiful water and the charming streets.

Before you book your trip, it's helpful to figure out some affordable hotels, ways to get around, restaurants that you must try, and what you're going to do.


Here's a travel guide to Sydney and 10 things to know while planning your trip.

Go To The Zoo, Check Out An Amazing Market, And Go To A Fun Area Called The Rocks

According to The Crazy Tourist, you definitely want to check out Taronga Zoo, where you can even stay over if that's something that appeals to you. Also worth seeing is The Rocks, which was once a working-class area, which has restaurants and gorgeous streets to walk around.

The website also recommends going to Paddy's Markets which has more than 1,000 stalls for you to try the food and find some cool things (and you could buy friends and family some gifts if you want).

Visit Sydney From October Until April

So you know that you want to travel to Sydney, Australia, and you can't wait to check out all of the cool places recommended above.

When is the best time of year to plan your trip? While of course, you have to work with your own schedule and when you can book some time off, it's always good to see when people recommend traveling. According to Santorini Dave, the weather in Sydney is going to be amazing from the end of October until the end of April. The website recommends the months of February, March, October, and November specifically.

Check Out Holiday Inn Old Sydney Or Four Seasons Hotel Sydney

If you love the idea of The Rocks, you'll want to stay at Holiday Inn Old Sydney which is right there. This location enables you to do all the sightseeing that you have planned so it's considered to be a good place to stay. Trip Advisor says that there are 216 restaurants within 0.5 km of the hotel.

You could also stay at Four Seasons Hotel Sydney as you can get some awesome deals depending on which website you book through. It's also in The Rocks (and this one is close to 374 restaurants). Both hotels offer epic views.

Stay In One Of Sydney's Awesome Neighborhoods

Sometimes when you travel, it's cheaper to stay outside of the main city that you want to visit (for example, sometimes people stay in New Jersey and then commute into New York City for the day).

When it comes to Sydney, according to Nomadic Matt, there are many places you can stay, it just depends on what you're looking for. You could stay in Manly, which is a suburb with fun bars and beach vibes. In order to be downtown, you can choose the Central Business District, which is also near the Opera House and other landmarks. If you want to be by the water, Coogee would be perfect.

Dine On Local Seafood And Don't Miss Out On The Burgers

It makes sense that the seafood in Australia is awesome, so you want to check out Sydney Cove Oyster Bar where you can eat with a gorgeous water view.

You may have heard that Australia is known for its famous burgers. According to Buzzfeed, the "Burger With The Lot" has grilled pineapple, spicy chili mayo, a fried egg, and pickled beets. You're definitely going to want to check out Bar Luca, which has mouthwatering burgers.

Taking The Ferry Will Be A Fun Experience

How are you going to get around in Sydney? According to, you have a few options to choose from. You can travel via light rail, take a bus, take a ferry, or train. You can also get an Opal card or use a credit card such as Visa, Mastercard, or American Express.

The most interesting way to travel within Sydney is via ferry, of course. This is the way to go when you want to get across the water (called "the harbour"). You can also take some cabs if you want to get around that way.

The Opera House, Harbour Bridge, And Bondi Beach Can't Be Missed

When you think about Sydney, Australia, you definitely picture these three landmarks as you have probably seen countless images of them.

The Opera House is incredibly well-known, so whether you want to see a performance or just check out the building, you can't go wrong. If you're cool with heights, then check out the Bridge Climb website and sign up to walk across the Harbour Bridge, as the view will be beautiful and awe-inspiring. Yes, you'll have to pay for it, but there are some different options.

And, finally, Bondi Beach offers up a bunch of activities: according to Culture Trip, you can visit Cooee Art Gallery, various markets, see some sculptures, and dine at some of the restaurants.

You Don't Have To Tip, But You Definitely Should

You'll want to convert some of your money to Australian dollars before traveling there. The exchange rate is currently $1 USD equals $1.45 Australian dollar.

What's interesting about Australia is, according to Smarter Travel, that people working in the bar and restaurant industry are paid a decent amount, so leaving a tip isn't mandatory. The publication does recommend that you tip $5-10 if you were pleased, though, just as a courtesy.

Check Out Flight Deals In January

If you want to go to Sydney between the months of April and June, you could definitely score some deals on flights as that's a less pricey time to fly, according to The Telegraph.

The publication also suggests booking flights in January as that's considered to be a time of year that will cost you less. That means now is the ideal time to get started planning your Australian vacay.

Advice From The Locals

The blog Drink Tea Travel recommends going to the Coogee Pavilion where you can grab a few drinks. They also say Cockatoo Island is the place to go as there are boats from the past that have just been left there, which would definitely be really cool to see. also suggests enjoying a beer in a "schooner" at a historic pub called The Fortune of War. You should also head to the Sydney Fish Market. These would all offer the perfect opportunity to take some photos and also have some awesome memories of your time in Sydney, Australia.