Civilians all over the world have been claiming for years that they have witnessed a UFO. These accusations may resonate with you... or it might make you a little skeptical of their mental status. Either way, these places have gone down in the history books and several have even created a haven for alien enthusiasts to enjoy.

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We have compiled a list of places where people have claimed to have spotted a real-life UFO. These destinations might surprise you, but visiting these areas may grant you a once-in-a-lifetime alien experience. Keep reading to learn about the ten travel destinations where people have claimed to have seen UFOs!

10 10. Roswell, New Mexico

In 1947 in Roswell, New Mexico, a rancher claimed there was alien debris in his sheep pasture. The local officials came to take a look and said it was the leftovers from a weather balloon that crashed there, but residents thought differently.

They truly believed it was part of an extraterrestrial flying saucer, even after the government came out and said this was part of a top-secret project. People in the area still believe the original story, and it is a hot spot for tourists interested in spotting their own UFO.

9 9. San Clemente, Chile

People say that San Clementine, Chile is the UFO capital of the world, and it earned this name after it started taking people on UFO sighting tours. They have an official UFO trail that treks through the Andes Mountains where they claim the flat rocks are a UFO landing site.

They also say that glowing spheres have dropped into the woods or water without any human explanation, but even if you don't spot the UFOs the sights you see are still breathtaking.

8 8. Sedona, Arizona

Sedona, Arizona offers you a UFO tour right here in the states. This company sets you up with a pair of third-generation night-vision goggles that allow you to see the spectacular UFO lights in the night sky.

The owner of the company claims her real family is her star family and they consist of a Mantis, Arcturian, and Tall Engineer. It is a true immersion into the world of UFOs and it is one adventure you won't want to miss.

7 7. Kecksburg, Pennsylvania

This space acorn crash-landed in Keckssburg, Pennsylvania back in 1965 and people in the area swear it was not a meteor as the government claimed it to be. Witnesses who were on the scene before the military arrived said it was a large acorn-shaped ball of bronze that was covered in Egyptian-like hieroglyphics.

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A more reasonable explanation is that it was a piece of the Russian satellite that had reentered Earth's atmosphere the same day, but you can still go and view the re-constructed space acorn artifact.

6 6. Westall, Australia

Westall, Australia suffered its own UFO sighting in 1966 when children and teachers witnessed three metallic objects maneuver through the sky. The witnesses said the objects landed beside the school before they quickly flew away.

It was also reported that men in black suits came shortly after the incident to tell the witnesses not to speak of the occurrence, but it is obvious many of those failed to listen. You can visit the area for yourself and decide if you think UFOs could have made a pass at this town.

5 5. Aurora, Texas

This sighting goes back all the way to 1897 in Aurora, Texas when several cigar-shaped aircraft were spotted over the span of the year. There was also a claim that one of these airships actually crashed into a windmill in the area. It was also reported that an alien's body was found, as well as papers written in hieroglyphics.

The alien had its own private burial service and people all over the town gathered to see the weird metal material from the craft. You can still visit the alien's burial sight today and decide for yourself if this sighting holds any value.

4 4. Area 51

Area 51 is probably the most widely known location where Alien activity is believed to have been occurring, and most of that speculation is due to its recurrence in movies. There are several alien-themed tourist attractions nearby, so you can get your fill of all things alien-related.

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It is believed that the remains of crashed UFOs reside with Area 51 and a recent event on Facebook has been created to storm the area and find alien proof. The creator of the event says that if they "naruto run" at the base that the bullets won't be able to stop all of them, and currently 1.2 million people have said they are going. The creator has also said he posted the event as a joke and has no intentions of actually raiding the area.

3 3. Lincoln, New Hampshire

Lincoln, New Hampshire was the location where an apparent alien abduction took place. Barney and Betty Hill were said to have been taken by a spaceship that had followed them home after their vacation.

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The siblings said they were examined before being released and now a memorial rests on the roadside near Indian Head Resort. A nearby gas station joined in on the fun by offering all things alien in terms of souvenirs as well as information on their back wall.

2 2. New Jersey Turnpike

This was a more recent UFO sighting back in 2001 atop the New Jersey Turnpike. Fifteen people contacted local authorities to tell them about strange v-shaped light formations that had appeared in the sky.

There was no reported flight activity that evening and the national weather service meteorologist could find nothing of substance in his reports. You can take a drive down this turnpike and maybe you will find your own alien lights igniting the night sky with their mysterious wonder.

1 1. Wiltshire, England

Wiltshire, England is home to the infamous crop circle back in 2017 and the owner of the fields claimed it happened overnight. It is unclear how this crop circle came to be, but she had several interested parties visit her farm over the next few weeks.

This crop circle may not be there any longer, but you can still visit the beautiful countryside and maybe one might appear. You never know what could happen when aliens have the opportunity to become involved.

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