From Gothic buildings to holiday markets, bratwurst to beer, Germany is a great place to visit. With several cool cities to stay in, countless restaurants, and a lot to see, it would be tough to get to everything in one visit (so you'll just have to go again).

From the best landmarks and how tipping works to what kind of public transportation is available, this guide to Germany will help you plan an amazing vacation. Here is a travel guide to Germany and the 10 things that tourists should plan their trip around.


Walk Around Marienplatz And See Berliner Dom

The Crazy Tourist suggests walking around Marienplatz, a square in Munich that has some places to shop. This will be an amazing time as there are many Gothic buildings to check out. Built in the 12th century, the name "Marienplatz" comes from a 17th-century column from 1638.

To Some Place New says that there is a New Town Hall and an Old Town Hall here. The New Town Hall has a "miniature knight show" at 11 in the morning and noon. You'll see two 16th-century stories being told and the watchtower (glockenspiel) will sound. The Old Town Hall has been around since the 15th century but is a museum featuring toys these days.

Head over to Berlin and see Berliner Dom, an incredible cathedral. A Trip Advisor review mentions that there are a lot of steps, which is something to keep in mind. There are actually 200 steps. But it's absolutely worth it as you'll see gorgeous paintings and marble. According to A View On Cities, construction began in 1894 and was done in 1905. The inside had to be fixed as the cathedral was hit in WWII.

The Fall And Springtime Are Great Times To Go To Germany

Rick Steves suggests going to Germany in the fall or the springtime. It will be more affordable. The website explains, "Shoulder-season travelers usually enjoy smaller crowds, decent weather, the full range of sights and tourist fun spots, and the ability to grab a room almost whenever and wherever they like."

The months of May, June, July, August, and September are "tourist season" so of course you could visit during those months if you want, but know that things could be pricier.

Stay At Arthotel Munich Or i31 Hotel

Arthotel Munich includes breakfast in the price of the rooms, and the design of the hotel is Art Deco, which will be cool to see. It's in an incredibly walkable area and seems perfect for tourists. People who stayed here said that their children liked it, too.

You could also stay in Berlin, and i31 Hotel seems like a good choice. Guests can rent bikes, Wi-Fi is free, and there's also breakfast. There's also a super nice courtyard.

Base Yourself Out Of Munich Or Berlin

With so many cities to choose from, where should you stay in Germany? You could base yourself out of Munich or Berlin. You can take a train ride that takes around six hours to travel between these two places or a plane ride that is around an hour, so it's definitely possible to see both cities during your vacation here.

According to Trip Savvy, Munich has Oktoberfest, great buildings, and many museums. Berlin is Germany's capital city and has everything from bars to art. The website also mentions that this is the place to go for markets at Christmastime.

Try Some Local German Food At These Restaurants

According to The Telegraph, tourists in Germany should try Currywurst and Schnitzel. For Currywurst, head over to a restaurant called Bergwolf in Munich. There are countless Trip Advisor reviews of travelers saying this dish was so amazing and this is the place to get it. What is currywurst? It's a fried pork sausage that has curry ketchup on it. People also love the fries here, which do look delicious.

When you're in Berlin, head over to Restaurant Schnitzelei. You can try Schnitzel made with veal, beef, pork, or even get a vegetarian version.

Public Transportation Is Awesome

German Way says that when you take public transportation in Germany, there is no place to swipe or show your ticket, but it's a good idea to have one because an employee might demand that you show them your ticket at any random point. Like some other cities, there are three "zones" in Berlin and that tells you how much the tickets will cost. This system is considered really awesome, so it would be fun to master it as a tourist.

Tourists can take the U-Bahn or S-Bahn. The U-Bahn (Untergrundbahn) is the subway, and the S-Bahn (Stadtschnellbahn) is the train. While tourists can definitely take cabs (especially if going to the airport), it's most handy if you can't take public transportation somewhere.

The Main Tower And Neuschwanstein Castle Are Crucial Landmarks

During your time in Germany, head over to Frankfurt to see the Main Tower... or, more accurately, to see the view of the city that you can see from the Main Tower. According to Trip Advisor, it's 200 meters high and it's one of Frankfurt's tallest places. Many people will hop on the elevator for some of it and take the rest on foot.

Tripzilla recommends going to Neuschwanstein Castle. You can travel to the Alps in Bavaria (a state in Germany) to see it. Today I Found Out says that this castle has served as inspo for some other castles: Disney Land's Sleeping Beauty Castle and Disney World's Cinderella Castle. It's easy to see why, as this castle is simply beautiful.

The Currency Used Is The Euro And It's Good To Have Cash

Trip Savvy says that Germany began using the Euro in 2002. The website says that there are ATMs ("Geldautomat") in many places and tourists should note that cash is considered the best thing to carry around. Some coffee shops and stores aren't going to take credit cards, so it's definitely smart to have as much cash as you think that you'll spend.

The Culture Trip says that it would be nice to tip your cab driver or someone working at the hotel and that leaving 10 to 15 percent when eating at a restaurant would be great. The website recommends tipping in cash so the server will receive it.

Find A Flight Deal To Germany In February

Want a great flight deal to Germany? Cheap Flights says that February is the time to snag this deal. And a Monday night plane ride will be the cheapest.

If you want to go another time, the website says that buying plane tickets two months before you plan to go should get you a good price.

Tips For Hanging Out In Berlin The Way The Locals Do

Like A Local Guide suggests that if you want to hang out in Berlin the way that the locals do, go to Mauer Park for the flea market. You could also check out Booze Bar or Bar 39 if you like cocktails. The website also recommends trying some beer from Spätkaufs, which are convenience stores.