When you think of Amsterdam, it's all gorgeous canals, narrow houses, and a lot of charm. There are a lot of reasons to travel to this city, which is the capital of the Netherlands.

It's one of those places where tourists will have a lovely time pretty much no matter what but it does help to have some guidelines before going somewhere. Keep reading for suggestions on hotels, which neighborhoods to stay in, where to eat, what to do, and some advice on tipping culture.


Here is a travel guide to Amsterdam: 10 things to know while planning your trip.

Walk Along The Beautiful Canals And Go To Vondelpark

There are a few different ways to see the beautiful canals in Amsterdam. This is definitely what everyone thinks of when they think of this city. You can walk along the canals and also take a cruise so you can see everything (or try doing both, which would be a lot of fun).

Vondelpark is another tourist destination that can be added to your list. This park has been around since 1850 it's an important part of the city, and Trip Advisor says that people love to bike, hike, and have picnics here. You can also take a bike tour, which would be an awesome way to see this park.

Fall And Spring Are Wonderful Times To Go To Amsterdam

According to Travel US News, it's smart to avoid the most popular time to go to Amsterdam, which is going to be the summer (which is definitely true of many destinations). Instead, go in the fall or spring.

The website says good months would be September, October, and November, along with May and April.

Stay At DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Amsterdam Centraal Station

A good hotel would be DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Amsterdam Centraal Station. It's in the area that you want to be in and it's huge with a total of 557 rooms. The hotel's Trip Advisor page notes that you will be given chocolate chip cookies when you get there, which is a delicious touch.

This hotel is near every possible tourist attraction you could wish to visit along with plenty of restaurants. The views out the windows are incredible, and there is a SkyLounge Amsterdam that has a DJ at night. There is also a buffet in the morning at the hotel's City Cafe.

Stay In Jordaan Or Centrum

An important question is where should you stay in Amsterdam? Via a helpful post on Reddit, there are two good locations that have been recommended: Jordaan and Centrum.

In Your Pocket says that Centrum is a popular tourist neighborhood. It's pretty big, close to the canals (which of course you'll want to see), and where Central Station (the train station) is. That sounds amazing, as this will make it easy to see the city. Jordaan is also a good spot and a Trip Advisor review calls it "a taste of old bohemian Amsterdam."

Staying here will also allow you to walk around the "Negen Straatjes" (translated to "Nine Streets") where you can get a coffee or find some bookstores and other stores.

Enjoy The Pancake Bakery And The Pantry Restaurants

Someone suggested going to The Pancake Bakery on Reddit and this is an awesome suggestion. You can find a variety of pancakes here. Bring your sweet tooth and order your pancakes with banana, chocolate sauce, and whipped cream or with honey, nuts, mandarin and whipped cream. Or go savory with bacon, cheese and apple or tomatoes, onions and mushrooms. There is a kid's menu and you can also order dishes other than pancakes, such as omelets, nachos, and salad.

Another Amsterdam restaurant to check out would be The Pantry. Since it opened back in 2000, the restaurant has been serving delicious Dutch food. The environment is super lovely and comfortable and it seems like a place you could hang out for hours. The menu has dishes such as Dutch goat cheese croquettes, Dutch ham (served "warm with a honey mustard sauce, fries and salad") and Poffertjes for dessert ("Mini pancakes served with butter and powdered sugar").

Bike Around Amsterdam For A Fun, Cheap Way To Get Around

Amsterdam will be a very easy city to get around as many people say that it's made for walking. While there are many public transportation options from the bus to the tram system, a Reddit user says that it can be a bit pricey, so that might not be what you want to do.

Cabs are also said to cost quite a lot, so it's probably a good idea to splurge on a few cab rides and plan to walk as much as you can. The best way to get around the city, though, which is both fun and cheap will be renting a bike. This Reddit post explains more: "When you feel adventurous, try taking a bike. Everything is within cycling distance (30 min max) and it's the way we move here. It's also the cheapest way to travel aside from walking."

Check Out The Old Church And Van Gogh Museum

Planet Ware says that The Old Church (Oude Kerk) is close to a cool historical road called Zeedijk which is another landmark to visit. The church has Dutch High Renaissance windows, a tower, and several chapels. This church has been an impressive part of the city since 1306.

You'll also want to go to the Van Gogh Museum. You can get tickets through the website, which is convenient, and there will be an exhibition as well as a collection that is always there. From February 21st until March 24th, there's an exhibition called "In the Picture." It has 75 self-portraits, which would be fascinating to see.

Bring Euros And Tip If It Feels Right

The currency used in Amsterdam is the euro. Trip Savvy says that you can exchange money at Pott Change which is close to the Central Station. You can also go to ATMs.

The website also explains about tipping in the city: it's not part of Amsterdam's life, as people who work in the hospitality and food fields are given a nice salary, unlike other places where receiving tips is a way to make enough money. But you can tip if it feels right and the recommendation is to leave a little bit of money.

Best Time For Flight Deals

Cheap Flights says that February is the month to save money on a plane ticket to Amsterdam. And finding a seat on a flight leaving on a Monday night should get you a good deal as well.

How The Locals Dine In Amsterdam

Before going to Amsterdam, it's good to know that, according to the Amsterdam wiki on Reddit, going out to a restaurant will take a few hours. If you want the check, you're going to have to request it from the server because they don't want to rush you or make you leave.

Unlike in North America, where waiters will visit tables to see if the customers want some more water or to order anything else, tourists in Amsterdam should always ask someone to come by if they want something.