Airbnb's popularity has soared since its inception in 2008. There are now over 150 million users and Airbnb has become a 2.6 billion-dollar company. From single rooms to full houses, they've come a long way in connecting guests with the perfect stay.

Airbnb has a system of rating their hosts, and the cream of the crop can become Superhosts. These hosts have an average 4.8 star rating, a 90% response rate, and a low cancellation rate. They know how to meet the needs of travelers and they know what makes a good guest.

If you could ask an Airbnb Superhost to describe the perfect guest, what would they tell you? What advice would they give to people interested in booking with them?

Keep reading to see what Superhosts would like potential visitors to know about being the perfect guest.

10 Read The Listing

Read the entire listing so you know what to expect. Hosts are generally very honest when they write their listings and they write them with the expectation their guests will read them.

If there are pictures of dogs in the listing and the listing tells you there are dogs living there do not be surprised when you're greeted by a dog. If a host writes that they're on the fifth floor and there are no elevators, expect to carry your luggage up stairs.

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Reading the listing in its entirety keeps guests from having unrealistic expectations. As one Superhost in Spain said, "do not complain that the flat isn't near the airport, palace, stadium, bus station." It was in the listing.

9 Respond To Messages

Hosts live busy lives and many of them have to arrange to have a key waiting for you when you arrive. Others may just want to confirm that you received their message with instructions on how to access the property. Being polite and respectful toward hosts is as simple as sending a quick reply to their message.

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If your plans change and you will be delayed, make your hosts aware. Your arrival can affect many people's plans and keeping a host in the loop will go far in earning you a five-star rating in the Communication category of your review.

8 Follow House Rules

House Rules are an important part of the Airbnb listing. House Rules can include anything from a no parties rule to explicit ways of using the toilet. If you're not comfortable with the House Rules, don't book the property.

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If a property listing says there is no smoking allowed, don't push your luck by sneaking a cigarette in the bathroom. And, when a host tells you to "make yourself at home" it does not mean helping yourself to their liquor stash.

7 If Something Breaks, Tell The Host

You're getting dressed and while slipping on your shirt your arm hits a vase and it shatters. Instead of picking up the pieces and rearranging the shelf hoping no one will notice, inform the host.

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Airbnb has a Resolution Center to mediate damage incidents between hosts and guests. If the host is aware of the situation, they will be more likely to be lenient in the negotiations and less likely to ask for support from the Resolution Center.

On the flip side, it's important to make hosts aware of anything that's damaged in the rental early in your stay so you are not held responsible.

6 Work Out Disputes With Hosts Before Leaving A Negative Review

If you have a dispute, or you're unhappy with something during your stay, contact the host before leaving a negative review. Many times it is something that can be easily remedied and a good host will do everything in their power to please their guests.

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According to, 94% of consumers will avoid a business altogether if there is a negative review. Airbnb guests wield an incredible amount of power to make or break a host so talk to them before writing anything negative.

Which brings us to the next tip...

5 Leave A Review

Hosts, especially Superhosts live and die by the ratings left by guests. Five-star ratings help listings stay at the top of search results and enable Superhosts to maintain their status. Well-written, descriptive reviews also guide travelers to find a good fit for their stay. Stumped on what to write? This website will give you some ideas.

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Remember, negative reviews can seriously affect a host's rating, or cause a Superhost to lose their hard-earned status so be honest but fair in your review. Your host will thank you for it.

4 Keep It Clean

One thing guests need to keep in mind when staying at an Airbnb is to treat the property as if it were their own. Too many people do not follow this simple suggestion as was the case for a host in England who had a guest put cheese in the toaster. Several hosts mentioned guests leaving dirty dishes before checking out.

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If you want to stay in good graces with your host, keep their space clean. Or, to paraphrase Robert Baden-Powell go the extra mile and leave it a little better than you found it.

3 Use Only What Is Reserved For Guests

Many hosts will leave items available for guests to use. Some will keep shampoo near the shower, others will tell guests to help themselves to anything they find in the kitchen. Respect for your host and their space should always be kept in mind. There are many guests who use Airbnb to supplement their income and taking what isn't yours costs them money.

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Snooping is a no-no too. As an Airbnb Superhost in Madrid said, "curiosity killed not only the cat". Be a good guest and stay out of the medicine cabinet, or any other area where you know you shouldn't be.

2 Keep The Host In The Loop About Your Arrival Time

We get it. Plans change. When this happens, guests should just send a quick message to the host letting them know they plan on arriving later than expected with an estimate of their new arrival time.

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This rule also applies to early arrivals. Guests should get an okay from a host before arriving too soon. Early arrivals place a lot of stress on hosts as many of them have back-to-back bookings and need those precious few hours to get the property ready for the next guest.

1 Be Honest About The Number Of Guests In Your Party

When booking a property be honest about the number of people who will be staying with you. This rule applies to travelers with children as well as those who wish to include overnight guests. Some Airbnb hosts charge more for extra people, and some simply don't allow children for whatever reason. Hosts don't like surprises so always let them know ahead of time.

It's critical that guests traveling with pets always check a property's pet policy. Some hosts welcome pets, and some limit or forbid them. If there are any questions, ask the host.

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