Job titles are being redefined all the time, sometimes to make them more glamorous, and others for the sake of gender-free inclusivity. Garbage collectors, for openers, are often called sanitary engineers, while other occupation posts like waiters and waitresses are more often referred to as servers.

But there are other titles that have totally been redefined, especially when it comes to acronyms. Which is why the title of CEO, in the case of the customized travel curators at Noken, seems to be far more attractive than the executive implications might sound.


Noken's come up with a rather dreamy list of functions for their version of a CEO, which in this case stands for Cultural Exploration Officer, that's sure to attract a stampede of interest worldwide. And you don't need to have such abilities as assessing tedious financial spreadsheets or entrepreneurial decision-making savvy to qualify.

The bottom line is that those aspiring to be a Noken CEO must have some social media experience, especially in blogging, as well as a desire to visit new worlds. If you've got a way with words and a knack for connecting with like-minded travel aficionados, all you have to do is head off to Japan, Iceland, and Portugal and then write about your experiences for the world to read.

OK, that sounds fun and easy, but what's in it for Noken you ask? The catch is to promote the company's recently-issued app as a go-to platform for seeking worldwide adventures. One compulsory requirement when applying is to point and click your smartphone at five points of interest on your home turf and then post them on Instagram that includes the @noken tag and the #NokenCEO tag in their text.

Applicants must also write a colorful explanation of why they'd be Noken's ultimate CEO. They also must be at least 21 years old, hold an American passport and demonstrate their experience and passion when it comes to travel.

The winner will embark on this year-long experience by showing off the amenities of the Noken travel guide app. That includes showcasing such amenities as trip planning via its built-in travel blueprint, balancing the need to visit desired destinations against a realistic budget and document the experiences with nifty shots on social media once at those same destinations.

Application deadline is Dec. 31.

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