We might not have gotten the chance to travel to the Canary Islands, and we've definitely wondered about the name. According to Wonderopolis.com, 2 million people live here in these eight islands, which are located on Africa's northwest coast. Spain actually owns them and there are actually two different capitals: the cities of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

When you want an adventure and want a beach vacation that is more exciting than the typical places that you have been before, the Canary Islands are a wonderful option.


Here is a travel guide to the Canary Islands and the 11 things that tourists should plan their trip around.

Walk Around Teror And Swim In Carco Azul

According to Hand Luggage Only, a town called Teror in Gran Canaria is a must-visit. You're going to want to take a long stroll, seeing all the sights, such as amazing homes. A Trip Advisor review says that there is a really cool market here which has souvenirs, food, and clothes.

The website also says that tourists should consider going swimming in a place called Charco Azul, which is a "volcanic creation" with "turquoise waters" in the El Golfo valley. It's easy to see that this would be an absolutely incredible experience.

Go To The Canary Islands In The Fall Or March, April, And May

Travel.usnews.com suggests going to the Canary Islands in September, October or November. You could also book your trip for March, April, or May. As the website explains, "the Canaries continue to enjoy the same pleasant weather as the peak seasons, only without the tourist crowds." Great news, right?

Stay At Bull Reina Isabel & Spa Or Design Plus Bex Hotel

One hotel that you could stay at in the Canary Islands is Bull Reina Isabel & Spa. You'll be on the beach and a Trip Advisor review shares that the location is fun: "We found the hotel to be very pleasant. Straight out of the back onto the promenade. Plenty of shops nearby and along the prom but not plagued by pop-up stalls." Grab breakfast at Roma Restaurant or enjoy the other meals of the day at Restaurante Summum. You can also get snacks at the Vista Bar, and the hotel website recommends watching the sunset here.

If you want to stay at a hotel that has an interesting design, choose Design Plus Bex Hotel. The color scheme is a gorgeous and fun blue and yellow, and there's a rooftop pool, 97 rooms, and the hotel is a six-minute walk from the beach.

Base Yourself Out Of Las Palmas

According to The Hotel Guru, it's a good idea for tourists to base themselves out of Las Palmas. As the website explains, "Las Palmas is the capital, and one of the best places to stay if you thrive in a hive of activity. This is Spain's seventh-largest city - so also a great destination if you fancy a sunny city break - but because of its island position it has a North African flavor."

Pull Up A Chair At El Santo Restaurante

Since the Canary Islands are owned by Spain, it makes sense that Spanish-style food is a big thing at the restaurants here. One place to definitely grab a table is called El Santo Restaurante. Designed in rich colors like yellow and green, with cool and funky art on the walls, it seems like a great place to go on vacation. And you might keep coming back since the vibe seems awesome.

People praise the dishes on Trip Advisor and the menu has quite the variety. You can get everything from tacos to vegetable dishes featuring artichokes to tuna sashimi.

Renting A Car Could Be Handy

According to Travel.us.news.com, you won't likely have an easy time taking public transportation in the Canary Islands. It's preferable to book flights or rent a car because buses have a pretty sporadic schedule.

You can also go on a ferry in order to move between the various islands (which would also be beautiful).

See The Landmarks Las Palmas Old Quarter And Cuatro Puertas

Wondermondo talks about two landmarks in the Canary Islands: the Las Palmas Old Quarter and a cave called Cuatro Puertas.

The Las Palmas Old Quarter is located in Gran Canaria. There are many historical buildings, including the Plaza Mayor in the town square, and it has been around since 1478. Cuatro Puertas is located in the same area and was a "sacred place" for the Guanche (who were the first to live in the Canary Islands).

The Currency Is The Euro And You Should Tip Only A Tiny Amount

According to Lonely Planet, the currency used in the Canary Islands is the Euro. The website says that having cash on hand is the best thing that you could do just in case some tiny restaurants aren't going to allow you to pay with credit cards.

It's also not considered part of the culture to tip, but the website does say that if you really feel that you want to, it would only be five to ten percent.

Find A Flight Deal In April

It's always good to know which time of day to book a flight and which day of the week will get you the best deal that you could possibly get. According to Cheap Flights, it's good to book a Canary Islands flight at 12 p.m. on a Tuesday.

When it comes to the best time of the year for a flight deal, it would be April. It should cost five percent less than if you were traveling at other times of the year.

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Maspalomas And Playa de Las Teresitas Are Some Of The Best Beaches

The Mediterranean Traveler says that Maspalomas, which is on Gran Canaria, is one of the best beaches in the Canary Islands. There are a few reasons why. There are many sand dunes, which were named a natural park in 1994, and there are a lot of resorts to stay at, so it seems like a popular area with tourists.

The website also mentions a beach called Playa de Las Teresitas. An interesting fact about this particular beach is that in the 1970s, people took sand from the Sahara because it was black sand before. Located on Tenerife, there are "green mountains" and a "golden crescent of sand dotted with palms."

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Some History To Note

One thing to note about the Canary Islands is that tourism really helps the economy, and according to Brittanica, "tourist season" spans the months of December, January, February, and March. People have been traveling here especially since 1950.

Spain was victorious over the Guanches, a group of people who were the first settlers of the Canary Islands. It's also worth noting that the biggest crop in the Canary Islands is bananas.

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