While many travelers head to Florida, Cuba, and Mexico when seeking out some sunshine, Fiji feels like a much more luxurious destination. Serving as the filming location for many seasons of popular reality show Survivor, Fiji has about 300 islands and is located in the South Pacific.

2020 can totally be the year that you go to Fiji and see how gorgeous it is. From the prettiest beaches to the best restaurants and what hotel to stay at, these are the details that tourists need to know so they can have some real rest and relaxation.


Here is a travel guide to Fiji: 11 things to know while planning your trip.

Go On A Cultural Night Tour And See Some Incredible Views By Ziplining

Beach time is a given in Fiji, but there are many other activities that tourists can enjoy.

Take a Cultural Night Tour which, as the Trip Advisor page explains, will include dinner, a Meke performance and fire dance, and a kava ceremony in a Nadi village. This takes place at a venue called Fiji Cultural Village and people have rated it very positively, loving the chance to get a feel for local life here. You can also go ziplining, and if you sign up for the Valentine Tours Fiji tour through TripAdvisor, it'll be five hours including exploring limestone cave and enjoying a mid-day meal.

Go In October, September, June, And May

Now that you've seen some photos of the beauty of Fiji and heard about some fun things to do, what time of year should you book your trip?

Santorini Dave suggests some months in the springtime/early summer (June and May) and in the fall (October and September) for your trip to Fiji. The publication explains why: this is "shoulder season" and "The weather at this time is very comfortable – with clear, cool and dry days – and prices haven’t increased yet."

The Pullman Nadi Bay Resort And Spa Will Be Wonderful

Lovely cabanas, huge white beach umbrellas, great food, and a relaxing pool and beach environment. These are all things that tourists look for when traveling to a tropical destination, and the Pullman Nadi Bay Resort and Spa checks all of those vacation boxes.

According to the hotel's website, the Magiti restaurant has many options to pick from. You can get drinks such as coffee and smoothies, and you can even eat from the restaurant by the pool, which would be heavenly. A Trip Advisor review states "The best French toast I ever had."

Stay In Nadi During Your Time In Fiji

What area of Fiji should you stay in? Destinationless Travel recommends Nadi for a few different reasons. One is that it feels like a beach place but also an urban environment. Another is that it's super convenient as tourists arrive at the airport here.

It's always awesome to know that there are restaurants and other places near your hotel so you can get out and about. Trip Advisor puts the population of Nadi at 30,000.

Have Breakfast At Hot Bread Kitchen And Dinner At The New Nadi Farmers Club

Fans of delicious carbs such as bread, donuts, and other pastries will want to enjoy breakfast at Hot Bread Kitchen. It's a top-rated bakery in Nadi and has been around a long time, first opening in 1982. You'll also want to try the cream buns.

Have dinner at The New Nadi Farmers Club which has outdoor seating next to a beautiful river. Enjoy seafood, chicken satay, quesadillas, and more. There is live music and lots of dancing, which adds a fun element.

Take Buses And Taxis, Which Are An Affordable Way To Get Around Fiji

According to Travel Online, both buses and taxis are going to be an affordable way to get around Fiji. Buses are nice as you can get a good look at this gorgeous place, and there are buses on Vitu Levu's major road and the Queens Highway at 30-minute intervals.

One thing to note about Fiji is that some roads aren't super safe as they aren't as physically perfect as roads that tourists are used to. Travel Online says that a travel embassy will recommend taking the bus for that reason.

Go To Garden of the Sleeping Giant And Pacific Harbour

What landmarks are necessary to check out while visiting beautiful Fiji? According to Planet Ware, Garden of the Sleeping Giant is a must. Besides having an epic and magical name, these gardens offer quite a lot to look at. There is a lily pond and more than 2,000 orchard species. The gardens used to belong to Raymund Burr the actor. You can access this beautiful place by car and it'll only take half an hour to travel here from Nadi.

Another landmark mentioned by Planet Ware is Pacific Harbour. You can visit the "arts village" which has places to get food, performances you can attend, and also places you can purchase some mementos. You'll see water, fancy homes, and likely some tourists enjoying surfing and other water sports.

The Currency Is The Fijian Dollar And Tipping Isn't Mandatory

Wondering if you should leave tips? Lonely Planet also says that tipping isn't at all mandatory in Fiji. Like other places where leaving tips isn't a common custom, though, you can definitely do so if you thought that the service was so wonderful that you want to show your appreciation.

The website explains that the currency used in Fiji is the Fijian Dollar. Just like you would when traveling anywhere, it's totally fine to have some Fijian money along with your credit and debit cards.

May Is Your Most Affordable Month To Travel To Fiji

Fiji is so beautiful and perfect to visit anytime but there are some times of the year where flight deals can be found.

Cheap Flights suggests May as the most affordable time to fly to Fiji, with a Tuesday night plane ride being your best opportunity to save some dollars.

Malolo Island And Castaway Island Are Some Of Fiji's Best Beaches

Those looking to swim should check out Malolo Island, one of Fiji's greatest beaches, according to Frommers. Like many of the beaches here, there is a resort on this beach called Malolo Island Fiji.

Frommers also mentions Qalito Island, which is also called Castaway Island. This beach is worth visiting for two reasons: the white sand and also the Castaway Island Resort.

Try Some Food In Fiji That Locals Love

Escape.com.au interviewed a Fijian Airways senior flight attendant named Elayna Gibson-Eyre who recommends two restaurants: LC's restaurant (which serves Chinese cuisine) and Mama's Pizza which, yes, serves pizza.

It's always awesome to hear where the residents of a place like to eat, and these restaurants will be a delicious addition to your vacation in Fiji.