Bright blue water, nice weather, greenery all around you, and delicious local food. These are the things that come to mind when you imagine taking a week-long vacation to Hawaii.

Whether you've been before or are excited to make your very first trip, it's always good to get some advice on the most convenient area to stay, the restaurants that serve the best food, and how to fill the days that you're not lying on the beach (although you'll be doing a lot of that, too).


Here is a travel guide to Hawaii and 10 things to know while planning your trip.

Visit The National Parks And Learn Some History, Too

Sure, you're going to be walking on the beach, lying on the beach, and swimming in the ocean or pool depending on where you stay in Hawaii.

But there are many other things to do. Go Hawaii suggests going to some of the national parks, Haleakala or Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. You can also go to the Hawaii Plantation Village which the website describes as "a living history museum and botanical garden." For 100 years from 1850 until 1950, there were plantations that grew sugar in Hawaii, and that's what you'll learn more about.

Visit Hawaii In The Summertime

Of course, it seems like it's always a good time to go to Hawaii since you're always up for a beach trip, but it helps to know the best time of the year to go.

According to The Points Guy, visiting Hawaii during the summer is definitely a good idea. The website recommends that you go between the months of July and September. That's because you'll have amazing weather and not a ton of rain.

These Two Hotels Offer A Luxury Hawaii Vacation

Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort & Spa has positive reviews on Trip Advisor and also is close to 85 restaurants. The rooms themselves look super comfortable and the beach views really can't be beat.

If you're going to Maui, the Residence Inn by Marriott Maui Wailea is affordable and also a nice place for families so you can definitely bring your kids here. The rooms are described as being "condo-like" and you can even order your own groceries if that's something that appeals to you.

Choose Beautiful Oahu Or Maui

When you have your heart set on traveling to Hawaii, which place should you stay?

According to a post on Reddit, it's a good idea to stay in Oahu as you will be close to stores and restaurants while, of course, also enjoying a beach vacation. You can find a hotel in Honolulu. The same user also recommends Maui if you care less about being close to shopping and if you want a true beach vacay.

Definitely Check Out These Beaches

A Reddit user recommends Waimea Bay and Sunset Beach for your trip to Hawaii. They're both on the north shore of Oahu so these will be convenient if that's where you're basing yourself.

Go Hawaii says that you can swim at both of these beaches, which is good to know since sometimes, there can be so many waves that you might be a little nervous. The publication also notes that if you have kids, Sunset Beach is an especially great place to go.

Enjoy Some Poke Or Traditional Lunch Fare

If you're in Oahu, according to Reddit, you definitely want to try the poke at Alicia's Market. And if you're in Honolulu, you want to eat at the Rainbow Drive-In and order the "Plate Lunches." You can get pork or beef cutlets and gravy, mahi mahi, sausage and eggs, or BBQ Pork. You also want to check out the Loco Moco Plate which comes with macaroni salad, eggs, gravy, and two burgers over rice.

Another Honolulu restaurant to dine at would be Uncle Bo's Pupu Bar & Grill. The website calls itself a "modern casual dining restaurant" and you'll find all kinds of delicious seafood from oysters to shrimp to the spicy tuna bowl.

Take Ubers Or Buses To Get Around Oahu

You're probably thinking that you're going to spend most of your time in Hawaii on the beach or at the hotel or resort where you stay. And while that's definitely true because the beaches are amazing and gorgeous, you might also want to go into town for dinner or to do some shopping.

Wandering Wheatleys says that Oahu has buses that are easy to use, and you can also take some Ubers.

Don't Miss Pearl Harbor

When you think about the history of Hawaii, Pearl Habor is definitely top of mind, so you want to check it out during your trip.

You can take a tour, and according to, you can try to get your hands on a ticket that won't cost you anything. Each day, there are 1,300. Otherwise, you'll have to pay for the tour. It's not cheap, but it's going to be a memorable experience.

The Currency In Hawaii Is USD

The currency used in Hawaii is American dollars, so people traveling from the U.S. will find it easy to simply take out some cash beforehand or use an ATM on the island where they're staying if they want to do that.

Before you arrive at your destination, it's a good idea to find out what the tipping situation is like. According to Smarter Travel, there are a few different things that you want to keep in mind. If you're paying for a drink at the bar of a restaurant, you can put down a dollar bill. If you're eating in a restaurant, 15-20 percent is what's expected. And if you're in a cafe, you can give $5.

Best Time For Flight Deals

So you want to go to Hawaii and experience this beautiful place... but it would be great to save a bit of money, right?

Love Big Island recommends booking your airfare 40-50 days prior to when you want to leave to make sure it's the most affordable. The website also suggests that the most affordable time to go is September, October, May, and the second half of April.

Hang Out Like The Locals

According to Wandering Wheatleys, you can do many activities that will make you feel like you live in Hawaii. You can go to Kapahulu or Monsarrat Avenues where you will find amazing restaurants where people who live there love to go (instead of more traditionally recommended spots for visitors).

You might also want to hike Koko Head Crater Trail, which would be a really special way to see the island. Hiking is a generally recommended way to see a place since you can get off the beaten track and really immerse yourself in nature.