While working your 9-5, you'd be lying if you said that you didn't daydream now and then about escaping to wherever there's sun, sand, and free-flowing alcohol. It's completely understandable. Everyone needs an escape and islands are the perfect destinations.

If you're actively planning your next vacation, one group of islands to take into consideration is the Bahamas. Its name is regularly associated with paradise and resorts. And this would all be true. But beyond the resorts, there is so much culture and new discoveries to take in. Below is a mini travel guide to the Bahamas- 15 things that you can't miss should you venture over there!

15 This Little Piggy Went...To An Island?

No, these aren't photoshopped! In a particular area, there lives a colony of wild pigs. No one knows how the pigs got there. Some suggest that they were left behind by sailors, while others claim that they're the result of pig farms. Either way, they're an oinking good time!

14 All Your Shopping Needs: Downtown Nassau

Shopping is an essential part of a routine, vacation or not. Downtown Nassau has a wide array of stores that sell clothes at unbelievable prices. You can walk out in a celebrity outfit without breaking the bank! You have your pick of boutiques, as well as more casual shops.

13 Celebrity Sightings: Platinum Coast

Not only is the Platinum Coast breathtaking, but it's also been a hub for celebrity sightings. The fact that it's known as the richest part of the island further probably elucidates this argument. While you're here, enjoy the island's most renowned resorts and the beautiful palm trees that guard the beaches.

12 Come Swim With The Fish: Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park

If you're a snorkeling aficionado, this is the place for you. This is one of the world's most successful marine parks. You can come to explore the many species of protected fish and other marine life. The water is also known for its clear blue color.

11 Even More Shopping Needs: Port Lucaya Marketplace

If you're looking for even more shopping opportunities (or general enjoyment), check out the Port Lucaya Marketplace. It's the largest open-air facility in the Bahamas with over 40 specialty stores, restaurants, and bars. On top of that, it's also used as a space for entertainment.

10 Natural Wonder Of The World: Harbour Island (And Its Pink Sand!)

There's no color correction! The pink sand on Harbour Island is one of the many natural wonders of the world. The sand gets its distinct color from years of being exposed to coral, shells, and calcium carbonate. Telling your friends that you frolicked in pink sand is a pretty cool story!

9 How Deep Is Your Love (Of Water)?: Dean's Blue Hole

Blue holes are large sinkholes that are comprised of limestone or coral. Dean's Blue Hole is known as the world's deepest blue hole and the second largest underwater chamber. It's 663 feet deep and has many opportunities for visitors to either swim in it or hike the trails surrounding it.

8 Get Your History On!: Wyannie Malone Historical Museum

This museum is a love letter to Hope Town in the Bahamas. In 1978, the residents decided that their community's history needed to be showcased and documented. Visitors to Wyannie Malone (named after the town's founder) can see manuscripts, photographs and even china leftover from shipwrecks on the island.

7 Your Own Private Water Park: Blue Lagoon Island

If you're looking for a private water park away from everyone, check out Blue Lagoon Island. It's on a separate island near Nassau and brags many opportunities to dive, play water sports and snorkel. If you're in the mood, you can even play with dolphins and sea lions!

6 Get Friendly With The Wildlife: Ardastra Gardens, Zoo, And Conservation Center

This 80-year-old sanctuary features the largest collection of Bahamian animals. The main attraction of the zoo is the island's native bird, the Caribbean Flamingo. In addition to the plethora of pink feathers, the tropical gardens are lush and have many types of exotic fruit, coconut palms, and orchids.

5 Get Your Military History On: Fort Fincastle

Built in 1793 by Lord Dunmore, Fort Fincastle was built to protect the island from invaders. Set on the top of Society Hill, visitors can get an impressive view of the Bahamas, as well as the water. Learn more about the island's history- and enjoy the canons while you're at it!

4 Walk With Royalty: Queen's Staircase

Located at the bottom of Fort Fincastle, this staircase is known as the 66 steps. It was built out of limestone over the period of a year by slaves. Once slavery was abolished, they renamed the staircase to honor Queen Victoria and her role in ending slavery.

The Bahamas has no shortage of artwork. If you visit the National Gallery, you'll be exposed to many photographs, portraits, sculptures, and even ceramics. If you want more history about the museum itself, there is plenty of information about the National Collection and the Art Library.

2 Peace And Quiet: Garden Of The Groves

If partying is not your cup of tea, we have the solution! This park boasts many types of exotic flora and fauna, including many species native to the island. If you need to entertain your kids, there's the Arts and Craft Center, playground and even a zoo!

1 The Most Beautiful Reefs On The Island: Peterson Cay National Park

If you want to take a paddle out into nature, then check out Peterson Cay. This protected area houses some of the most beautiful reefs in the Bahamas. You can swim with the Bahamian marine life, as well as bird watch and even have a picnic by the clear water.