Street food, markets, people and cars and bikes on crowded streets. These are the images that many people have of Cambodia, and it's definitely a place for people who adore traveling to check out.

Finding some space in your schedule to travel and booking a flight is just the beginning. There is so much more to know about going to Cambodia, from a perfect hotel to landmarks to what to do about eating street food (which is part of the culture that you won't want to miss out on).


Keep reading for a travel guide to Cambodia: the 10 things that tourists should plan their trip around.

Go To Diamond Island Park And Go On A Food Tour

Just like the name, Diamond Island Park is an actual park but definitely looks and sounds like a lot more fun than most. Someone posted on Trip Advisor and described it as, "Bright, blingy, bizarre. It's one of those places which is worth wandering around at nighttime." It seems like a really unique place to walk around.

According to The Culture Trip, it's a delicious idea to go on a four tour during your time in Cambodia. You can sign up with a company called Siem Reap Food Tours and, for $75 USD, you can take this tour in the morning (at eight a.m.) or at 5 p.m. You'll be able to go to markets and stalls and will learn so much about local food.

Go To Cambodia Anytime From November To April

When should you book your trip? Audley Travels recommends going anytime from November to April. This is in order to avoid the rain, so it definitely seems smart to follow this recommendation. It might also be too humid for you if you go during other months of the year.

Book A Stay At Aquarius Hotel & Urban Resort

Delicious food, epic views, and a contemporary hotel: it's all at the Aquarius Hotel & Urban Resort in Phnom Penh. You can walk over to tourist attractions and you can also relax by the hotel pool.

It's great when your hotel allows you to see a lot of the city that you're staying in, and thankfully, this place has a terrace on the roof. You can also order food at the Sky Bar.

If you stay here, you're also a five-minute walk away from Cousin's Burger & Coffee which is a cool cafe that also serves burgers (along with fries, milkshakes, and other treats).

Base Yourself Out Of Phnom Penh

Where should you base yourself when you're in Cambodia? Many people choose to stay in Phnom Penh. It's the capital city and according to Lonely Planet, it has an "alluring cafe culture, bustling bars and a world-class food scene."

The website notes that this city will feel very noisy and busy with traffic and markets. It's a good idea to embrace that and take it all in.

Go To Eleven One Kitchen TTP And L'Orchidee Restaurant

Eleven One Kitchen is a wonderful place to grab some healthy food while in Phnom Penh. You can order smoothies or come here for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The breakfast menu offers mango sticky rice and fruit, fruit salad, or stir-fry noodles with your choice of protein. Other dishes include the "Fish Amok burger" which has a coconut curry sauce and the "banana flower and beef salad." Get the dessert called A Cambodian Dream which is described as "pumpkin coconut cream cake."

Also located in the same city, L'Orchidee Restaurant is a beloved choice among people who have been to Cambodia. The Trip Advisor page explains that the food is locally inspired but also has some Italian/European flavor. You can order five-spice pork ribs, noodles, veggie lasagna, salmon pasta, and more.

You Could Take A Bus Or Consider A Driver

Frommers says that you could definitely take a bus during your trip to Cambodia. You can purchase bus tickets from a travel agent or most likely the hotel that you are staying at. The website mentions that there's often super-strong A/C on but the buses are worth it because they're affordable. It's a good way to get around if you want to see different parts of Cambodia.

Frommers says that you can also consider a driver. It would set you back around $20-$30 each day, and this is much better than renting a car yourself because driving is said to be unsafe here.

The Bayon Temple And The National Museum Are Landmarks

Of all the temples in Cambodia, tourists won't want to miss the Bayon Temple. According to Tourism Cambodia, King Jayavarman VII created the temple at the end of the 12th century into the beginning of the 13th century. You can find this temple in Angkor Thom, which is a two-hour plane ride from Phnom Penh.

You'll also want to check out the National Museum, which has been around since 1920. You'll be able to learn about Khmer history. What's interesting to note is that the museum has a rich history itself: according to a Trip Advisor post, it was left empty in the 1970s during the Khmer Rouge regime. It wasn't open from 1975 until 1979 and during that time, it was totally ruined and the roof was in bad shape.

The Currency Is The Cambodian Riel But American Dollars Can Be Used

According to Move To Cambodia, the currency is the Cambodian Riel but it's worth noting that American dollars are accepted and you can even get them from the country's ATMs. It seems like it would offer tourists peace of mind to take American dollars with them but also exchange some money for local currency once they get there. That way, you're covered no matter what.

Wondering what tipping is like in Cambodia? According to a forum discussion on Trip Advisor, people don't really tip here, but it can be a nice thing to do. If you go to a restaurant, you could leave a tip that you feel comfortable with (and even $1 USD is considered okay) and $2 USD is good if you're tipping someone working a hotel.

Find A Cheap Flight In September

What's the most affordable month of the year to fly to Cambodia? Cheap Flights says that it's going to be September. As noted above, this could mean humid weather and some rain, but if you would rather find a deal, it makes sense to follow this advice (and if you're cool with some rain, it could still be a wonderful trip).

Some Things To Know About Street Food

Cambodia is a place known for its street food, so you might be wondering if it's safe to try some new-to-you local foods.

According to a post on Reddit, crowds and actually seeing the food get cooked are two good rules of thumb. Someone wrote, "Yes it is safe. If you choose one that's cooked fresh in front of you it'll be safer than restaurant food: you can be sure it's cooked. Go to a stall that's popular with high turn over - that way you can be sure that the food is fresh."