Dubai is a city in the United Arab Emirates and when people travel there, they talk about the incredible luxury that they see, from the stores to the buildings to the hotels. It's a really interesting place to go and try the local food and learn more about the culture.

Before you plan your vacation, it helps to know what area of the city is best to stay in, get some hotel recommendations, and learn about a few activities that you can do to make the most of your time.


Here is a travel guide to Dubai and 11 things to know while planning your trip.

Check Out The Desert And The Dubai Mall

According to, you don't want to miss the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. This is a national park and you can go on a four-wheeler or drive there and then sign up for a tour. The publication notes that there are nine companies that have tours, so you should be able to find one easily.

You also definitely want to check out the Dubai Mall which has more than 1,000 shops. Visit Dubai notes that the mall is really big: over 1 million square meters. You can even visit an aquarium, zoo, and skating rink here.

Travel To Dubai In The Winter And Spring

When the winter starts coming, you definitely want to go on a fabulous vacation, and Dubai could be the perfect place. According to Santorini Dave, you want to go to Dubai in March and also in November and December.

The publication notes that you don't want to go during the summer because of the extremely high temperatures. Going in November, December and March will be better on that front.

Stay At JW Marriott Marquis Hotel Dubai And Vida Downtown

A central location is always a smart idea when visiting a new place as it allows you to walk around, see as much as you can, and get places really quickly.

These two hotels are great choices for your trip to Dubai. It's a three-minute car ride from Vida Downtown to the Dubai Mall, and there's also a metro station close by. On Trip Advisor, the JW Marriott Marquis Hotel Dubai is called "the world's tallest hotel" so that is definitely something cool to experience.

Stay In Downtown Dubai To Get The Most Out Of Your Trip

Since downtown Dubai has many restaurants, it would be a good idea to stay there.

Reddit user mentions that there are ATMs and places to buy groceries in this area, along with a lot of dining options, so that sounds convenient since you might want to buy some food for your hotel room during your stay.

Try Al Harees And Mandi And Dine At Ayamna

Of course, you're going to want to try some local food, and according to The Culture Trip, you should try Mandi which is meat, rice, and spices, and Al Harees, which is like oatmeal but has meat, wheat, and salt.

What about restaurants? You have to check out Ayamna, which has Middle Eastern and Lebanese food. People rave about this restaurant on Trip Advisor and say that you can order lamb, various appetizers, and fresh-baked bread. You can also do a "set menu" and sit back and enjoy the food that is brought to you, and the portions are generous, too.

There Are Many Forms Of Public Transportation

You can definitely rent a car during your time in Dubai (more on that later) but it's also good to know that there are many ways to get around the city.

According to Make My Trip, you can find cabs, take the bus, or the metro. Many people have shared positive reviews of the subway on Trip Advisor and say that there aren't a lot of delays, it's clean, and it's a nice experience.

Go See The Sheikh Zayed Mosque And Al Fahidi Historic District

Many people who have been to Dubai recommend the Sheikh Zayed Mosque. It's a landmark that won't cost you anything and it's a beautiful, awe-inspiring sight to see. According to the blog We Are Travel Girls, you can go to Coffee Club nearby, but otherwise, you would want to go to a restaurant near your hotel or in another area of the city as it's not a very pedestrian area.

Lonely Planet suggests that tourists visit the Al Fahidi Historic District. You can take a tour or walk around with whoever you're traveling with. You'll find lots of art and cafes, and it's also close to the Textile Souk and Spice Souk, so you can check out those markets as well.

Rent A Car To Save Money And Always Leave Tips

The currency in Dubai is the dirham, and to put it into perspective, $1 USD is equal to $3.67 United Arab Emirates Dirham. Dubai is known for being an expensive city, so any tips that help you save some cash during your trip will be helpful. A Reddit user suggests renting a car because taking a lot of cabs will add up.

Visit Dubai recommends tipping AED5-10 for someone working at a hotel or valet or a cab driver. When you're dining out, you can leave 10-50 percent as a tip.

Find A Flight Deal In January

When taking an international trip, it's helpful to save as much money as you can. According to Kayak, the most affordable time of the year to go to Dubai is January.

The website also says that if you're going to travel there at another time of the year, you can find a flight a month prior to your trip date and should get a good deal then.

Be Aware Of Your Clothing

According to a post on Reddit, travelers are advised to not kiss their significant others while in public places and to not wear "revealing" outfits. Guide 2 Dubai suggests not wearing any jeans with holes in them or tank tops.

You should also know that because of the prayer that takes place at noon every Friday, you might find some stores or other businesses are closed until later in the afternoon.

La Mer And Sunset Beach Are The Best Beaches To Go To

Since the climate in Dubai is warm, there many beaches to choose from, and you might want to go to at least one during your trip there.

According to Trip Savvy, you want to go to La Mer, which also has many places to eat and shop, which would be really fun. You can also go to Sunset Beach which has restrooms, Wi-Fi, and is said to be good if you're bringing your kids on your trip.