With so many neighborhoods to visit and so much to do, a trip to New York City will involve a lot of walking, a lot of eating, and a lot of sightseeing. Booking a last-minute flight and finding a random hotel would still result in a wonderful trip as the city is so amazing, but it does pay off to do some advance planning.

There are tons of restaurants to choose from in The Big Apple, so which ones should make your list? What hotel and area are best to stay in? And what activities should you do during your vacation?


Here is a travel guide to New York City: 10 things to know while planning your trip.

Go To The Met, See The High Line, And Shop At Zabar's

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is quite possibly the most famous museum ever, so spend a morning or afternoon there during your trip to New York. Tickets cost $12 if you're a student and $25 otherwise. There are always interesting exhibitions on: right now, there's one called In Pursuit Of Fashion: The Sandy Schreier Collection. Visitors can also enjoy Afternoon Tea at The Dining Room.

A trip to New York City will be even more fun if you see the High Line. As a Reddit user posted, "Take a walk on the High Line. It's a park built on an old elevated railroad track and it's beautiful." This will give you amazing views of the city, and it's a cool thing to do.

Zabar's is a famous supermarket in NYC, and tourists will want to check it out as you could spend an hour or two walking around, getting lost in the amazing offerings. While of course tourists can purchase some groceries here to enjoy for a quick lunch or dinner in their hotel room, it's also an iconic and beautiful store, so it's a real sight to behold.

Plan A NYC Getaway In The Fall Or April, May, Or June

Since New York City has four seasons, it's going to be awesome to travel here any time of the year as they each have something special.

Santorini Dave suggests going in the fall (specifically, September, October, and November) or April, May, or June. The publication explains that this is because "the weather is warm and pleasant but the tourist crowds are not overwhelming."

Stay At The Maritime Hotel

The Maritime Hotel, which is located in Chelsea, has super nice views and is a six-minute walk from The High Line, according to Trip Advisor. Many reviews say that people love staying at this hotel and some tourists book this hotel more than once.

The Junior Penthouse is 550 square feet and has both a twin daybed and a large King bed. Guests can use free bikes and free Wi-Fi, which are both convenient. There are 275 square foot Superior Rooms, which will work since you want to spend a lot of your time exploring NYC.

Stay In Chelsea As It's A Perfect Location

Frommers describes the area of Chelsea as being close to Madison Square Garden and Union Square.

This is a perfect location as it's not downtown, as loud as some neighborhoods such as Times Square, and it's easy to book various types of hotels here.

Grab Some Treats At Milk Bar And Have Dinner At Blue Ribbon

Anyone who has seen the Chef's Table episode that features Christina Tosi won't want to miss Milk Bar, a bakery that has several NYC locations. There's one in Chelsea, which will work great since you can walk over from your hotel. Order Cereal Milk Soft Serve or the equally famous and popular Corn Cookie. If B'Day Truffles are calling your name, definitely order some, too. Basically, no one can go wrong here.

Tourists can also have dinner at Blue Ribbon Brasserie which is located on Sullivan Street. Enjoy a burger, fried chicken, or Hanger Steak with Wild Mushrooms and Onion Rings.

Definitely Take The Subway And Hail Some Cabs, Too

According to Finding The Universe, taking the subway is the perfect way to get around New York City. Tickets are $3 or MetroCard fare is $2.75. The publication notes that there are 36 subway lines and 472 stations, and it literally never shuts down, which is convenient.

You can also hail some cabs during your time in New York. There are tons of cabs driving around at any given time, so you won't have a problem hailing them (and that will also make you feel like a true New Yorker).

See Times Square And The Empire State Building

Times Square is a must-see for anyone who hasn't been to The Big Apple. NYC Go puts it well: "Nothing can prepare you for the sensory overload the first time you step into Times Square. The sidewalks are filled with a tremendous concentration of humanity—roughly 300,000 pedestrians pass through every day."

The publication recommends Ellen's Stardust Diner (where the servers sing, which is awesome) and also suggests going to an off-Broadway or Broadway play or musical.

Another famous landmark in NYC is the Empire State Building. This structure has been featured in so many movies and TV shows that it's awesome to see it in person. You can choose which floor to visit, from the main deck on the 86th floor to the 102nd floor. Yes, it's super high, but the incredible views make it worth the trip.

Tourists Spend $239 A Day In NYC (And Cash Tips Are Expected)

According to Budget Your Trip, tourists will typically spend $239 a day in New York City. This includes $40 for getting around and $38 for food. The city definitely isn't known for being super cheap but if you can plan ahead, it's possible to stick to what you wanted to spend.

Trip Savvy says that cash tips are the way to go. Tourists should tip 15-25 percent at restaurants, $2-5 for a hotel employee who helps you find a taxi, and 10-20 percent when taking a taxi.

Fly To NYC In January

Kayak.com says that August will be the most expensive time of the year to fly to NYC, but January will allow tourists to be much more cost-savvy.

February is also considered "low season" and "the best time to beat the crowds."

How To Feel Like A True New Yorker

According to the blog Dana Berez, going to Washington State Park and the Tenement Museum are two fun ways to feel like a true New Yorker. At the museum, you'll be able to see where people resided on the Lower East Side from the late 1800s to early 1900s.

You can also go to the Union Square Greenmarket. Farmers markets are always a fun activity when visiting a new place. Grab some food and pretend that you're just walking around, buying some beautiful produce, because you totally live in New York.