America is known for being the melting pot of the world - the place where people of all backgrounds, stories, and cultures can come and live together. In turn, American cities from coast to coast, immediately come with their own uniqueness and value. Some of America's most popular cities, however, may be viewed as overrated by some.

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Just because everybody loves taking their Instagram pictures in the middle of Times Square, it doesn't mean New York City is the perfect destination for you. Spend time thinking about where you want to spend your time before booking your flights. Read on to read about America's most overrated cities and places you can visit instead.

10 Miami, FL

For the typical college kids, the young at heart, and the traveling souls always full of energy; Miami is the perfect beach city. That said, those who'd rather sunbathe under a quiet sky, Miami may seem a touch too hectic. Known as the city made for Spring Break, if you're not a hard partier, Miami may not be for you. Although it's a great place to mingle and meet new people, the city's reputation of late night beach parties precedes itself. Don't expect to take your afternoon nap on the sand at a Miami beach.

Where you SHOULD go: Oceanside, CA - For the relaxing, quiet, laidback beach trip you've always dreamed of.

9 Philadelphia, PA - Washington D.C.

Though home to the Liberty Bell, founding father Benjamin Franklin, and the Valley Forge National Park, Philadelphia; PA can be a great place to visit to witness first-hand legendary historical sites. However, if you're not the biggest history buff around, Philadelphia might not be the right place for you. Other than a time machine back to colonial America and the birthplace of the Philly Cheesesteak, there isn't much to do around Philadelphia.

Where you SHOULD go: New Orleans, LA - Though different from Philly's historical background; New Orleans is loaded with culture, different kinds of food, and tons of entertainment. Furthermore, the city is still packed with history, making it a place for everyone.

8 Los Angeles, CA

Everyone aims to see the Hollywood Sign and the Hollywood Walk of Fame, but after you've seen it once, what else is there to do? After taking a photo of the big block letters and walking a few streets over sidewalks full of cement stars, you have to endure hours in traffic to get back to any hotel within the city. Though many people enjoy the lively LA nightlife, it is an expensive city and might only be fun for those with the funds for it.

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Where you SHOULD go: Nashville, TN - With an entertainment culture alive at all times, this musical and diverse city is home to many people from all backgrounds and will surely never leave you bored.

7 Portland, OR

Many people want to visit Portland to experience cooler weather, but as Oregon is known as the home of "ghost towns," one might find the city a little on the dry side. Though the city's nightlife may be enjoyable for some, and nature is never far away from any road, Portland does have its cons. Many say Portland's doughnuts and pizza, which are claimed to be amazing, are only simply average.

Where you SHOULD go: Ashland, OR - The foresty Ashland of Oregon allows for hiking trips, outdoor theater, and buzzing street life.

6 San Francisco, CA

With winding roads and cold weather that is bound to mess up your styled hair, the cool and classy San Francisco is a city that is not for the faint of heart. From trolleys to trams, traveling on foot in San Francisco can be a difficult task. Even if you have a car, parking is hard. Enjoy the seafood, take a few photos but be prepared for a lot of traffic.

Where you SHOULD go: Pine Point, ME - Great for seaside travelers, seafood lovers, and those who love to be near the water. Maine is a state that people forget is a great place to go to experience the coast.

5 Dallas, TX

Today, the city of Dallas is known for being a cosmopolitan center filled with restaurants and shopping centers, but the journey between place to place in Dallas is quite a long stretch. While famous for its architecture and being home to 7-11, Dallas may not be the city for you if you're into more of a hipster, spirited lifestyle.

Where you SHOULD go: San Antonio, TX - With a lively nightlife, San Antonio is a great place to visit for the road trip traveler who loves trying new foods. Home to many great restaurants from southern cooking to classic dive bars, you'll feel overwhelmed with places to eat here.

4 New York City, NY

America's most popular city. Filled with live entertainment, the home to many celebrities, and the birthplace of Broadway; New York City is also overpopulated, extremely hot and cold, and difficult to get around. While many people adore the rushed lifestyle of NYC, many people say they prefer moving at a slower pace. If that sounds like you, consider hopping off that subway and visiting another city in New York.

Where you SHOULD go: The Hamptons, NY - To escape the hectic city life, many local New Yorkers travel to the Hamptons to enjoy more relaxed weekends.

3 Boston, MA

Another city perfect for history buffs, Boston is filled with remnants of colonial America. Unless you like that kind of thing, Boston may not be for you. Though home to breezy weather and cool, classic architecture, there's only a handful of things to do in Boston besides cheer for the New England Patriots during football season and the Red Sox during baseball season. If you love sports, this is your town. If you don't, try visiting somewhere new.

Where you SHOULD go: Rockport, MA - Rockport is a city located on the Cape Ann, Peninsula and is a small, charming port town made for scuba diving, kayaking, paddle boarding, and most importantly, relaxing.

2 San Diego, CA

Besides all the beach activities you can do in a beach town, San Diego doesn't possess much else. If you're a lover of both seafood and Mexican food, then you've hit the jackpot. Other than that, San Diego may not be the exact beach city you'd want to visit. From college beach parties to shores full of parents trying to handle their crying toddlers, double check your travel plans before booking your beach vacation here.

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Where you SHOULD go: Orange Beach, Alabama - Though the South is famous for its food, don't forget it's also really close to beautiful bodies of water. Consider spending your vacation days in this quiet, near to the tropical city.

1 Seattle, WA

Seattle is the perfect city to visit for quality coffee, but have you ever wondered what to do after you finish that morning cup? Many people are quick to mention that a lot of things in Seattle are overpriced. Unless you love breaking out an umbrella everywhere you go, the rainy weather may not be exactly what you want during your weekend getaway.

Where you SHOULD go: Chicago, IL - Still perfect for the coffee lover, Chicago is also known for its quality local brew. Even better, Chicago has an entertaining nightlife and, though it's known as the Windy City, it isn't always raining.

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