Where should you go on your next beach vacation when you want to take a week away from your busy life? With so many beautiful places with epic beaches to choose from, it might feel tough to narrow it down. But one place that you can't go wrong with is Bermuda. Just a few hours away from New York by plane, Bermuda is a gorgeous beach destination that does get pretty windy sometimes, but as long as you figure out the best time of year to go, you'll have amazing weather.


Book some time off, pack your bags with entertaining books and casual clothing, and check out this travel guide to Bermuda. These are the 11 things that you should keep in mind while planning your trip.

Take A Tour Of St. George And A Breakfast Cooking Class

Sure, when you're in a beach area you're going to spend a lot of time sitting in a lovely lounge chair. But there are also some fun things to do in Bermuda.

Bermuda Island Tours offers a Historic City Tour of St. George, which will last for six and a half hours. The Trip Advisor page mentions that you will see it via coach and that this is a great way to learn about Bermuda's history. Trip Advisor also has a page for a breakfast cooking class that is offered through Bermuda Explorer. It's three hotels long and you can get picked up from your hotel. You'll make a local morning meal and meet some people who live here.

April And March Are The Best Times Of Year To Go To Bermuda

Spending a week in beautiful, sunny, warm Bermuda definitely sounds awesome. So what time of year is the best time to go?

Travel.us.news.com recommends April and March. The website says that you will be able to get deals, as the month of May, the rest of the summer, and September and October can mean really, really high prices on hotel rooms.

Stay At The Royal Palms Hotel Or The Reefs

The Royal Palms Hotel has 32 rooms, babysitting, breakfast that you won't have to pay extra for, and is a quick walk away from restaurants. You can choose from various suites or a Superior or Deluxe Room. You can have a continental breakfast in the Breakfast Room or have a more formal meal at Ascots Restaurant. If fancy isn't your style, then check out Just 24, which offers up sandwiches and the like.

Another hotel to pick in Bermuda is The Reefs. With 60 rooms that all have ocean views, this place gets rave reviews on Trip Advisor and seems like the perfect spot for a truly dreamy vacation where you can leave your cares at the door. Have lunch or dinner at one of the hotel restaurants called Coconuts where you can eat on a beautiful deck and look at the ocean.

Base Yourself Out Of Saint Georges Or Mt Pleasant

Where should you stay in Bermuda? The Crazy Tourist suggests two areas: Saint Georges or Mt. Pleasant. The website says that you'll find colonial-style buildings in the first area in a place called King's Square and explains that this area is "Ideal for luxury travelers or travelers who are interested in colonial history." People call it St. George's Island as well.

You could also find a hotel (or resort) in Mt. Pleasant which has beautiful water with many boats and a lot of beaches.

Breezes And Mad Hatters Are Restaurants Worth Checking Out

A restaurant called Breezes sounds just right for Bermuda. With a wide range of delicious food ranging from burgers to wings to fish, this is the place to see the ocean and enjoy some nice food. People on Trip Advisor are big fans of the beachfront location.

You could also go to Mad Hatters, which has a really lovely menu. To start, order Crab Cakes or Honey Nut Baked Brie, then get the Atlantic Salmon for your main or the Rack of Lamb.

Taxis Could Be The Easiest Way To Travel Around Bermuda

If you're staying a resort in Bermuda, you might not spend a lot of time elsewhere, but if you want to go to a nearby restaurant or tourist attraction, taking taxis seems like a good thing to do.

Gotobermuda.com says that tourists could grab a taxi at the Royal Naval Dockyard, in St. George, the City of Hamilton's streets, or if you're staying at a big hotel. The rates are decided on by the government, and if you're in a taxi by yourself or with up to four people, it would cost you $7.90 USD for mile one. After that, it's $2.75 USD per mile.

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Check Out The Royal Naval Dockyard

A famous Bermuda landmark would be the Royal Naval Dockyard. It's a cruise ship port and you can shop, find a restaurant, and walk around. This is not only an epic landmark but a cool way to pass the time during your trip to Bermuda.

The Currency Is The Bermuda Dollar, But You Could Use USD

Can you use USD money in Bermuda? The answer is actually yes. According to Investopedia, there are a lot of companies here that do business in USD, so that's why you can definitely bring some American dollars here. You'll find it easy to pay in USD when shopping, eating in restaurants, paying at your hotel, and so on.

According to Tipping Around The World, you won't have to leave a tip on your restaurant cheque if there is a service charge, which is going to be 15 percent. The menu for the Mad Hatters restaurant mentioned above has a note that says, "Service Charge is Not Included. We Respect that Your Gratuity will Reflect the Quality of our Food and Service."  You do want to leave a 10 percent tip if taking cabs, and if there is someone who cleans the hotel room that you stay in, a dollar or two per day is a good idea.

September Could Mean A Flight Deal

It's easy to want to book a trip to Bermuda. So when should you go?

According to Cheap Flights, booking a flight in September could be affordable. Make sure to find a flight that is leaving in the afternoon hours on a Thursday. Since people say that September is part of the most expensive time of year to go to Bermuda, especially in terms of hotel and resort prices, finding a flight deal could offset the costs if you want to go then.

Some Of The Best Beaches Include Snorkel Beach And Horseshoe Bay

Snorkel Beach hasn't been around for a very long time. It's located in the Royal Naval Dockyard and it's a good place to go if you want to learn to snorkel. It's small, but that could appeal to you if you want something unique.

You also want to check out Horseshoe Bay Beach, which Trip Advisor calls "Bermuda's most popular beach." People say that it's super clean.

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A Local Suggests Taking A Boat Ride

As a Bermuda local told Buzzfeed, going on a boat is a good way to see Bermuda: "nothing is more calming and relaxing than floating in the beautiful crystal-blue waters."

You could definitely find a bunch of companies who are offering boat tours, and this will be so beautiful and relaxing.

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