Located in the Czech Republic, Prague is a beautiful European city that might not be talked about as much as, say, Paris or London, but it definitely deserves a spot on your list of places to travel to. The city is famous for its architecture and the population is 1.3 million.

Every city has unique landmarks, a collection of awesome hotels and restaurants, and some things that tourists should know about currency, tipping, dining out, and public transportation. We've got all the details here so you can have an incredible time in Prague.


Here is a travel guide to Prague and the 10 things that tourists should plan their trip around.

See The Charles Bridge And Old Town Square

According to The Crazy Touristseeing the Charles Bridge would be exciting. The website explains, "A simple walk across the 14th Century bridge is one of the most enjoyable and memorable experiences of visiting Prague. The bridge was commissioned in 1357 by Charles IV to replace an older bridge that had been washed away by floods."

The website also says walking through Old Town Square would be fun. It basically looks the same as it did in the 10th century, which is interesting to think about, and there are gorgeous buildings and restaurants.

Plan A Prague Trip For September, June, Or Late May

My Czech Republic recommends September, June, and late May for the best time to go to Prague. The website says that the weather changes quite a lot but those months offer the greatest potential weather-wise.

Prague has pretty warm summers and it won't be too hot at night if you go in September, June, or late May.

Stay At Hotel Kings Court Or Moods Charles Bridge

Hotel Kings Court is a hotel located in the Old Town area of Prague. Stay here and you'll get a fridge, free Wi-Fi, and can walk to almost 500 restaurants. People say that the beds are comfy and the rooms are spacious. You also won't have to pay for breakfast. The Majesty Lounge has music, Asian food, and drinks, and you can find Italian and Mediterranean food in the ADELE Restuarant & Bar.

Moods Charles Bridge is another option. You'll find comfortable rooms with a lot of purple, which is nice, and the view offers a close look at the beautiful red/orange rooftops of the city. You can stroll over to Old Town Square in just ten minutes, and if you need gluten-free or vegan food, this is the hotel for you.

Base Yourself Out Of Old Town (Which You'll Love)

The Broke Backpacker recommends that you find a hotel in Old Town as it's a good choice for people who have never been to this city before.

With lots of spots to grab food, a rich history, and the fact that it's easy to get around from here, it's easy to see that this would be an awesome decision.

Check out Restaurant U Modre kachnicky which is a "Travellers' Choice 2019 Winner" on Trip Advisor. There are countless reviews saying it's just so good and diners can expect a super cozy atmosphere and delicious plates.

Some menu items include Potato pancakes, Warm goat cheese (that comes with "saffron sauce, roasted sunflower seeds and hot raspberries"), and amazing desserts such as "Poached pear with red wine and green tea, poppy seed cake and vanilla ice cream."

Public Transportation Is The Perfect Way To Get Around Prague

Thanks to this Reddit post, we know how to get around this city: "Public transport in Prague is great: cheap, running 24/7, safe and convenient."

According to Lonely Planet, you can get tickets and use them whether you're taking the bus, tram, or metro, which is super convenient news for tourists. The website also offers some amazing explanations of how to use each type of transportation. Visitors can hop on the metro from 5 in the morning until 12 a.m. and this would be perfect if you're going far. Taking the tram is good if you're not going too far, and you can take the tram as early as 5 a.m. up until 12:30 a.m. If you want to take a cab, use your phone to find one instead of seeing one on the street.

Landmarks Include Prague Castle And St. Vitus Cathedral

According to Trip Advisor, Prague Castle has 700 rooms and is the biggest in all of Europe, which is impressive. People say it's a good idea to pay for a tour ticket and this makes sense as you would want to learn all that you could about it.

Another landmark in Prague is St. Vitus Cathedral. As this reviewer on Trip Advisor says, "Absolutely beautiful inside and out. The windows are most beautiful. Inside is so well looked after." It's located in the same place as Prague Castle so you'll be able to see these two landmarks together.

The Currency Is The Czech Crown And Tourists Should Expect To Tip 10 Percent

Lonely Planet says that the currency in Prague is the Czech Crown and that visitors can bring credit cards on their trip and also take money out of ATMs. The website notes that if a place is really tiny, you might not be able to use your credit card. It seems wise to have a combination of cash and cards.

Do people leave tips in Prague? According to a post on Trip Advisor, tipping is a common practice in the city and 10 percent is the minimum.

You Could Find A Flight Deal In The Summer Or February

So you think that Prague sounds amazing and you want to book a trip. When is the best time for flight deals?

Skyscanner has some good advice: "While high season generally runs from April to October, there is a bit of a lull during July and August. May, when the Prague Spring Festival happens, is the busiest and most expensive time to visit."

Cheap Flights suggests finding a flight deal in February (and if you can book a Tuesday night plane you'll find some good savings).

Some Advice About Dining In Prague

Want to know a bit more about living in Prague before you head over there on your trip? In the same Trip Advisor post about tipping mentioned above, someone shared that tourists shouldn't expect smiling servers at restaurants. They wrote, "Czech people are not used to smiling at you at all times as e.g. Americans do."

They also said, "Czech waiters do not routinely ask whether you enjoyed your meal or if everything was to your liking." This is definitely good to know as it wouldn't be great to not leave a tip based on those two things.