Located in North Africa, Morocco has beautiful food, markets offering up leather products and jewelry, and incredible landscapes. It would be incredible to travel here and see it for yourself.

Feeling stressed at the idea of taking a big trip is pretty common since it can feel like you simply don't have enough time to see it all. But with some advice about the best activities, hotels, and landmarks to see, along with tips on transportation, tipping, and currency, you'll be all set to see Morocco in all its beauty.


Here is a travel guide to Morocco and the 10 things that tourists should plan their trip around.

Take A Camel Tour And Sign Up For Cooking Classes

Fes and Marrakech are two popular destinations in Morocco, so it makes sense to spend some time in each city. When you're in Fes, take a camel tour, which is something that many tourists enjoy. Book through a company called Fes Travel Tours (which you can find on Trip Advisorand take an "Overnight Tour." You'll start in Fes and see the Sahara desert, have dinner and sleep at a camp, ride a camel, and get the chance to take a shower at a hotel.

Trip Savvy suggests signing up for cooking classes through Souk Cuisine in Marrakech. According to the company's website, it sounds like an absolutely lovely experience. For about four hours, you'll go to the market, cook in a beautiful house's courtyard (with some mint tea), and then sit down to eat the food. Each tourist will pay 60 euros for this. One of the menu items is Couscous with sweet onions and raisins, which sounds really delicious.

Autumn And Springtime Are The Time Of Year To Go

Audley Travel recommends going to Morocco in the Autumn (specifically, October or September) or the springtime (the last two weeks of March, April, or May). This will give tourists awesome weather and it won't be super toasty or freezing.

Stay At Riad Taha

Riad Taha would be an awesome hotel to check into. Located in the city of Fes, it offers a breakfast free of charge and is a five to fifteen-minute stroll from restaurants.

People have commented on the cleanliness of the rooms and how good the location is, two things that are very important in a hotel. There is also a rooftop terrace where guests can sit and enjoy the view of Morocco.

Base Yourself Out Of Fes

What city should you base yourself out of when traveling to Morocco? Fes (sometimes spelled "Fez" as well) would be a good choice.

Lonely Planet calls Fes "the world’s largest car-free urban area" and says that the area has a population of 90,000. You'll also want to go shopping and try street food in Marrakesh and the plane trip from Fes to Marrakesh will take just under two hours, so that would be a convenient way to get there.

Dine At Restaurant Ouliya And Medina Cafe

Restaurant Ouliya is a must-try restaurant. Reviews on Trip Advisor mention the delicious salads, preserved lemon chicken tagine, and soup. It's a family restaurant which people really appreciate, and both the atmosphere and food look gorgeous.

It would also be great to check out Medina Cafe, which offers up lunchtime-friendly dishes such as pizza, burgers, and salad. One review praises the restaurant's banana pancakes which come with fruit and caramel.

Take A Shared Taxi In Morocco

According to Rough Guides, taking a shared taxi while in Morocco is a good way to get from here to there. Six people will be able to fit into the car and there are a few benefits of traveling this way. For one thing, a taxi will be faster than a bus and it seems like you would be able to go pretty much anywhere that you want.

Travelers can take the bus, but it might be super hot since you could be sitting with sunlight bearing down on you, and it might take too long.

The Medina In Fez Is A Landmark

Hand Luggage Only recommends going to the Medina, where you will see historical buildings and tanneries where leather products are created.

Time Travel Turtle explains what it feels like to walk through this area: "It may be the 21st century as I wander through the souks and residential areas but, in many ways, it could be any century from the past millennium." The medina has been around since the 9th century and that fact alone will make visitors want to see it.

The Currency Is The Moroccan Dirham And Banks Can Help You Get Change

The currency used in Morroco is the Moroccan Dirham. According to Lonely Planet, "tipping is an integral part of Morrocan life" and you should leave "a few dirham." When eating at a restaurant, 10 percent would be good.

Thanks to a Reddit post, we know that it can be a little try to get some change during your time here. This user explains, "Having enough small change is a constant problem in a country where the ATMs give out 100/200DH notes but a loaf of bread costs 1DH. Shops and cafes are often reluctant to take a large note and will sometimes make you wait until they manage to find change for you." They recommend finding a bank that can give you some change.

Find A Flight Deal During The Month Of January

You want to see the Medina in Fes, sign up for a cooking class, and try the local food. So when is the best time of the year for flight deals to Morocco?

Cheap Flights says that you can find a flight deal in January. Find some plane tickets for a flight that takes off in the afternoon hours and if you can get a Sunday flight, the website says that will give you a deal, too.

Some Things To Note Before Arriving In Morocco

Before you go to Morocco, there are a few helpful things that will make your trip better. A Reddit user says that there is often a lot of garbage, including plastic bags, around, and they wrote, "I would recommend ALWAYS wearing covered shoes, both to protect your feet from the medina floor, and so as to not stand out as a clueless tourist with too much money."

The same user also recommends having a French dictionary when dining out since restaurant menus can be in Arabic or French.