From Addis Ababa to the Turks and Caicos islands, vacation website Travel + Leisure has revealed its comprehensive list of where you're best placing your vacation dollar next year.

The online publication made public its Top 50 list of most-recommended destinations for 2020, based on input from more than 100 of its editorial contributors and hospitality experts worldwide.

Several Criteria

The list isn't sequenced in order of preference, but arranged alphabetically. And besides suggestions from its knowledgeable panel, staff pored through social media entries to examine what vacationers were saying about particular places, checked out listings of notable restaurant and hotel openings and took into account feedback from its readership.


They didn't settle for major tourist attractions and hospitality indexes either. They also included several criteria including architecture, culture, history, the level of hospitality, natural surroundings and even shopping before whittling all the entries down to 50.

U.S. Has 7 Listed

Some of the selections seemed obvious like Barbados, Costa Rica and Singapore. Other locations that topped other lists in terms of tourist volume like Bangkok, London and Paris were conspicuously absent from the tally. What was surprising was the fact that a few areas better known for civil unrest managed to hit the top 50 like Rwanda and Istanbul.

The U.S. led in terms of content with seven listed destinations that included hotspots like Boston, the central coast of California, Hawaii's Big Island, the Great Lakes region and Maine. Big surprises were additions of Asheville, N.C. and Oklahoma City to the tally.

Sentimental Value

Other countries boasting more than one site that made the list include Australia (Brisbane and Tasmania), China (Beijing and Songyang County) and Mexico (Baja Sur's East Cape and Jalisco).

Graciously, the folks at Travel + Leisure admit that their list isn't the be-all and end-all of destinations, since it's apparently there was some sentimental value that played into how some of the locations made the list. A hankering for fresh oysters in Maine and a wine excursion into Portugal via river boat emphasized in the piece were dead giveaways there.

But it did allow for travelers to indicate their own global preferences by submitting them to the publication's Instagram page.