Traveling is something that everyone should do at some point in their lives. It’s not always the most affordable thing to do, but the experiences one can get from visiting other parts of the world is really worth the price.

But one thing that’s important for travelers to remember is that planning ahead is a big deal. Poor planning can result in a terrible trip, which is not something anyone wants to have to deal with.

According to, one of the things travelers have to think about is the cost of their trip, since having a reasonable amount of spending money is a good thing. Another thing to look into how safe a place is. Here are some places travelers should avoid right now.

15 Australia Is Not A Good Place To Be Right Now

Australia is a cool place to visit most of the time, but visitors should try to avoid going there right now. According to, that place is dealing with some devastating fires, so it would be best to put off a visit there until the fires are taken care of.

14 Travelers Should Avoid Going To Iran These Days

Visiting foreign places is a fun and cool thing to do, but there are definitely some places that need to be avoided right now, and Iran is one of them. According to, lots of very unpleasant things have been known to happen to tourists when they go to Iran.

13 The People In Stockton, California Are Happy, But The Crime Rate Is High There

Stockton, California, is full of lots of happy people, so one might think that it is a nice place to visit. But according to, there is actually a lot of crime that has been happening there recently, which doesn’t make sense since it seems like such a happy place.

12 Being In Dubai Can Be Dangerous

This place is not as bad for visitors as other places can be, but that does not mean it is very safe, either. According to, there are various crimes that tend to happen to the people in this area. Crimes against visitors is definitely not a rare thing there.

11 Border Disputes Are Making Ethiopia A Rather Dangerous Place

There are some interesting things to check out in Ethiopia, but that does not mean visitors need to go there anytime soon. According to, this place can be very dangerous because of some conflict that some of the citizens have been dealing with over there, making it very dangerous.

10 There Is Quite A Bit Of Crime In Burundi

According to, there are some things that are making Burundi a rather unsafe place for anyone to go to at the moment. There’s a lot of conflict going on over there right now, so anyone who wants to visit might want to wait until things calm down a bit.

9 There Is Quite A Bit Of Crime In Mazatlan

Mexico is cool, but there are some areas of it that should be avoided completely. According to, Mazatlan has a pretty high crime rate at the moment. Luckily, there are many spots in Mexico that are actually pretty safe for people to visit. This just isn’t one of them.

8 Cartels Have Been Making Reynosa Quite Unsafe For Others

According to, Reynosa is one of the cities in Mexico that visitors should try to avoid when they go there. That’s because the place isn’t safe at all at the moment, due to the fact that there is a pretty powerful cartel there that is making the environment dangerous.

7 Honduras Has Not Been Very Safe Lately

According to, Honduras isn’t the safest place to be right now. In fact, there are some people who actually consider this to be one of the least safe places in the world right now, which is definitely something any potential visitors need to know about before going there.

6 There Is A Lot Of Street Crime In Peru

Peru is a very interesting place to go, but the environment there is not safe right now. According to, there are some things potential visitors should be aware of before they go there, such as the fact that street crime is not a very uncommon thing in that place.

5 Things Can Get Pretty Dangerous At Riviera Beach

There are plenty of unsafe places that are located within the United States, and Riviera Beach is one of them. According to, this place is located in Florida, and anyone who goes there has a high chance of being involved in a crime, which is a very unfortunate thing.

4 People Who Visit A Certain City In Michigan Need To Be Extra Careful

There is a town in Michigan that is quite a dangerous place. According to, visitors may want to avoid checking out the city of Saginaw, since the crime rate there appears to be very high right now. There are other towns that aren’t as dangerous as this one is.

3 Chihuahua Does Not Seem Like A Safe Place For Anyone

Chihuahua has a pretty high population, but the place also has a very high crime rate, unfortunately. According to, travelling there right now is not a very good idea. Perhaps things will change in the future, but until then, it is best to avoid going there. Try other places.

2 No One Should Visit Ciudad Victoria At The Moment

In recent years, many people have been seriously harmed in Ciudad Victoria. According to, there are lots of unpleasant things that happen there, and people who visit that area could be putting themselves in harm’s way. It’s best to try visiting other areas for now, and avoid this one.

1 There Is Some Unrest In Sudan

There are a lot of serious things going on in Sudan right now, which means that everyone should try to stay away from this spot if they can. According to, this place is involved in some conflicts, making it a rather unsafe place for anyone to be right now.