We all love our phone apps, and some of us could even call it an unhealthy addiction. We take our phones everywhere and use them for a variety of purposes. Apps on your phone can even be helpful to any solo traveler. Traveling by yourself can be scary, but apps exist to diminish the stress and pressure of being by yourself in an entirely new location.

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This list will outline 10 apps that are perfect for any solo traveler. These apps will assist them in a variety of ways, including some they may not have even considered. Keep reading to learn about the ten travel apps to help any solo traveler on their big journey!

10 10. WanderSafe Beacon

This app is awesome because it helps you stay safer while wandering around a new city utterly alone. It identifies which parts of an area are unsafe or at what times you should consider visiting. This also allows your loved ones to track you as you journey across the world, and has an emergency feature in case you encounter trouble. This app is completely free, and you even have the option to purchase a beacon device to carry on your person. You will feel much safer after making the decision to download this lifesaver.

9 9. Google Translate

When you are visiting a different country, it is always handy to have a translator on hand. Luckily, Google Translate exists to solve that issue for you in app form. You can take pictures of signs for a text translation or you can have the other person speak directly into your phone so you can understand.

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This app even works offline, so you don't have to worry about using up your data while on the road. It even allows you to save phrases, so you can try and communicate with the locals or let them know English is your one and only language.

8 8. EatWith

This app is for anyone who hates eating by themselves and immerses the traveler into the local culture. Travelers look online at their location or destination and can choose from a variety of hosts and experiences. People have raved about the beauty of this app and how it has brought people together who all have the same traveling goal in mind. It is a way to create memories you will never forget, and eat great food too while you are doing it.

7 7. Couchsurfing Travel App

Couchsurfing is an app that connects solo travelers with locals who are willing to give them room and board. It is similar to Airbnb, but it is usually a more personal experience. The hosts can even plan events that other locals can join in on for the ultimate experience.

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This app aims to bring people together, and the reviews have been phenomenal. If you don't have all of your nightly arrangements planned out, then this might be the option you should look into pursuing.

6 6. Travello

This is literally a social network for travelers to communicate with one another. You can post pictures, ask questions, meet up with other travelers, but it also functions as a way for you to find whatever you need by using their map. They also offer interest groups for travelers to join where they can discuss travel plans or new ideas. It even has the ability to help you plan your next adventure within the app by taking advantage of the deals they offer.

5 5. Backpackr

This is another social networking app, but it was created on the basis of like-minded travels meeting up. You could be a solo traveler or a part of a group, but all that matters is you have a desire to make a few new friends.

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The app even helps you collect virtual stamps that you can share with your traveling friends and has a common room to ask pertinent questions. The major bonus with this app is the numerous deals they have going on to help reduce the cost of fun activities in the area.

4 4. The Outbound

This app has the goal of connecting you with special places, and maybe some of them are on the road less traveled. It shows numerous adventures that were suggested by the locals. You can scout out possible photo locations or just find the spots with the highest reviews.

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This also helps for any who want to plan a trip as it shares stories and data from travelers across the world. Solo travelers can read the reviews for safety purposes while finding the next gem hidden among the rocks.

3 3. TripWhistle Global SOS - International Emergency

This is another app based on your safety, but it also connects you to the proper authorities. You can find local numbers for police, firefighters, or ambulances in case something happens while you are on the road. The app also provides street information so you can be positive about where exactly you are within a strange city. This app will even work with an Apple watch, so you can always have access right from your wrist. A few of the numbers might incur charges if you call, but it is always better to pay the fee in times of need.

2 2. ICE Medical Standard

ICE supplies your medical contact information on your phone in case of an emergency. Accidents can happen, but it is always easier for medical staff to treat you if they know some of your medical histories. It rests on your lock screen and provides a detailed outline labeled in severity by color. You can even print out a medical standard ID card because there are cases in which your phone may be dead or broken. This app helps solo travelers stay safe out on their own, even when there are no family or friends to vouch for them.

1 1. Travel List

This app is completely free and helps ensure you don't forget anything before leaving on your adventure. It provides you with a list of questions and your answers determine what you need to bring with you.

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You can save your lists or even create multiple at a time if you plan to visit a variety of different areas. It also allows you to customize every list in case the questionnaire didn't cover everything you needed. This will help you stay organized and not forget a thing, so you feel completely prepared before you head out into the world.