Some believe that the only thing that can ever mend a broken heart is time. But a new app called Breakup Tours begs to differ. Developed by a Hong-Kong-based company, the app aims to help newly single people get over heartbreak through a range of travel experiences. Check out what you need to know about it below!

How The App Will Mend Your Heart With Experiences

Connecting With Other Single Travelers

The Best Destinations For Singles' Travel

When you’re single, the world’s your oyster. But there are still a few destinations that might be hard to stomach by yourself. Forget about typical honeymoon destinations like the Maldives and Santorini and start embracing locations that are known for being ideal for singles.


According to Escape Here, one of the best destinations that you can visit as a newly single is Barcelona, Spain. The coastal city is home to a selection of beaches and nightlife hotspots as well as cultural experiences like cooking classes and market tours. The fast-paced vibe of the city, as well as the friendly locals and fascinating attractions, makes it a haven for singletons looking for fun.

Another European gem that’s ideal for single travel is Amsterdam, a city known for its liberal and progressive attitudes. Don’t let the scenic canals fool you: Amsterdam is much more of a relaxed and laid-back city than a romantic one. There are over 100 museums to get lost in, including the Anne Frank House and the Van Gogh Museum, as well as endless live music spots to explore.

There are also plenty of single-friendly destinations in the United States, one of the most popular being Miami, Florida. Singles from all walks of life flock here to enjoy the party atmosphere, relaxing beaches, and tropical climate. Here, you’ll have the chance to forget all about your heartbreak and get involved in outdoor activities like snorkeling and fishing. Miami is also perfect for anyone looking to heal with a little retail therapy. You’ll find countless retail outlets here selling everything from luxury designer products to souvenirs.